The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy
      The Warwick Center
      Warwick Valley,NY

       Welcome to the High Performance Pole Vault Project.
           1-  Set  Realistic Goals
           2-  Build your  Confidence every workout
           3 – Make  Intelligent Training a Priority.
           4-  Be a Full – Time  Athlete.
           5-  Train .. Body – Mind – Spirit.
           6-  Be Coachable ….Accept Feedback Graciously.
           7-  Ask Questions.
           8-  Take Chances on yourself.
           9-  Think-in-Pictures.
          10-  Never Give Up.
       CONGRATULATIONS are extended to all athletes  this weekend…. from the  BIG Results athletes…to the Rising Star Beginners…the participation  in athletics   and  the reaching for excellence is inspiring for all of us  to watch. Let’s keep moving up the Ladder of Success.

       Catherine Walker(Monroe,NY)  12′ 0″   and Ryan Wilkes(Valley View,PA)  16′ 0″  lead the Fiberglass Charts this weekend at Flying Circus.  Walker..jumping in The Friendship Games in Warwick..sailed 12′ 0″ with her 13′ 1 x 155 UCS Spirit with her 12′ 7″ grip for the Crusaders….. while  at the Loucks Games in White Plains…Valley View(PA)  senior Ryan Wilkes  won gold   with his 16′ 0″ rebound from Penn  Relays and will take  his vault to the University of Rhode Island next fall.

      Reported Results..May 5-9

      New School Records came from Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz,NY) earlier in the week with her 11′ 6″ zoom for Coach Gregory   and Ivan Mieses(Middletown,NY) breaking  14′ 6″  to re set his own school record. Meet Records  were set by Ike Osbun(MKA,NJ) at 13′ 6″….Tedi DeMaria(Bethlehem Central,NY) at 11′ 2″ at Shen Invite…Katlyn Rymarzow(Pope John,NJ)  and Sabrina Anderson(Hunterdon Central,NJ) both sizzled over 11′ 6 in Wallkill Valley,NJ… and Chris Rough(Westhill,CT) flew 15′ 6″  at mid week  for a school record for Coach Neal Perry  and Soph Marc DeLuca(Westhill,CT) flew 13′ 0″ !!!

      Wizard Vs Wave Shootout in Warwick saw Derek DiBona(Warwick) sail 15′ 0″  and team mate Matt Greenlaw set a personal best 14′ 0″..Issac eatley 11′ 0″..Jacob Corti..10’0″  Colin Maggio 10′ 0″  Dane Sorensen 8′ 6″  Dan Lindstrom 8’6″… Nick Negersmith(Wash) made 11′ 6″ for Wizards. Erin Leahey won at 10′ 6′  freshman Emily welling 7′ 6″  and Jenny Prial at 6’6″ .

      Andy Washnik Memorial Classic.. Coach Rob Pasek of Mahwah,NJ held his tribute meet on Sunday …with 70+ vaulters taking up the  “Spirit” of former Pole Vault Coach Andy Washnik(Park Ridge,NJ)  Sam Seigel(NV-D) won at 13′ 9″  Caleb Duffany(NV-D) 13′ 3″  Jason Babbini(OT) 12′ 9″ …Girls -Lauren Bilali(OT) 10′ 9″   Catlin Reverand(NV-D) 9′ 9″… Bridget Muller(M) 9′ 3″….

     Glenn Loucks Games in White Plains…Ryan Wilkes(Valley View,PA) 16′ 0″… Ryan Herrera-Murphy(IP) 15′ 6″  James Ball(FP) 14′ 0″  Matt Fay(IP) 14′ 0″  Jeff Sanawong(Nan) 13′ 6″ …. Maddie Schneider(Darien,CT) defended at 11′ 0″  and Eillie Bennet(Crestwood,PA) also hit 11′ 0″ in tough conditions.. Hannah Campos(W) 9′ 6″  Danielle Cass(W) 8′ 6′  Alison Stern(CS)  8’6″  Devon Feuer(NR)  8’6″  Emily Iatesta(W) 8′ 6″

      Middletown Invite,NY..Ivan Mieses(M) 14′ 0″  Dylan Scribani(NP) 13’0″(soph)  Martin Desmery(NP) 12′ 0″ Nick Negersmith(W) 11′ 6″  Andy Rubenstahl(W) 10′ 6″  Cosmo Sweeney(NP) 10′ 6″  Tom Sheboy(W) 10’0″ ..Samantha Kaplan(NP) 11′ 0″ Sophia Alter(RV) 10′ 0″  Kira Magnani(NP) 8′ 0″  Crystal Nelson(ON) 8′ 0″ .

     Bergen County Champs at Old Tappan…Lauren Bilali(OT) 10′ 6″  Jessica Ippolito(FL) 9′ 6″  Jackie Helms℗ 9′ 0″  Max Earl® 8′ 6″  Nicole Lester® 8′ 0″…B Division..Bridgette Muller(M) 10′ 6″  Caitlyn Reverand(NV-D) 9′ 6″  Michelle Rubinetti(NV-D) 9′ 6″  Carolin McGann(HA) 8′ 0″.

      Hunterdon/Sussex at Wallkill Valley,NJ.. Katlyn Rymarzow(PJ) 11′ 6″  and 66.95 Hurdles/15.91 Hurdles…Sabrina Anderson(HC) 11′ 6″ vault/98’5″ Javelin…Cara Kelly(V) 10′ 6″  Stephanie tack(HC) 8′ 6″…Trevor Hazell(V) 11′ 0″… Brian Sagerhorf(UC) 13′ 0″ ..Soph Leah Saifi(Gov.Lingston) 9′ 6″ gold..Amanda Grieco(UC) 7′ 6″

      Friendship  Games..Warwick Night…Catherine Walker)MW) 12′ 0″  Samantha Beyar(MW) 11′ 6″  Erin Leahey(Warw) 11′ 0″  Kristen Lubeskie(MW) 10′ 0″  Vivian Mroz(Bx) 9′ 6″  …. Boys..Derek DiBona(War) 15′ 0″  Matt Greenlaw(War) 13′ 6″  Matt Leanza(Suf) 13′ 6″  Vinnie Depaolo(MW) 13′ 0″(Soph)  Isaac Heatley(War) 11′ )”  Jacob Corti(War) 10′ 0″  Edwin Lopwz(MW) 10′ 0″  Colin Maggio(War) 10′ 0″

  2. “FEEL-THE-ZOOM” ….  @ ….   FLYING CIRCUS  !!!!!

      The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy, LLC

      The Warwick Pole Vault Center

      Warwick Valley , NY

         It’s very true ……. You have no limits !!!!

        This strong and inspiring picture of LACEY HENDERSON ( United States) was  captured  and produced  by Chris Chappell (UCS SPIRIT VAULTING) and presented  in  this years LEGACY VAULT CATALOG .  It symbolizes the spirit that lives  in each of us   … and inspires us to be more.   Not just better pole vaulters….  but even larger ….better human beings.  We believe here  at FLYING CIRCUS….that it’s time for us  to step up and contribute more in all areas of our development…. We can be better  students…athletes….community members….volunteers    and   friends.  PASS-THE-ZOOM FORWARD….  YOU HAVE NO LIMITS!

      Weekend  News/Results
      May 3 —-  These are just  some of the reported results from last week  and weekend from our 117 active members of FLYIN’ CIRCUS INC.
                   Crusader Relays….Monroe-Woodbury,NY senior Catherine Walker won the weekend in the State of New York..with her 12′ 1″ personal best vault at the Crusader Relays . This senior athlete has battled back  from injury and has taken off    for The Purple Pride of Vault coaches Chris Goodwin  and Hugh Cauthers. She heads to Villanova next fall. Also  zooming was  Vernon,NJ all around athlete Cara Kelly with her silver 10’6″ clear  and Monroe freshman Kristen Lubeskie placed another  first in Frosh /Soph section at 10′ 0″. Andrea Dolan(Wallkill) jumped 9’0″  and Siobhan Mariquet(Suffern)  hit 7′ 0″
                   The Boys Vault went to hometown Monroe,NY   Brandon Nebiker..with his 14′ 0″ clear to edge Ivan Mieses)Middletown,NY) at 14′ 0″..  Ivan  just set his New School Record of 14′ 4″ last weekend  for the Middies!!!! Matt Leanza is pushing  new heights was 3rd at 13′ 0″   Jake Diamond (Suffern) 12′ 0″  Vinnie Depalo(Monroe)  won  his 4th Frosh/Soph vault title  of the spring at 12′ 6″  Jeff Sanawong(Nanuet) 12′ 0″  Connor Burke(PR) 10′ 0″ PR… Tom Yanetti(Bergen Co VT) 9’6″  Trevor Hazell(Vernon) 10’0″  Mike Dugan(Bergen VT)  8′ 6″ for Coach Ken Cevoli !!!!

              Brian Ahearn Classic… The Competition at Warwick Valley High School was super Under the Lights…as Derek DiBona(Warwick) put on a show into  a stiff headwind…with a 15′ 0″ fly-over…followed by team mate Matt Greenlaw(12′ 6″0 Nick Nagarsmith(Wash) 11′ 6″…Issac Heatly(War) 10′ 6″    Jake Corti(Warwick) 10′ 0″  Breandan McShane..8′ 0″  for the Purple Wave.  The Girls also battled the headwinds..as Pope John,NJ senior Katlyn Rymarzow fly 11′ 8″ and challenged the meet record of 12′ 3″ of Meagan Clark(O’Neill,NY)   Katlyn also  flew 15′ 4 in  100m Hurdles and 4×4 Relay duty. Erin Leahey(Warwick,NY)   had a super nigh with her 10′ 8″ vault  2:23/800m  and 4×400 Relay split!!! Freshman newcomer..Emily Welling(Warwick) placed 3rd in vault and then hit 800m PR for Coach Furst’s Purple Wave.

           Somers Invite….It was a GREAT NIGHT for Coach Roy Arnesen of Somers High School. Retiring after 30+ years of unbelievable Coaching Cross Country..Indoor Track  and Outdoor Track…and  many State…Section  and League Team Champions…the Track and Field Facility was named forever in his name… Former Somers Track Coach  Tim Fulton did the honors in the presentation. Placing a strong second in the Girls Pole Vault  was Vivian Mroz of Bronxville,NY with her very close jumps at 10′ 0″. This championship scholastic diver is moving up the ladder  and competes this Friday night @ Friendship Games in Warwick.

        Congratulations  to Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz,NY)  for breaking her school record at 11′ 0″ last week at Tri Valley Invite   and  Sophia Alter(RV) set her school record at 10′ 3″ for the Ganders!!!
        Congratulations to Madeysn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA)…this fast and talented sophomore set her school record at 10′ 6″ last week  and close friend…Ellie “Shooting-Star” Bennet(Crestwood,PA) flew 11′ 9″ for her school record!!!

      Middle School  winners this week  were Colby Quackenbush(Warwick,NY) with his 7′ 6″ clear for Coach DiBona on Tuesday   and Genevieve  Reilly(Warwick,NY) flew 7′ 7″   in the MS meet in Vault-town.

      College News….  Congratulations to Marrisa Robbins(Manhattan College,NY)  for her 12′ 9.75 New Manhattan Vault Record  and MAC Athlete of the Week honors!!!!