The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
    Warwick Valley, New York

    Every once in awhile….. we get a chance to see a little bit of the future…. Future stars heading out to the college levels…college athletes stepping into the professional level of sport… and yes.. the ever-so promising young ‘Rising Stars’ of Middle School/Elementary School ages taking a shot at the “Worlds’ Greatest Event”…The Pole Vault. Such was the thrill this past two weeks here at Flying Circus and the 122nd PENN RELAYS CARNIVAL in Philadelphia. How can it be…that the evolution of pole vault has reach such great heights….. It’s called…”HUMAN SPIRIT”..that drives these young athletes to greater performances week after week…and meet after meet. We salute this new generation of super dedicated kids on fiberglass vaulting poles!!! Keep the Spirit Flying!!!!

    Week Results…Flying Circus Family Members….
    The Circus Bus traveled thru Connecticut…with Marc DeLuca(WestHill,CT) taking gold at O’Grady Relays in Danbury with a 14′ 0″ sail for Coach Perry… Nate Llanos(Danbury) 13′ 6″ Henry Vossler(Darien) soared 12′ 6″ and Kenny Yamaguchi(Darien) flew the coop at 10′ 0″. In Girls..It was all Danielle Cass(Weston) taking gold at 10′ 6″ for Coach Meadve…Lauren Russo(Newtown) taking silver at 10′ 0″ Hannah Campos(Weston) 9′ 6″ and Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich) at 9′ 0″.

    …..as the bus moved into Massachutes State 4-D Relays..it was steam victory for North Reading Girls and Boys… and vaulter Julia Valenti was the star of the day again.. with wins in Hurdles relay( 15.0/split) Pole Vault win/10′ 6″0 and Shot Put win at 36′ 7″!!! She has yet to move to her real run and grip!!! Her Shuttle Hurdle team qualifies for Nationals!!!

    ….. the bus rolled into the Penn Relay Mayhem on Thursday-Friday-Saturday… with already reported greatness from about 15 Circus Stars on all levels… Placing 6th in the Boys Championship High School was Nick Marino(Hatboro,PA) at 14′ 0″ after his 15′ 6″ from last weeks results …Liam Ackerman(St.Anthony,NY) 13′ 5.5″ for Coach Hendersen!!! The college boys turned up the heat on Saturday..with Lee Bares(West Point) placing 5th at 16′ 6.75″ for Coach Jon Hill…Peter Fagan(Binghamton,NY) 16′ .75″ for Coach Mike Thompson …..Nick Perez and Travis Fountain both hit 14′ 5.5″ …all on UCS Spirits!!!!

    …after fueling stop…the bus traveled into New Jersey for some fun times…with Trevor Hazell of Vernon,NJ taking Gold Medal at 12′ 6″ for the Vikings….Brian Rubenstein(Gov. Livingston,NJ) finally soared 14′ 0″ for the Millburn Relays win..Nick DeLuca(GL) placed 2nd at 12′ 6″ Mark Lynch(Cranford,NJ) PR’d at 12′ 0″ and Brian McCarthy hit 12′ 0″. The Girls also won with Leah Saili(Gov.Livingston) blitzing 11’6″ meet record…Lauren Saifi(GL) 9′ 6″.

    …. following a lunch stop at Chick-Fillet…. the bus headed west into Penn-Territory again… James Coughlin,PA junior Maddie Hawkins flew big over 11′ 6″ again for the silver medal at the Cougars Twilight Meet and was close at 12′ goal… Rising-Sophomore…Abby Norwillo of Pittston Area,PA set another New School Record of 11′ 0″ and District 2 up and coming Corah Frantz(Lakeland,PA) made 9′ 6 by a ton!!!

    …the bus crossed over to the Kingston Relays and New Paltz HS vaulters dominated the boys and girls meet..with junior Dylan Scribani(NP) winning the boys at 14′ 0″..Dagi Tadesse(NP) 13′ 6″PR Matt DeLorenzo(Wallkill) 13′ 6″ Andrew Matta(NFA) 13′ 0″…The Girls division was won by Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz) at 11′ 0″ school record… Sophia Alter(RV) 10′ 6″ Crystal nelson(ON) 7′ 0″ and Claudia Kaplan(NP) 6′ 0″!!! In The Kingston Middle School meet on Friday…7th graders Bill Finn(Warwick,NY) hit 6’6″ for Coach Warnock and 7th grader Julia Mosier(Warwick) made 5′ 6′ for the Wildcats!!!

    …. with the gas tank heading to empty…. the last stop was the Gold Rush Relays at Clarkstown South HS,NY…. with the largest Circus group performing…yes.. 25 Circus Vaulters in the same place … and… contending with the 19 Mahwah,NJ VAULT CREW ATHLTES of COACH ROB PASEK’s THUNDERBIRDS!!!! It was dark when the final jump was taken..Jack Muller(Mahwah,NJ) hit 13′ 6″ ..as 6 athletes from Mahwak HS went 13′ 0″ or better!!!! That’s TEAM VAULTING!!!! Dante D’Agostaro(Mahwah) 13′ 6″ and heading to West point next fall….Amir Ansari(Mahwah) 13′ 6″..Justin (Mahwah) 13′ 0″) Aiden Miller(Pearl River) 13′ 0″ Dominic Rocca(Mahwah) 13′ 0″ Connor Burke)Pearl River) 11′ 6′ Tom Qualter(CS) 9′ 0″ Adam Stavash(Bergen Tech) 9′ 0″ for Coach Cevoli!! The Girls were highlighted by Sophomore Kristen Lubeskie of Monroe-Woodbury…coming off 2 medals at the Penn relays (#rd in DMR-400 leg-59.1) and PV -5thplace at 11′ 5.75″) she won gold at 11′ 7′ PR for Coach Goodwin…Marissa Entrup(Mah) 10′ 0″PR..Julia Entrup(Mah) 9′ 6″ Kyra Muller(Mah) 9′ 0″ Kerry Qualter(CS) 9′ 0″ Sarah Levitsky(Mah) 8′ 0″ Hannah Soloman-Hollander(Suf) 8′ 0″ Ginna Scancarello(MW) 7′ 6″ Serya Freidman(MW) 7′ 6′ Joella Chase(BT) 7′ 0″ Grace Simpson(TZ) 6′ 6″ Fiona Carroll(TZ) 6′ 6″!!!!



      The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project, LLC
      Warwick Valley,New York

         GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in the PENN RELAYS !!!!       
       CONGRATULATIONS to MEGAN CLARK(Duke University) for soaring to the gold on Thursday at the 120th PENN RELAY CARNIVAL in Franklin Field. This senior Duke Ambassador of Sport put on a real show in brutal rainy/windy and cold conditions on the newly surfaced Track complex in the Championship of America Pole Vault event. Coach Shawn Wilbourn moved her in to her 6 step approach on this bizarre day and she flew to the gold watch win at 13′ 9.5″ and called it a day. Team mate Madison Heath placed second at 13′ 5.5″ for the Blue Devil sweep. Megan …having step problems in her first 3 years at Penn…never gave up her faith and drive…and after 4 dedicated years of training … realized her moment. NEVER GIVE UP wins again!!!!!
      High School Girls Pole Vault Championship……


      Sophomore ALANA CARROLL(Averill Park,NY) led a strong charge of 8 Flying Circus girls in the loaded field ( A Flying Circus Record). Despite the constant rain downpour ..all our girls competed with big heats and strong minds. Our event is difficult enough…and with wind/cold and constant rain..it was survival day on fiberglass.. Alana Carroll placed second at 11′ 11.75″ for the silver medal… Circus Summer camper..Emily Harrison(Battlefield,VA) came thru with third at 11′ 5.75″…Michelle Rubinetti(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) was forth at 11′ 5.75″… Leah Saifi(Governor Livingston,NJ) tied for 5th place with sophomore Kristen Lubeski(Monroe-Woodbury,NY) at 10’11.75″. Kalli Manley(Burnt Hills,NY) Tedi DeMaria(Bethlehem,NY) Caitlin Reverand (Northern Valley-Demerast,NJ) and Jessica Ippolito(Fair Lawn,NJ) all completed tough all day. On to the next challenge!!!!!!
       In the College Pole Vault on Thursday morning…Catherine Walker(Villanova) cleared 11′ 11.75″ and Grace Weisbecker(Vermont) hit 11′ 5.75″. Today ..James Steck set another Outdoor PR with his 16′ 11.5″ at Radford University for Coach Bob Phillips!!!!
        More results coming Sunday Night…Stay tune in…..
         Flying Circus ……. Each person is a special athlete.