The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
Warwick Valley, NY

The Vault Bar is still going up !!!!! Congratulations to all Flying Circus Vaulters this past weekend at all venues in our five state area. It’s a treat to watch real focus and full effort and true sportsmanship in athletics. This is the real prize we all seek…. It’s time to regroup for Nationals and our” BEST OUTDOOR SEASON EVER” !!!! THANK YOU ALL !!!


There have been sensational female pole vaulters in Section 9 the past 25 years!!!! Michelle Kercado(Monroe-Woodbury)…Stephanie Duffy(Washingtonville)..Sydney LeRoy(Port Jervis)…Megan Clark(O’Neill) to name just a few who have set the standards high for this new generation on risk taking girls of pole vault. Saturday afternoon at Gillis Fieldhouse a new girl arrived to take the All-Time Section 9 Vault Record up a notch…. Warwick Valley Central High School’s All purpose junior athlete…KAELI THOMPSON flew to 13′ .025″ for a trip to the NY State Meet next weekend at Ocean Breeze for Coach Potter’s Purple Wave. Using her 8 step/big grip on her 13′ 7″ x 165.. “Sparkie” flew to her first 13 foot Bar ever. This breaks Megan Clarks(O’neill) 13′ 0″ record set at the Eastern States at the Armory on the All Time Indoor List!… Monroe-Woodbury Snior Kristin Lubeski also had a super night..with her 12′ 0″ for the Crusaders…Gaberilla Nebiker(MW) also advances to State with her 10′ 6″ Julia Penna(MW) 10′ 0″ Syd Tomaine(FDR) 9′ 0″ Lindsey Julian(Wash) 9′ 0″ Daniella Raymond(Wash) 8′ 0″ Keira Coulard-Smith(NP) 8′ 0″ Caroline Fatta(WV) 8′ 0″ Violet Bachorik(Gos) 7′ 0″
The Boys Vault was equally exciting all day..with Josiah Spain of O’Neill ,NY setting a seasonal best of 14′ 9″ for the West Point bound seniopr… Warwick Valley senior Dane Sorensen flew 14′ 0″ for the silver medal…Josh Jeong(MW) makes state finals at 13′ 6″. Soph Nick Villanueva(MW) 13′ 6″ Austin O’Malley(Gos) 12′ 0″ Nick Mirecki(Wash) 11′ 6″ Kevin Chait(Wash) 11′ 0″ Jacob Becher(WV) 11′ 0″ Louis Martinez(Wallkill) 10′ 0″


Some Guys Never Give Up…… enter Senior ..TYLER HRBEK of Northern Valley-Old Tappan High School!!!!! Fighting thru a mid season lull in his pole vault technique did not stop Tyler from reaching his goal. Yesterday at Toms River Track Bubble..Tyler few 15′ 0″ to win his first State Title for Coach Jeff Clark and Coach Alex Eckermeyer. With his team mates cheering him on.. he was clase at 15′ 6″ and takes it to Nationals in two weeks. Dave Bausmith(Huterdon Central) placed silver at 15′ 0″ Seth Kricheff(Old Tappan) bronze at 14′ 6″ Conor Reilly(Union Catholic) 14′ 6″PR(Soph) Liam Landau(PH) 14′ 0″ in 6th for Coach Ross Kohler. Jona Kim(OT) 13′ 6″ Jarod Forer(GlennRock) 13′ 0″ Justin Manne(Mahwah) 13′ 0″ Sam Pitkowsky(PV) 13′ 0″ Adam Stavash(HH) 12′ 6″.
The Circus Girls also were ready to fire it up… and Pascach Valley senior…Melissa “Sunshine” Purcell zoomed over 12′ 0″ with Air to place 3rd for the Indians of Coach Tim Wilson. Lauren Saifi of Governor Livingston joined the 12 Foot Club..with her 12’0″ 4th place finish… and Multi-Event junior-star Sydney Woods of Northern Valley-Demerast) placed 6th at 11′ 6′ for Coach Mike Ives and Coach Turk…. Caroline McGann of Holy Angels 11′ 0″ Samantha Cioppilo(Glen Rock) 10′ 0″ Adriana Cavalli(OT) 10′ 0″ Marissa DiGia(OT) 10′ 0″


The PA STATE MEET was loaded with talented and spirited Girls in the pole vault. Pittston Area..senior Abby Norwillo was sensational all meet and hit it big over 13′ 0″ on her biggest pole. She battled Careron Horn at 13′ 6″ with 2 very close attemps at a meet record and took home the silver medal for the Patriots Track Trophy case. On to Nationals… Great vaulting also came from junior speedster..Dani Heine of Abington Heights..with her 5th place medal and her first 12’0″ bar for Coach Mike Ludka. She was very close at 12′ 6″ and moves on to Nationals and Sprint Relays this spring. Corah Krantz of Lakeland was super over 11′ 6″ and close at her goal of 12 feet. One more pole for her at Nationals!!! Trina Barcarola of Western Wayne was 10′ 6″ and PR in 55m Hurdles for this Soph coached by Bob Amos!!


At the Armory.. Chris Filatov(Nanuet) moved on to state meet with his 14′ 0″ win…Tom Qualter(CS) also advances at 13′ 6″ Jacob Baker(RCK) 13′ o” Guy Jackson(RCK) 12′ 6″ Eugene om(Nanuet) 12′ 0″ Ronnie O 11′ 0″.. The Girls competition was close and exciting..as rebecca Baez of North Rockland flew 10′ 3″PR for gold..Kristin Kolarik(Arlington) 10′ 3″PR to advance and Grace Simpson(TZ) 9′ 0″ Fiona Carroll(TZ) 9′ 0″ Clarissa Cuomo(Brewster) 8′ 6″ Haley Merchant(HH) 8′ 6’… Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) flew 11′ 1″ at Dream Big Invite at Armory on Saturday.

ALANA CARROLL hit 13′ 0″ for 4th STRAIGHT MEET!!!

Senior Harvard bound..Alana Carroll of Averill Park,NY won her Section 2 State Quals Meet yesterday at 13′ 0″ and was close at 13′ 6″ again!!! Coach Cauthers has her ready for the State and Natinals again!!! Lauren Berry(Emma) 9′ 0″.

Julia Valenti Sails 13′ 3.5″ IVY TITLE and DARTMOUTH RECORD!!!

Sophomore Dartmouth University pole vaulter..JULIA VALENTI won the Ivy Pole Vault crown this wekend at Dartmouth with her 13′ 3.5″ School Record for the BIG GREEN… Erick Duffy ..Harvard Freshman.. placed 5th at 15′ 9″ for last years National Champion> Samantha Beyer of Binghamton University won the American East Championships at 12′ 5.5″ for Coach Thompson and Kari Murnane of New Hamphshire placed second at 12′ 0″ for the 1-2 Circus Crew!!!Amanda McNelis of Villavova placed second at Big East at 12′ 3.5″. and Emily Savage of Georgia went 12′ 9.5″ at the SEC Championships in Texas!!!

Congratulations All… Back-To-Training!!!!!