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    Warwick Valley, NY

    It’s that time of year again……. it’s time to link up with the West Coast Pole Vault community. It’s called..The UCS Spirit—National Pole Vault Summit…but..it might be better called…. “The Steve Chappell Fiberglass Motivation Gathering”!!!! Yes…the main man behind the modern pole vault revolution has gathered the best athletes…best coaches and best volunteers to promote our great event again and raise the pole vault to the next level… The Flying Circus will be making it’s 15th Straight Trip to the Dance with 16 motivated athletes… 7 dedicated coaches and 8 devoted parents … we will bring back all the newest theory and technique the West Coast can offer…. We are truly gratefull for everyone making this special trip with us this year. On to the next bar…………

    Flying Circus Vault Barn will be CLOSED on Thursday January 11, 12, 13, 14. We will reopen Monday January 15 for Regular Winter Classes in the regular time sessions.

    Weekend News
    Jan. 3-6

    Rockland Coaches @ RCC… Arlington,NY junior…Kristen Kolarik flew to a new PR at 9′ 9″ for the Girls Varsity gold medal… Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern) placed second at 9′ 2″PR..Fiona Carroll(TZ) also 9′ 2″PR Rebecca Baez(No Rockland) 8′ 6′ Lauren Hancher(TZ) 8′ 6″ Kelly Rattigan(JJ-EF 8′ 0″ Cassie Wishner(Nyack) 8′ 0′ Haley Merchant(HH) 7′ 6″ Gabby Lepe(White Plains 7′ 6′ … In the Boys Varsity..Chris Filatov of Nanuet set his new PR at 14′ 0″..Tommy Qualter(CS) 13′ 6″ Will Grady(Arlington) 11′ 6″ Ron O(Nanuet) 10′ 6″ Henry Pennella(Valhalla) 9′ 0′.

    Ocean Breeze Games ….. Dave Bausmith(Hunterdon Central,NJ) 14′ 0″ Tom Qualter(CS) 13′ 0″ Engene Om(Nanuet) 12′ 0″ Matt Warren(Wash’ville) 11′ 0″
    Girls…Kristin Lubeski)MW).. 11′ 0″ for gold… Gabby Nebiker(MW) 10′ 0″ Julia Penna(MW) 9′ 6″ Rebecca Baez(NR) 8′ 6″ Lindsey Julian(Wash’ville) 7′ 6″

    Hispanic Games @ Armory….. The pole vault took center stage at the 23rd Hispanic Games on Saturday before an overflow crowd of spectators and athletes…. Charles Crispi of Farrell Prep was laser focused all day and flew BIG over 16′ 1″ meet record for Coach Cahill. He was ever so close at 16′ 5″…and is now TOP SEED for the Jr. Pole Vault Event at NYRR MILLROSE GAMES on Thursday Febuary 1. Congratulations Charles and Jerry!!! Placeing a solid and tough 3rd place was senior Dane Sorensen of Warwick Valley,NY.. After his 23.9 relay carry..her punched over 14′ 6″ with air and close bars at 15′ 0″ for Coach Potter. Liam Landau (Pascack Hills) 13′ 6″ Enis Rama (Wagner) 12′ 0″ Will Grady(Arlington) 10′ 0″ Jacob Becher(Warwick Valley) 10′ 0″ Lucas Klowaylo(North Highlands) 10′ 0″

    Girls… 18 Circus Girls stayed together after a packed warm up…Abby Norwillo(Pittston Area,PA) hit a New Meet Record at 12′ 6″ and then was close at 13′ 3.5″ for the USA #1 lead. She heads to Reno on Thursday…. Warwick Valley,NY junior Kaeli Thompson went 12′ 0″ and raced the 4 x 400 Relay for the Wave… Sydney Woods(NV-Demarest,NJ) came up big over 11′ 7″ for Coach Mike Ives…Dani Heine(Abington Heights,PA) is making her move up to the 13′ 1′ pole series and placed at 11′ 0″ and close bars at 11′ 7″ Melissa Purcell(Pascack Valley,NJ) looked best of seson at 11′ 7″ Caroline McGann(HA) 10′ 6″ Juliana Schraer(PV) 9′ 6″ Sydney Tomaine(FDR) 9′ 0″ PR Kaia becker(N Highlands) 9′ 0″ Jamie Rossig(PH) 8′ 0″ Cassie Wishner(Nyack) 8′ 0″ Gabby Lepe(WP) 7′ 6″ Bridgette Inserra(N.Highlands) 7′ 0″ Jenn McGann(HA) 7′ 0″ Olivia Touftounijian(HA) 7′ 0″ Ava DeFelice(Cornwall) 7′ 0″ !!!!!


    Some people set higher standards for themselves. They come out early for practice and they stay late. They always seem to find the time to do things right. They have that ‘inner spirit’ and that positive approach to every set back… they lead others by example…they encourage others with soft words…. The motivated athletes take an interest in others…. they are respected by all for their HARD WORK ETHIC….. they actually pole vault for each other and never look back. This is the true beauty of Flying Circus Pole Vault.


  2. ABBY NORWILLO (13′ 1″) and “CIRCUS-MATES” LITE-UP the WEEKEND !!!!!

    Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Fun, LLC
    Warwick Valley, NY


    You just can’t beat HARD WORK . This was the case in point..on this final weekend of the 2017 year…as the “CIRCUS NATION of NEW VAULTERS” lite-up the runways and venues across the Northeast and combined fun and competitive spirt to the next level…. It does prove…. ” Dedication Trumps Talent Every Time”… CONGRATULATIONS to all Vaulters,,,Families and Coaches!!!!

    Pictured below is Pittston Area High School ,PA …Senior Sprinter/Vaulter…ABBY NORWILLO , who set a Meet and School Record of 13.00′ .5″ at the Marine Corps Invite at the armory on Friday night to move up to #3 ALL TIME PA Girls Pole Vault list of performers for this UPENN Bound honor student. She used just a 12′ 6 grip all night and her powerful run for her personal best. Catching this action photo was Professional Sports Photographer..Ed Yaker of New York !!!

    Marine Corp @ Armory… Girls- 1-Abby Norwillo(Pittston Area,PA) 13.00′ .5″.. USA #2!!! 3-Dani Heini(Abington Heights,PA) 11′ 7″ School Record & National Qual mark!! Mue Carroll(Matawan,NJ) 10′ 0″ Juliana Schraer(Pascack Valley,NJ) 10′ 0″ Allison Sumereau(Pascack Valley,NJ) 9’0′ Naja Ogburn(Middletown,NY) 8’0″ Katherine Sandt(Pascack Valley,NJ) 8′ 0″
    Boys.. 1- William Chapman(Atleee,VA) 15′ 0″ Johannes Stromhaug(Vestel,NY) 15′ 0″ Jackson Hemphill(Fairfield Ludlow,CT) 13′ 0″ Mie Parisi(Pascack Valley,NJ) 10′ 0″

    Rhode Island Classic,Providence,Rhode Island….. Greenwich.CT ..senior Lia Zavattaro flew big over 11′ 0″ for her classic victory and had super bars at meet record 11′ 7.5″ from just her 6 step and small grip. This Bucknell University recruite is ready-to-roll!! North Reading,MASS senior Racel Hill also looked great over 10′ 0″ for the bronze medal… Keene, Central,NH..Scott Rathburn took the Boys Gold Vault Medsal at 13′ 0″.

    North Shore Invite…Nate Llanos of Danbury,CT won with his 12′ 0″..Team mate Brandon Gottwals hit 11′ 6″ Zack Innucci(Trumbull,CT) 11′ 6″ Oliver Hayes (Ridgefield,CT) 11′ 6″

    Ocean Breeze on Thursday….Lauren Saifi of Governor Livingston,NJ won gold at 11′ 0″…Nicole Lester(Ridgewood,NJ) also flew 11′ 0″ Kristin Lubeski(M-W_ 10′ 6″…Gabby Nebiker(MW) 9′ 6″ Jenna Penna(M-W) 9′ 6″ for the Crusaders Vault team.

    Bethlehem,PA..Vertical Assault Invite… Flying Circus senior..Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) flew to the gold medal with his 13′ 6″ zoom and close at 14′ 3″ bar.

    Pearl River Festival at RCC….. Boys winner was James O’Neill,NY senior Josiah Spain..with a sensational 14′ 0″ in flats…followed by Chris Filatov(Nanuet) 13’0″ and Tommy Qualter(CS) 13′ 0″…Danny Jeong(MW) placed 3rd in Frosh/Soph Vault at 10′ 0″ Louis Martinez(Wallkill) 9′ 6″. In Girls Frosh/Soph Vault…Caroline Fatta(Warwick,NYO won at 9′ 0″ Genevieve Reilly(Warwick) 9′ 0″ Hannah Soloman-Hollander(Suffern) 8′ 6″ Jenny McKnight(MW) 6′ 0″ Alicia Johnson(MW) 6’0″ Shea Ross(Wallkill) 6’0″ Sophia Guglielmello(MW) 6′ 0″.. Girls Varsity- Fiona Carroll(Tappan Zee) 8′ 0″ Syd Tomaine(FDR) 8’0″ Rebecca Baez(No Rockland) 8′ 0″ Kristin Kolarik(Arlington) 7′ 0″

    Albany Section 2 League… 1-Alana Carroll(Averill Park) flew 12′ 0″ for the win…Lauren Berry(Emma Willard) 9′ 7″!!!

    Ocean Breeze Holiday Invite…. Boys…Charlie Crispi(Farrell,NY) 16′ 0″..coached by You Can Not Fail—Jerry Cahill!!! Tom Qualter(CS) 13′ 0″ Austin O’Malley(Goshen) 12′ 0″ Justin Smith(PB) 12′ 0″ Anthony Ferra(Matawan,NJ) 12′ 0″…Jared Forer(Glan Rock,NJ) flew 13′ 0″PR…Nick Villanueva(MW) 12′ 6″ Josh Jeong(MW) 12′ 6″.In The White Division..Matt Warren won gold at 11’0″ for the Wizards and Nick Mirecki(Wash’ville) sophomore 10′ 6″ for Coach Duffy. Mid Week @ Ocean Breeze…Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) won at 14′ 6″ and Seth Kricheff backed him up with his 14′ 0″ leap.


    The NYRR Millrose Games Jr Boys Pole Vault Committee announced on Saturday..that there is 1 spot open for the Boys Jr Pole Vault Event. The winner of the NYRR MILLROSE TRIALS will be added to the 12 invited vaulters. This Pole Vault Trials will be held on Wednesday January 10, 2018 at 6pm… All interested vaulters should enter ASAP at armorytrack.com. The Girls Jr.Pole Vault Event has been filled with 10 National Ranked athletes and is closed for the February 3 NYRR MILLROSE GAMES.

    FLYING CIRCUS WINTER CLASSES resume tomorrow…January 2 at regular times…… Happy New Year!!!!