The Hudson Valley FLYING CIRCUS Pole Vault Project


      USATF Club # 06-1129
       The Flying is about to start @ FLYING CIRCUS, Warwick,New York. Our Sold Out WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE ..for the 60 Boys and Girls begins on Monday November 9 for Boys and Tuesday November 10 for Girls and the excitement of Indoor Track & Field builds. The Flying Circus Fall Training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings was our ‘Best Ever’ and you have set a solid foundation for a super season ahead. Our Sunday Open Classes remain in effect ALL WINTER and SPRING and we look forward to helping all vaulters not in our WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE. Let the good times roll.
      WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE… Guidelines and Routines.


       Boys training groups are Monday and Wednesday’s November 9-Feb.8 Class # 1 5:30-7:00pm Class # 2 7-8:30pm

       Girls Training groups are Tuesday and Thursday’s November 10-Feb.9 Class #1 5:30-7pm Class #2 7-8:30pm
       There is now a WAITING LIST to get into this Training Group.  

       There are NO MAKE UP DAYS in this Package. A missed class is a missed class.

       There is NO CLASS or GROUP CLASS SWITCHING…as the schedule is balanced and tight with numbers.

       Any Facility CLOSING due to weather related safety will be announced by e-mail by 2PM on Class Day.

       Our Facility will be CLOSED on Wed. November 25 and Thursday Nov. 26 for Thanksgiving.. Dec. 24/25 for Christmas..Dec. 31 and Thursday Jan 14 for National Pole Vault Summit in Reno,NV.
           Guidelines for Athletes/Parents


             * ON TIME ATHLETICS….Athletes should be ready for class 10 minutes before the posted class start time.

             * NEAT & CLEAN……Athletes should dressed NEAT & CLEAN ….. Just like World Elite Athletes Dress for Training.

             * NO PROFANITY…..Athletes should represent their Family Ethics..Morals and Values at all time. Guard your language.

             * SUPPORT TEAM MATES …..Encourage each other at all times.

             * POLE REPLACEMENTS… Athletes breaking a club pole will be responsible for replacing 50% of Retail Value of a new vaulting pole.

             * NO POLE RENTALS or LOANING of POLES …. See your Athletic Director and HS Track Coach for your Vaulting Pole needs for this Winter and Spring.
          FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT(Warwick,NY) are extremely proud to welcome ALL-AMERICAN POLE VAULTER…STEPHANIE DUFFY to our COACHING STAFF. This 5 Time ACADEMIC ALL AMERICAN from The University of South Florida and 3-Time New York STATE CHAMPION and NATIONAL RUNNER-UP will be a huge asset at Flying Circus. Her positivity is unmatched and her passion for teaching is her gift. Welcome Coach Stephanie Duffy !!!!!


  2. “HALLOWEEN FLYING” @ CIRCUS …Tedi DeMaria (12′ 4″) …. Nick Marino(14′ 1.25″) Lead -the-Circus-Pack !!!!!!

    The Hudson Valley FLYING CIRCUS Pole Vault Project

    October 31 – Before the candy…. The Day belonged to Pole Vault.
    CONGRATULATIONS to all 43 Pole Vault enthusiasts for making HALLOWEEN 6 STEP another FUN DAY TOGETHER. The chilly night air was replaced with some hot vaulting technique in the drafty old Barn at The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development. Sportsmanship and Friendship was on display all day…with costumes and music revving up the filled seats of proud parents and spectators. Many thanks to all volunteers helping with all the meet details of scoring…bar placing and standards adjustments. ” VOLUNTEERS MOVE-THE-WORLD “…… THANK YOU.

    AM GIRLS SECTION….. New York State Champion..Tedi DeMaria flew over 12′ 4″ and was close at 12′ 8″ on all three attempts…Commack,NY junior…Amanda McNelis punched her first ever 12′ 1″ Leap of Faith and close bars for Coach Jim Henderson at 12′ 4″!!! Stephanie Duffy(Wash’ville,NY) took the open at 12′ 7″ as Waldo Costume looked great…Genevieve Reilly(Warwick,NY) set another 8th grade record at 9′ 1″ to win Middle School…and Chloe Pasek(Mahwah,NJ) lifted to a personal best elementary school record of 7’7″ for the 6th grader!!!!! 12 School Records were set by the Girls!!!

    Girls High School Division:
    12′ 4″ Tedi DeMaria(Albany,NY
    12′ 1″ Amanda McNelis(Commack,NY)
    11′ 8″ Alana Carroll(Albany,NY)
    11′ 4″ Leah Saifi (Livingston,NJ)
    11′ 4″ Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz,NY)
    11′ 1″ Jessica Ippolito(Fair Lawn,NJ)
    11′ 1″ Caitlin Reverand(Demarest,NJ)
    10′ 7″ Madisyn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA)
    10′ 7″ Michelle Rubinetti(Demarest,NJ)
    10′ 7″ Bridget Muller(Mahwak,NJ)
    9′ 1″ Kelly Zavtacks(Smithtown,Y)
    9′ 1″ Erin Yuder(Demarest,NJ)
    9′ 1″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT)
    9′ 1″ Cassy Gtonery(Holy Cross,PA)
    8′ 1″ Gabriela Nebiker(monroe,NY)
    7′ 1″ Alisha Tamarrher(New Paltz,NY)
    7′ 1″ Kais Beckan(North Highlands,NJ)

    Open Division
    12′ 7″ Stephanie Duffy(Wash’ville,NY)

    Middle School Division
    9′ 1″ Genevieve Reilly(Warwick,NY)

    Elementary School Division
    7′ 7″ Chloe Pasek(Mahwak,NJ) 6th Grader!!!

    PM BOYS/MEN’S DIVISION ….Hatsboro,PA junior…Nick Marino went to his first 6 Step vaulting of the fall…and soared 14′ 1.25″ on his final vault to edge Peter Chan(Delbarton,NJ)… Nick is coached by Olympic Pole Vault medalist..Lawrence Johnson and was the lone Soph last spring invited to compete in The Penn Relays. He jumped 14′ 6″ as a soph this summer. Prevailing in the Open Division was James Schuler(Byran Hills,NY) at 13′ 7”.. Middle School winner was Conor Reilly of Scotch Plains,NJ with a super 10′ 6″ flight…and defending his Masters Crown was 74 year old..John “DOC” Andresen(Goshen,NY) at 10′ 1″ !!!! 10 Pr’s set and 4 School Records !!!

    Boys High School Division
    14′ 1.25″ Nick Marino(Hatsboro,PA)
    13′ 7″ Peter Chan(Delbarton,NJ)
    13′ 7″ Mark DeLuca(Westhill,CT)
    13′ 1.5″ Matt Marsh(Duryea,PA)
    13′ 1.5″ Matt Delorenzo(Wallkill,NY)
    13′ 1.5″ Brian Rubenstein(Berkley Heights,NJ)
    12′ 1″ Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY)
    11′ 7″ Jordan Schwartz(Greenwich,CT)
    11′ 1″ Jason Mezhibovsky(Demarest,NJ)
    10′ 7″ Jake Baker(Poughkeepsie,NY)
    10′ 1″ Brendan McShane(Warwick,NY)
    10′ 1″ Kesigh DeLoatch(Warwick,NY)

    Open Division
    13′ 7″ James Schuler(ByramHills,NY)
    13′ 7″ Chris Cozzins(Albany,NY)
    13′ 1″ Brian Leggett(Albany,NY)
    12′ 7″ Somon Nader(Spanish River,FL)

    Middle School Division
    10′ 7″ Conor Reilly(Scotch Plains,NJ)

    Masters Division
    10′ 1″ John “Doc” Andresen(Goshen,NY) 74 Year Young!!!!

    ON TO 7 STEP APPROACH……. Next Barn Meet Sat. Dec. 5 Andy Wasnik Classic … Flying Circus