The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
    Behind the Barn…Warwick, New York

    The Boys Pole Vault is alive and thriving…as 54 Middle School and High School pole vault athletes soared on the 6 pole vault pits at FLYING CIRCUS ….WARWICK,NY. Action moves to 6 Step approaches tomorrow… and our Camp Councilors and Elite Boys will jump ..”The VAULT EXHIBITION” at 7:30-8pm before the cheering campers finish their water-mellon. Stop by to see the RECOIL !!!!

    Girls Summer Camp open Thursday July 14-July 15 at 3:45PM each day. The Girls are loaded with 56 athletes this year.

    JOIN US for the PARTY… Saturday July 16 Rain or Shine…
    …The BBQ VAULT GALA @ FLYING CIRCUS BARNYARD… Entry Fee $25 per athlete(includes BBQ Lunch) Girls Meet at 10:01AM Boys Meet 2:01PM ALL DIVISIONS!!!! Prizes donated by YOU CAN NOT FAIL VAULT CLUB–Coach Jerry Cahill!!!!!


  2. CIRCUS MEET … “OVER-the-RAINBOW” … Nick Marino Sails 15′ 4″ / Jessica Ippolito Flys 12′ 1″ !!!

    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
    The Warwick Center Pole Vault Area
    Warwick, New York

    It was “RAINBOW TIME” at the 3rd SUMMER POLE VAULT MEET SERIES at the FLYING CIRCUS BARNYARD PITS at The Warwick Center. The 24 Vaulters just barley beat the rain conditions…as 12 Vaulters set all time personal bests and 4 School Records were set with light, gentle breezes on the runways. Great friendships and great music prevailed again. CONGRATULATIONS to all vaulters and Volunteers for another great time on moving-glass!!! Special thanks to Meet Volunteers…Rob Pasek,Scott Nebiker,Bob Sorensen,Stephanie Duffy,Travis Fountain,Samantha Beyer,Denise Robbins for assisting all our meets this summer.. The last Harrah meet is Saturday July 16… The CIRCUS FAREWELL BBQ MEET .…Dedicated in honor of ALL TIME GREAT VAULT COACH…PAUL RICHARDS..the Original Flying Circus Legentary Coach, who passed away this week . Please join us for the end of the fiber-summer.

    Boys Rev- it- up… Nick Marino( Hatsboro,PA) sails 15′ 4″ ..Soph Seth Krischeff(OOld Tappan,NJ) flys 15′ 0″ to lead the strong Summer Warriuors on Fiberglass!!!! Jacob Belcher(Warwick) wins Frosh Group … Kevin Chait(Wash’ville,NY) takes Middle School title at 8′ 6″…Matt Greenlaw(Warwick) takes open crown at 13′ 0″!!!

    Girls Sizzle with three over 12′ 1″…Jessica Ippolito(FairLawn,NJ) 12′ 1″-Leah Saifi(Berkley Heights,NJ) 12′ 1″…Maxina Earl(Ridgewood,NJ) 12′ 1″ !!! Marissa Robbins(Goshen wins Open Women’s crown at 12′ 1″…. Genevieve “Sunshine” Reilly(Warwick) sails to Middle School gold at 9′ 0″ Chloe Pasek(West Milford,NJ) takes Elementary School title at 7′ 0″,… Gabby Nebiker(Monroe See you at Camp or BBQ Meet !!!

    Full Results… Meet #3 Summer Series @ Circus

    PIT # 1
    Elementary School… 1- Chloe Pasek(West Milford,NJ) 7′ 0″
    Girls Middle School … 1-Genevieve “Sunshine” Reilly(Warwick,NY) 9′ 0″ 2-Maddie “MVP” Sorensen(warwick,NY) 7 ‘0″PR
    Boys Middle School …1-Kevin Chait(Wash’ville,NY) 8′ 6’PR 2-Ryan Kennedy(Wash’ville,NY) 7′ 0″PR 3-Mike Brockway(Wash’ville,NY) 7′ 0″ PR

    Girls High School…. Caroline McGann(Old Tappan,NJ) 11′ 6′ PR & School Record!! Grace Gardella(Ramsey,NJ) 11′ 1″ PR & School Record Gabby Nebiker(Monroe,NY) 9′ 0″ )Frosh Winner) Katherine Sandt(Pascack,NJ) 8′ 0″ =PR
    Dianna Presutti(Wallkill,NY) 7′ 6″PR

    PIT # 2
    Boys Frosh….1-Jacob Becher(Warwick,NY) 10′ 0″
    Girls High School… 1-Jessica Ippolito(FairLawn,NJ) 12′ 1″ 2-Leah Saifi(Berkley Heights,NJ) 12′ 1″ 3-Maxine Earl(Ridgewood,NJ) 12′ 1″PR 4-Amanda McNelis(Commack,NY) 11′ 6″ -Madisyn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA) 11′ 6″ 6-Ali Moraveck(Masuk,CT) 10′ 6″ 7-Samantha Kaplan(New Paltx,NY) 10′ 0″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) 10′ 0″ Jamie Maggio(Rocky Point,NY) 9′ 6″
    Open Women….1-Marisa Robbins(Goshen,NY) 12′ 1″

    Boys High School…1-Nick Marino(Hatsboro,PA) 15′ 4″ 2-Seth Krischeff(Old Tappan,NJ) 15′ 0′ PR (Soph !!!) 3-Peter Chen(Delbarton,NJ) 13′ 0″ 4-Trevor Hazell(vernon,NJ) 12′ 6″ Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) 12′ 0″ Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) 11′ 0″
    Open Men…1-Matt Greenlaw(Warwick,NY) 13’ 0″

    Flying Circus… IMPACT OTHERS.