The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
    The Warwick Center
    Warwick, New York

    BIG PERFORMANCES AGAIN…..rocked the Circus Vault Barn on Saturday at the CIRCUS-JOE TEA POLE VAULT INVITE at The Warwick Center. The 34 eager Boys and Girls were ready to compete with the UCS Spirit Crossbar…as 17 athletes recorded Indoor Personal Bests and 2 others hit New School Records!!! Taking the LEMON Joe Tea first prized was Warwick Valley,NY senior..Dane Sorensen..with 14′ 7″PR and close at 15′ 1″!!! The morning Girls competition was also a blast for the Rising Stars…as Averill Park,NY senior Alana Carroll … took home her Joe Tea SWEET TEA product with 12′ 1′ sail for this Harvard University Scholar-Athlete next fall. Now..is back to business ..with our 50 WINTER INDOOR CLUB athletes taking to the runways the next 12 weeks. Special thanks to all volunteers helping us all day Saturday…with standards…bar replacements..pizza runs and meet management duties..aka –Bob Sorensen and Beth Becher!!!!!

    Girls Performances

    Circus #2
    High School Division… Alana Carroll(Averill Park,NY) 12′ 1″ Kaeli Thompson(Warwick,NY) 11′ 7″PR Kristen Lubeski(Monroe,NY) 11′ 7″PR Caroline McGann(Holy Angels,NJ) 11′ 1″ Dani Hein(Abington Heights,PA) 10′ 7″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) 10′ 1″ Gabrielle Nebiker(Monroe) 10′ 1″ PR Kaia Becker(Northern Highlands, NJ) 9′ 7″ PR Caroline Fatta(Warwick,NY) 9′ 1″PR Hanna Soloman-Hollander(Suffern,NY) 9′ 1″PR Katherine Sandt(Pascack Valley,NJ) 8′ 7′ Rachel Klein(Abington Heights,PA) 8′ 1″ Sydney Tomaine(Hyde Park,NY) 8′ 1′
    Middle School Division… Chloe Pasek(West Milford, NJ) 8′ 1″PR Shea Ross(Wallkill,NY) 7′ 1″

    Boys Performances

    Circus # 2
    High School Division….. Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) 14′ 7″PR Josiah Spain(West Point,NY) 14′ 7″PR Seth Kricheff(Old Tappan,NJ) 14′ 7″ Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) 14′ 7″PR Jackson Hemphill(Fairfield Trunbell,CT) 13′ 1″PR SR Tommy Qualtor(Clarkstown,NY) 13′ 1″PR Jona Kim(Old Tappan,NJ) 12′ 1″ Chris Filatov(Nanuet,NY) 12′ 1″ Zack Matson(New Milford,CT) 11′ 7″ Jacob Becher(Warwick,NY) 11′ 7’PR Ronald O(Nanuet,NY) 11′ 1″PR Iyrry Denys(Riverhead,NY) 10′ 7″ Michael Moore(Warwick,NY) 10′ 7″PR Gerry Newman(Abington Heights,PA) 9′ 1″PR

    Open Division …. Isaac Heatley(Warwick,NY) 13′ 7″ Masters Division…. John Andresen(Aquebogue,NY) 9’1″(76 Age Group)
    Middle School Division… Bennett Hemphill(Fairfield Ludlow,CT) 6′ 6’PR


    WINTER CLUB ATHLETES… ” This train is bound for glory….” Formal Club begins Monday November 6 with the Boys taking it up at 5:30-7pm and 7-8:30pm. Check web site for assignment….Come dressed for training…spikes/water/warm sweats/tights and a positive attitude for some new and never seen drills and progressive techniques. The Girls Groups will push up the fiberglass on Tuesday’s and Thursdays’ 5:30-7pm class and 7-8:30pm class… Be 15 minutes EARLY and READY TO FLY… NO Class switching/No class make-ups…Plan to commit to excellence…… It’s going to be a SUPER SEASON AGAIN @ FLYING CIRCUS!!!!


    It’s time to represent… we are most proud of you being on our little Pole Vault Club and you will represent us this year. Our fund raising project this year is “GEAR and APPAREL” Sale for all members and alumni… Check out our CIRCUS GEAR on our web site and try to order something if you can.. This generates funds for our new poles and equipment this indoor!!!! We are only taking pre paid orders till Sunday November 12…so that we can deliver before the holidays….. JOIN the CIRCUS APPAREL FAMILY FUN with us this winter. Thank you in advance for all your loyal support in all our projects this past year. All envelopes with athletes name/order and payment due NOVEMBER 12 at the Barn.

    JOE TEA ….. “LIGHTING-in-a-BOTTLE” …The official drink of FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT CLUB.


    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault, LLC
    Flying Circus #1 Meet

    The Pole Vault Season has officially started!!!!
    The 21 athletes gathered up their spirit and courage…to produce super results at the real bars at the Flying Circus Pre-Season #1 Meet in the Vault Barn hayloft on Saturday. The positive atmosphere and constant cheering and support clapping provided the adeline to fly. Congratulations to all athletes and parents for a great start to the season. Special thanks to meet managers Bob Sorensen and Beth Belcher for another organized fun day. Next Pre-Season meet….next Saturday..November 4 !!!!!


    It’s not easy opening the pre-season on the real bars….” but toughness took over and won again”. Warwick Valley,NY junior Kaeli Thompson… used her balanced long run speed to hit 11′ 6″indoor PR …. a two foot improvement from last years opening meet!!!! She had a close look at 12′ 1″…. Caroline McGann(Holy Angels,NJ) flew 11′ 0″ by a foot and Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) opened big also. Top Middle School athlete was West Milford,NJ Chloe Pasek…at 8′ 0″ for the rising Highlander 8th grader!!!!

    Girls Results…. Kaeli Thompson(Warwick,NY) 11′ 6″ Indoor PR Caroline McGann(Holy Angels,NJ) 11′ 0″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) 10′ 6″ Gabrielle Nebiker(Monroe,NY) 10′ 0″ Kaia Becker(Northern Highlands,NJ) 9′ 6″ = School Record Kristen Kolarik(Arlington,NY) 8′ 6″PR Caroline Fatta(Warwick,NY) 8′ 6′ Indoor PR Chloe Pasek(West Milfors,NJ) 8′ 0″ MS Champion !!! Sydney Tomaine(Hyde Park,NY) 7′ 6′


    The afternoon section had some motivated and focused guys battling the real bars. The fireworks began early in the competition with Masters Record holder …John Andresen (76) of Aquebogue,NY clearing 9′ 6″ to win his age group and Flying Circus Coach..Will Nesbitt of Garrison,NY sailing 13′ 0″ for his Age Group win at 56!!!! Taking the Green Pit win was Old Tappan,NJ freshman..Shaun Herlihy at 8′ 0″… Bennett Hemphill(Fairfiled,CT) won Top Middle Schooler at 6′ 6″!!! Late in afternoon… the Pole Vault Nuts enjoyed some High Flying .. with Scott Rathbun(Keene,NH) winning the prized Raspberry flavored “JOE TEA”… with his School Record 15′ 1″ sail on his last jump!!! Warwick Valley,NY senior…Dane Sorensen 14′ 6′ PR Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) double PR at 14′ 6″ and Seth Kircheff(Old Tappan,NJ) 14′ 6″ …. Next Meet…Saturday November 4 @ Circus.

    Boys Results….. Masters Age Groups… Will Nesbitt(Garrison,NY) 13′ 0″(56 Age Group !!!!) John Andresen(Aquebogue,NY) 9′ 6′(76 Age Group!!!!) HS Boys Group… Scott Rathbun(Keene,NH) 15′ 1″ PR/School Record Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) 14′ 6″PR Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) 14′ 6″PR Seth Kircheff(Old Tappan.NJ) 14′ 6″ Jackson Hemphill(Fairfield,CT) 12′ 6″ Zack Matson(New Milford,CT) 11′ 6″ Zack Iannucci(Turnbull,CT) 11′ 6″ Jacob Becher(warwick,NY) 10′ 6″ Iyriy Denys(Riverhead,NY)10′ 0″ Shaun Herlihy (Old Tappan,NJ) 8′ 0” Bennett Hemphill(Fairfield,CT) 6′ 6′ MS Champion!!!

    “RISE & SHINE” ….. The Season has begun. Thank you all for a great day together!