1. CIRCUS POLE VAULT CHECKLIST for Winter #1 Athletes~~~

    Dear Flying Circus Vaulters in WINTER #!1 TRAINING~~~

    We are all ready for your  7 weeks of Pole Vault instruction this coming week.  Here are some important checklist reminders. 

    * First-week Action Begins Sunday, Nov. 6. 1 pm-2:30 pm class of 16 athletes and continues Monday thru Thursday with our other groups. 

    * Each Athlete.  should plan to arrive. 10 minutes EARLY,  as. we. start and. stop each class on the clock.  There are no. spectators, and friends allowed in the training sessions.  There will be some visiting HS Coaches permitted in sessions. 

    *  Athletes. should.  come dressed. for activity… with sweat pants, sweatshirts, leg compression socks, spikes, and a water bottle.  Dress like an ELITE ATHLETE. 

    * Athletes must bring a small notebook/pen ..to record all steps… poles… handgrips for all 4-5-6-7-8 step jumping.  This is MOST VALUABLE for your  SUCCESS.   

    * Barn Will be CLOSED on Sunday, Nov. 13. for our athletes to participate in the Armory Track Camp in New York City.   

    *  A Missed. class is not made up,….  try. to be. consistent with your scheduled class.  Athletes. can not switch to other classes..as. we. are packed. tightly in every class.  A class was canceled. due. to weather. will be made up.           FLYING CIRCUS WINTER CLUBS…. 97 VAULTERS STRONG!!!!!!!



    Dear Flying Circus Athletes         @@@@@@@@@@@@             IT’S OFFICIAL NOW ~~~~~~.  The NIKE INDOOR  NATIONALS TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS are back in …”The MAGIC HOUSE”…. The Armory Track Center, New York City!!!!!        Let’s prepare. for the FUN  NOW… FLYING CIRCUS WINTER CLUB #1  BEGINS. with our 97 vaulters on Sunday, November  6   at our 1pm-2:30pm. class.  LET’S FLY TOGETHER !!!!

           The Circus will be attempting to send  30+ Vaulters/Sprinters. to the  NIKE NATIONALS.   See the Entry Standards below.  for the Emerging Elite.  and Championship sections and let’s. get to work.        NIKE INDOOR NATIONALS  Entry Standards    Girls Emerging Elite Pole Vault…. 11′ 0″    Boys Emerging Elite Pole Vault…  14′ 0″    Girls Championship Pole Vault….  12′ 0″    Boys Championship Pole Vault….  15′ 0″    Girls Sprint  Standards… 55m EE — 7.54       Championship– 7.21    Boys Sprint Standards…. 55m.EE– 6.64       Championship– 6.44 

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