The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club, LLC
    Vault-town, USA


    The Pole Vault Train stopped in Reno, Nevada this weekend!

    …… and loaded on board were 2,156 Pole Vault enthusiasts from around the world. The biggest UCS Spirit National Pole Vault Summit ever was inspiring…educational and encouraging for the 23 Flying Circus pole vaulters…their 5 Circus Coaches and the 12 proud parents making the trip of a lifetime to the Mecca of Pole Vault….Reno, Nevada. We would like to thank all the athletes… and parents who traveled or who sent our most focused and spirited group ever. The new techniques learned here will help each athlete and coach reach for the skies this indoor and outdoor season. This was our ..”Best Summit Ever” and the BEST IS YET TO BE!!!!

    Highlights and Full Results …. Senior Madisyn Hawkins of James Coughlin,PA won the Pit 4 Competition with a personal best and school record 12′ 8″ to finish second overall among the High School Girls in the entire meet. This sprinter finished on her big pole from 8 lefts and had 3 shots at 13′ 0″ for the Lehigh University recruit. Circus team mate Abby Norvillo of Pittston Area,PA also set her school record with a runner up on Pit 4 with her 12′ 4″ clear on her 13 x 160 UCS Spirit. This diver/vaulter now qualifies for Nationals Champion section and just a junior. Pit 2 vaulters had a short warm up period ..but Michelle Rubinetti of Norther Valley-Demarest,NJ sailed high over 12′ for 6th place and a 1 foot PR from last year here. Danielle Cass of Weston ,CT sailed 11’0″ for the top 4 Circus Award.

    The boys were also moving the poles to vertical well… with Johannes Stromhaug of Vestel,NY winning his Pit #3 with a school record 14′ 9″ for this likable junior athlete Coached By James Cerra . Pit #4 saw Milan Spisek of Joel Barlow High School, CT soar 14′ 9″ to place 2nd and Liam Ackerman of Miami,FL and formerly of MW Circus,NY made 14′ 5″ … Marc DeLuca of Westhill,CT was super over 14′ 4″ and big at 14′ 11″ for Coach Neil Perry. Brian Runenstein(Gov. Livingston,NJ) was solid at 13′ 10″… All in all…… EVERYONE CAME THRU with BIG SPIRIT…BIG BEHAVIOR…BIG PERFORMANCES!!!!

    Girls Results… Madisyn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA) 12′ 8″ School Record….. Abby Norwillo (Pittston Area,PA) 12′ 4″ School Record… Michelle Rubinetti(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) 12′ 0″ Danielle Cass(Weston,CT) 11′ 0″ Jesssica Ipolito(FairLawn,NJ) 10′ 7″… Maxine Earl(Ridgewood,NJ) 10′ 7″ …. Nicole Lester(Ridgewood,NJ) 10′ 6″ … Caroline McGann(Holy Angels,NJ) 10′ 6″… Erin Yuder(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) 10′ 2″ … Sydney Woods(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) 10′ 0″ ..Amelia Legg(Delhi,NY) 9′ 8′ (Borrowed Poles)!!! Lauren Berry(Emma Willard


    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy, LLC
    “Vault-town” ..Warwick,NY

    You can’t touch it…. you can’t photographic it….. you can’t massage it into your body. It’s called..”Human Spirit” … and it is the only thing you need in athletics.

    ……….This weekend was filled up to the brim…with the ‘High Spirit’ of High School athletes reaching for the stars….. Some of them hit their marks… some fell just short and some refused to give up on the ‘Spirit of Athletics”. It’s not about the medal or trophy won, that drives young athletes to go beyond themselves…to put themselves on-the-line in the competitive arena … it is all about the incredible feeling of joy and a sense of self worth that brings athletes back to the grinding practice routines and the awesome atmosphere of competition. Congratulations to every Flying Circus athlete and parent for sharing this spirit. More great moments just ahead!!!

    Weekend Recap…… North Andover,MASS ..senior Erick Duffy was the vault winner at the Dartmouth Relays in Hanover,NH on Saturday…with a soaring 15′ 6″ fly over and close at 16’ 2″!! This Harvard University commit for next year .. will also be in the line up at the ‘Greatest Millrose Games Jr.Pole Vault Event” ever assembled with .. Armand Duplantis 18′ 5″ Riley Richards 17′ 6″… Zack McWorter..17′ 2… Billy Williamson 16′ 9″ and Duffy at 16′ 6″… as the top 5 entries in the 10 man field on February 11th.. Get you tickets for this historic vault now!!! Also completing the Circus Sweep in Hanover..was Alana Carroll (Averill Park,NY) with an 11′ 6″ sail for Coach Cauthers on sight!!

    Ocean Breeze Freedom Games was exciting…with Michelle Rubinetti(NV-Demarest,NJ) breaking her own meet record by a foot..with her 12′ 0″ gold and Amanda McNeils(Commack,NY) equalling 12′ 0″ on her third attempt. Both athletes had solid jumps at 12′ 6″ bar. Sophomore new-comer Kaeli Thompson(Warwick Valley,NY placed third at 10′ 0″PR and Freshman Genevieve Reilly(Warwick Valley,NY) placed 4th at 10′ 0″ PR for the Lady Purple Wave. Kristin Lubeskie(MW) flew 9′ 6″ Arianna Cavelli(Old Tappan,NJ) 9′ 6″ Gabby Nebiker(MW) 9′ 6″ Sydney Woods(NV-Demarest,NJ) 9′ 0″ Erin Yuder(NV-Demarest,NJ) 9′ 0″ Colleen Leahey(JSB) 8′ 6″ Grace Simpson(TZ) 7′ 6″ Fiona Carroll(TZ) 7′ 6″..The boys were led by Old Tappan,NJ junior Seth Kricheff flying 14′ 0″ by a ton… Tyler Hyrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) 13′ 0″PR Jona Kim(Old Tappan,NJ) 11′ 0″ Ryan Olesky (Wallkill Valley,NJ) 10′ 6″.

    The 23rd Hispanic Games @ Armory…. Smithtown East,NY) senior long jumper/vaulter..Kylie Strzelczyk placed 3rd at 10′ 6″ for a seasonal best for this 17′ 3″ long jumper

    East Stroudsburg Warrior Classic at Koehler was filled with “spirit” on Friday night.. as Madisyn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA) won gold with 12′ 0″ vault and big air at 12′ 3″ for this much improved sprinter heading to Lehigh University next fall. Circus mate–Abby Norwillo(Pittston Area,PA) also is making a move up pole vault levels.. as she placed 2nd at 11′ 6″ in vault and 16′ 1″ in long jump and both are heading to Reno Summit this weekend. Nick Marino(Hatsboro,PA) continues to dominated his early season meets with another win for Philly Jumps Club!

    Connecticut Girls and Boys sizzle…as Lia Zavattaro(Greenwick,CT) won again ..Lauren Russo(Newtown,CT) and Danielle Cass (Weston, CT) moving up this week.

    Dick Wilson Classic Beginners Pole Vault Meet @ Circus…The Thursday afternoon Monrow Woodbury Inter-squad meet was a blast..as 7 new vaulters from Monroe enjoyed their first ever pole vault meet at Flying Circus. After just 5 practice sessions…the real bar went up..Danny Depaol0 7′ 6″ Anthony Cortez 7′ 0″ Owen Kelly 7′ 0″ Nick Villanvena 7′ 0″ Aidan Wallace 7′ 0″ Eric Wallace 6′ 6″ Danny Jeong 6’ 0″. Welcome to pole vault!!!

    The Flying Circus will be traveling to the National Pole Vault Summit..sponsored by UCS Spirit Vaulting Poles on Thur-Monday January 12- January 16 with 22 athletes and 4 coaches and many parents taking part in the “GREATEST SINGLE EVENT in TRACK and FIELD” . … The Flying Circus will be CLOSED THUR-FRI-SAT-SUNDAY Jan 12-13-14-15. We will reopen for regular classes on Monday January 16.


    *Flying Circus Pole Vault is a …Athlete Centered Project.
    *Your Pole Vault Warm Up dictates your Pole Vault Performance.
    *Athlete must be coachable…Accept Feedback Graciously.
    *The athlete must take chances and willing to take risks.
    *The athlete must set short range goals.
    *The COACH has 1000 careers..the ATHLETE has just 1 Career.. Make it count.
    * A missed workout CAN NEVER BE MADE UP.
    * MOTIVATION changes the life of an athlete.
    * Triple your Work Ethic.
    * SPEED is a SKILL… It can be taught.