The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
    Warwick, New York
    October 18, 2015

    It’s true…’HUMBLE CONFIDENCE’ ….is the Key to Long Term Athletic Success !
    …… and there was plenty of this confidence flying around this past Saturday at The CIRCUS 5-STEP MEET in the 100 year old dairy Vault Barn at the Warwick Center. A record 52 vaulters for our 5 Step Meet arrived early and stayed late for the FUN…MUSIC and COMMUNITY FRIENDSHIP in the 7 hour gathering of “Fiberglass Nuts”. In all, 21 Personal bests… along with 8 New School Indoor Records and a Ton-of-Fun was had by all. Thank you for a GREAT SATURDAY….NEXT MEET…Saturday October 31(Halloween Day) at THE 6-STEP MEET…Girls at 10AM Boys/Masters/Open at 2PM…Costumes Optional !!!!! JOIN the PROJECT !!!!

    GIRLS RESULTS … New York State Outdoor Champ…Tedi DeMaria(Bethlehen Central,NY) set the table for success with her 12′ 3″ PR from 5 Step on her 165 UCS Spirit…Amanda McNelis(Commack,NY) hit 11′ 6″ for Silver for Coach Jim Henderson. The Middle School Girls were all sensational.. with Warwick Valley 8th grader Genevieve Reilly cranking up 8′ 6″ to break the Warwick Middle School Record..followed by Carmen Sullivan(Totowa,NJ) making 8′ 0′ in her first vault meet ever….. A near NJ State 3 Girls Relay record of 30′ 6″ came from Norther Valley -Demarest of Caityn Reverland 11′ 0″-Michelle Rubinetti 11′ 0″ and Erin Yuder 8′ 6″…Hunterdon Central State Mark of 32’0″ !!! 25 Girls competed before a roaring crowd.

    High School Division

    12′ 3″ Tedi DeMaria (Albany,NY)
    11′ 6″ Amanda McNelis )Commack,NY)
    11′ 0″ Caityn Reverand (Demarest,NJ)
    11′ 0″ Michelle Rubinetti (Demarest,NJ)
    11′ 0″ Jessica Ippolito (Fair Lawn, NJ)
    11′ 0″ Bridget Muller (Mahwah,NJ)
    11′ 0″ Kalli Manly (Albany,NY)
    11′ 0″ Alana Carroll (Albany,NY)
    10′ 6″ Samantha Kaplan (New Paltz,NY)
    10′ 6″ Nicole Lester (Ridgewood,NJ)
    9′ 6″ Madyson Hawkins( Coughlan,PA)
    9′ 6″ Maurin O’Connor (Albany,NY)
    9′ 6″ Maxine Earl (Ridgewood,NJ)
    9′ 0″ Lia Zavattaro (Greenwich,CT)
    9′ 0″ Kellie Zervacks (Smithtown,NY)
    8′ 6″ Erin Yuder (Demarest,NJ)
    8′ 6″ Caroline McGann (Demarest,NJ)
    8′ 0″ Gabriela Nebiker (monroe,NJ)

    Middle School Division

    8′ 6″ Genevieve Reilly (warwick,NY)
    8′ 0″ Carmen Sullivan (Totowa,NJ)
    6′ 6″ Hannah Solomon-Hollander (Suffern,NY)

    BOYS RESULTS … New Kid on the Block…Liam Ackerman (Smithtown,NY) ..coached by Jim Henderson(Vault Warehouse) soared to a BIG PR with his 14′ 0″ sail for gold…Delbarton,NJ senior Peter Chan pushed big over 13′ 6″ and the beat moves to 6 Steps in two weeks!!! Soaring in the Open Division was Somon Nader of Spanish River.Florida via Emory University at 13′ 0″ and World Age Group(75) Recordholder..John “DOC” Andresen sailed 10′ 0″ from short 5 Step run!!!! In all 27 Boys/Men lite up the barn in the afternoon session!!! More coming Oct. 31 !!!

    High School Division

    14′ 0″ Liam Ackerman (Smithtown,NY)
    13′ 6″ Peter Chan (Delbarton,NJ)
    13′ 0″ Alexandro Vasquez (Rokomokoma, NY)
    12′ 6″ Scott Powers (Long Beach,NY)
    12′ 6″ Matt marsh(Duryea,PA)
    12′ 6″ Matt deloenzo (Wallkill,NY)
    12′ 6″ Brian Rubenstein (Berkly Heights,NJ)
    12′ 0″ Isaac Heatly (Warwick,NY)
    12′ 0″ Marc Deluca(Westhill,CT)
    11′ 6″ Amir Ansavi (Mahwah,NJ)
    11′ 6″ Dave Bausmith(Flemington,NJ)
    11′ 6″ Trevor Hazell (Vernon,NJ)
    11′ 6″ Nick Negersmith (Washingtonville,NY)
    11′ 0″ Dane Sorensen (Warwick,NY)
    10′ 0″ Liam Beron (Smithtown,NY)
    8′ 6″ Brendan McShane (Warwick,NY)

    Open Men’s Division

    13′ 0″ Somon Nader (Spanish River,FL)
    12′ 6″ Ivan Meises (Middletown,NY)
    12′ 6″ Matt Greenlaw (Warwick,NY)
    12′ 6″ Chris Cozzens (Albany,NY)
    12′ 6″ James Schuler (Byram Hills,NY) 12′ 6″ Martin Demery(New Paltz,NY

    Masters Division

    10′ 0″ John “Doc” Andresen (Long Island,NY)

    SPECIAL THANK YOU to all Clipboard scores(Lisa Sorensen).. and Bar placers( Martin Desmery,,Stephanie Duffy…Denise Robbins…Rob Pasek..Samantha Kaplan…Marc Deluca…Isaaac Heatly…Matt Greenlaw)


    Girls at 10AM Start Boys/Men at 2PM start…Register AT THE DOOR ONLY @ $20



      The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
      The Scenic Warwick Center

      Warwick, New York

         YOU ARE INVITED ….. to join the 5 STEP POLE VAULT CELEBRATION in good old Warwick, New York.


         Come one….come all and bring your pole vault friends to the World’s” FASTEST INDOOR MONDO POLE VAULT RUNWAY” at the VAULT BARN @ FLYING CIRCUS. This 5 Lefts meet is dedicated to fun and technique from your short run. Pole Vault Master Mechanics will WIN-THE-DAY… What is your Personal Best from just 5 Left Steps???? It’s on for Saturday October 17, 2015…with the Girls competition beginning at 10:10AM (Barn Opens at 8:30AM for Warm Dynamic Warm Up activities) and Boys/Men/Masters competition begins at 2:01PM (Warm Up at 1PM). ENTRY FEE still only $20 per vaulter including Free Parking…Free Music… and Free Fun!!!

       Real Bar in place…. let the Fall Season begin!!!!!!


           * Saturday October 31(Halloween)…… The 6-STEP MEET @ BARN… Girls at 10:01AM Boys/Masters at 2:01PM Entry Fee $20
           * Saturday December 5 …..THE ANDY WASNIK HOLIDAY CLASSIC (7 Step+) ..Girls at 10:01AM Boys/Masters at 2:01PM Entry Fee $20

             FLYING CIRCUS …. “If you want to be a lion…. you must train with the lions.”