This early week of Fiber-Catapoling was filled with seasonal bests..school records..National Qualifiers and State Champs !!! What will the weekend bring next! Congratulations to all vaulters on blasting thru the rain again…. we think the sun is about to come out !!! Raise your grip!!!

    23rd Warwick Fast Times @ Pole Vault Paradise… Warwick Valley Central is the place to vault..with it’s dual direction runways..Big UCS Pits and 50 Yard Line viewing for the pole vault crowd…. In the first girls section..it was hometown hero time..as Sophomore Kaeli Thompson of Warwick Valley won the gold with a personal best 11′ 9″ on her biggest pole and grip of the season.. She now heads to Greensboro for the Emerging Elite Nationals. . The Boys battled light mist all thru the competition under the 58 Musco Stadium Lights..and Seth Kricheff(NV-Old Tappan,NJ) prevailed with a sensational 14′ 6″ fly-a-way for Coaches Jeff Clark and Alec Eckermeyer!!! Full results below….

    In the Connecticut State Meet action at various sites.. the Flying Circus was strong with 4 new STATE CHAMPS crowned…. In the Class M… Weston High School’s Danielle Cass provided the 10 team points for Coach Medve at 10’0″ for this 11′ 6″ flyer and team mates Ellise Russell placed second and Sophia Rico placed third for 24 Weston Points!!! In the Class LL… Westhill High School senior Marc DeLuca set a PR and State LL all time record with his 15′ 3″ Sailover for Coach Perry…The Girls LL was a sensational jump off competition..as Greenwich High School junior record holder Lia Zavattaro won gold at 11′ 6″ and Newtown High School senior placed second with her 11′ 6′ sail..Placing forth was Megan Murphy(Greenwich,CT) for the Cardinals at 10′ 0″!!!

    In Class MM… Joel Barlow High School senior..Milan Spisek did it again…taking state title at 14′ 0″ for Coach Dumas. In the L Class… Nick Petruzzelli of Notre Dame,CT placed 4th at 13′ 0″ Henry Vossler(Darien) 12′ 6″ Kiernan Daly(Darien) 12′ 6′ and Zack Matson(New Milford) 11′ 0″ !!!


    Full Resuults..FAST TIMES FUN MEET

    Girls… 1-Kaeli Thompson(Warwick) 11′ 9″ 2-Jess Ippolito(Fair Lawn) 11′ 3″ 3-Kristin Lubeski(Monroe) 11′ 3″ 4-Michelle Rubinetti(NV-Demarest) 11′ 3″ 5-Melissa Purcell(Pascack Valley) 10′ 9″ Caroline McGann(Holy Angels) 10′ 9″ Sydney Woods(NV-Demarest) 10′ 9″ Arianna Cavalli(NV-Old Tappan) 10′ 9″ Juliana Schraer(Pascack Valley) 9′ 9″ Gabrielle Nebiker(Monroe0 9′ 9″ Fiona Carroll(Tappan Zee_ 9′ 3″ Mariossa DiGia(NV-Old Tappan) 9′ 3″ Katie Melly(Somers) 9′ 3″

    Boys… 1-Seth Kricheff(NV-Old Tappan) 14′ 6″ 2-Jason Mezhibovsky(NV-Demarest) 14′ 0″ 3-Isaac Heatley(Warwick) 14′ 0″ 4-Josiah Spain(Oneill) 13′ 6″ 5-Vinnie DePaolo(Monroe0 13′ 6″ Dane Sorensen(Warwick) 13′ 6″PR Tyler Hrbel(NV-Old Tappan) 13′ 6″ SB Daeseob Lim(Tappan Zee) 13′ 0″ Josh Jeong(Monroe) 13′ 0″ Tom Qualter(CS) 12′ 6″ Nick Villanueva(Monroe) 12′ 6″ Sam Pitkowsky(Pascak Valley) 12′ 6″ Brendan McShane(Warwick) 12′ 6″

    FLYING CIRCUS …. more -than-pole vault.

  2. ABBY NORWILLO (PA) Silver …ISAAC HEATLEY(NY) 14′ 7.5″ Gold !!

    The Flyin’ Circus Tour

    The VAULT TRAIN has left the station …. and the Flyin’ Circus is now on their..’Championship Tour’ . Congratulations to all our 135 athletes for stepping up at the start of the final 3 weeks of Championship Vaulting. Here is just some highlights from the weekend..full results coming after Tuesday Night’s Warwick Fast Times Extravaganza at Warwick Valley High.

    The Rain fell hard at the PA STATE MEET in Shippensburg all morning..as Pittston Area High School junior Abby Norwillo sailed clean over 12′ 6″ to place second in the 3A state championships and had a very narrow miss at 13’0″ for all the marbles..James Coughlin senior..Madisyn Hawkins fell victim to the un-timely heavy rain at 12′ 0″ bar but still brought home her state medal. Lakeland High School..junior Corah Frantz was super on saturday..setting her school record of 11′ o” for fifth place and now joins her dad…Frank, as the Female and Male school record holders at Lakeland High School!!!
    Hatsboro senior..Nick Marino won another PA STATE TITLE..with his 16′ 0″ sail for the Hatters!! This Bucknell University recruit has had an unbelievable senior victory tour on fiberglass!!! Congrats Philly Jumps !!!

    Big Bergen Vaulters at it again… sensational vaulting is deep in Bergen County… as Michelle Rubinetti takes sectional goal at 11′ 6″..Arina Cavalli(Old Tappan), just a junior sets school record 11′ 6″ for Jeff lark.. Seth Kricheff(OT) takes title..Soph Sidney Woods(NV-D) hits 11′ 0″..Erin Yuder(NV-D)10′ 6″ for Coach Ives… Holy Angels,NJ junior Caroline McGann sets school record of 11′ 6″ to win gold… Jason Mezhibovsky(NV-Demarest) punched his NB Nationals ticket w..a 14′ 7.25″ win for the Nordsmen!!!

    Section 9 is the New York Hotbed for vault champions every year..and Warwick Valley,NY senior Isaac Heatley flew the coop in Class A Championships at 14′ 7.5″ Nationals Standard!!! His tour will hit Greensboro this year. Vinnie DePaolo(MW) broke into the 14 foot club for Coach Glover”’. Freshman Nick Villanovea of Monroe-Woodbury set a double PR with his 13′ 0″ Dan Sorensen(Warwick) Brendan McShane(War) and Josh Jeong(MW) all sailed 12′ 6′ into the new pit!. Kristin Lubeski(MW) was sensational all day..with a gold medal sizzle over 11′ 6″ for Coach Goodwin and Kaeli Thompson took silver at 11′ 0″ for the Wave.

    Erick Duffy(North Andover,MA) ..the NB All-American pole-vaulter/hurdler..sailed 16′ 0″ at his State Sections and close at the New England record of 16′ 10.5″!!! Alana Carroll(Averill Park,NY) just a junior won her Section 2 Class meet with 12′ 6″ and close at 13′ 0″!! Leah Saifi(Gov.Livingston,NJ) won her gold medal at 12′ 0″ for the Northeastern University recruit!! Sis..Lauren added her 10′ 6″ points.

    Danielle Cass(Weston) flew 11′ 6″ again..Lauren Russo(Newtown) also looked great over 11′ 6″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich) 11′ 0″…head up the CT CIRCUS GIRLS this weekend.

    Full Results coming… from NY-NJ=PA-CT-MA at mid week.