2022  New York State Meet   Cicero-North High School , NY

  The Flying Circus Pole Vault Team  showed up as. a group… they supported. each other as a group….  and they thrilled. the on-lookers. as a group. !!!!
   YES— The FLYING CIRCUS  was a GROUP PROJECT. at the New York State Track & Field Championships. yesterday in challenging conditions all day….. with 8 Girls making huge adjustments with  20+mph tail and cross winds the. entire. 4 hour competition.  Everyone. adjusted and. moved up poles.  for.  New PR’s….New School Records.  and.  exciting fun of a. State Championships together.                        CONGRATULATIONS ALL !!!!!!
  Leading the. charge were Lily Beattie ( Warwick Valley). and Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley,NY) with their.  12 Foot Blasts  on their. BIGGEST POLES of the YEAR!!!   Lily used. her 14’1″ x 175  from 8 steps for her massive. 16  competitive. jumps to place. 3rd place medal…and. Freshman  Rachel Venter moved up to her. 12′ 7 x 150 for her double PR day from her. 7 step. Everyone. made. great adjustments  on each jump  in tough conditions.  The comeback of the year belongs. to Washingtonville,NY. senior…Sophie Mirecki…..coming back from a 3 month injury this spring..to sail 11′ 6″ for 7th place. for the Bryant University  signee Coached. by Stephanie Duffy.
   Placing 10th. was. Clarkstown South,NY. senior… Madison Chalfin ..with her. 11′ 3″ PR. and = School Record. for the UCONN  signee next year.    New York City PSAL Champion…Grace Zagoria)Bronx Science,NY) was. the Top  Junior in the meet. with her. 11′ 0″ on her New Essx Poles… Kailing Zhu(Valhalla) Capped off a sensational  year at 8′ 6″. and Siri Walsh(New Paltz,NY)  vaulted. 8′ 6″ on bruised rigs. the last 3 weeks of the season for Coach Ann Gregory.
  In the  afternoon Boys Championships… St.Anthony’s  senior. Nick Lourenco was. sizzling. with coach Jim Henderson coaching him up to 16′ 7.5″. for a New Meet Record…and heading to Circus. Pole Vault Festival on July 8-9 in the BarnYard.  Placing 10th. was. Sam Buckler(Kingston) 12′ 6″….14th-Max Dicker(Bronxville). 11′ 6″.  and Harrison Hayward(Hackley Prep) at 10′ 6″.

                                           THANK YOU VAULTERS and FAMILIES for Representing FLYING CIRCUS ALL YEAR !                                           *****************************************************************************************************
        CIRCUS ACTION CONTINUES……………        June  17-19.  New Balance Nationals.  @ UPENN       June 22……. Circus Meet #2.  in Warwick,NY       June 29……  Circus Meet #3   in Warwick,NY       July 8-9…..  “The Pole Vault Meet of the Year… FLYING CIRCUS FESTIVAL.  (Register at. hvflyingcircus.com)