The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
USATF Club # 06-1129
Warwick, New York

“The DRIVE-IS-ON” …@ FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT. YES… our 83 Pole Vaulters are in motion with early season prep drills for some great leaps this winter into the foam pits in our five Metro -States of the BIG EAST!!! Our kick-off week was ‘full of wonder’…as the ‘New Kids on the Block” laced up their spikes with the excitement of the new pole vault challenges that are just around the corner. When kids are internally MOTIVATED…there ARE NO LIMITS in SPORT. IT’S GOING TO BE ANOTHER FUN YEAR @ CIRCUS!!!!!


REPETITION…is the MOTOR of LEARNING . The strength of our pole vault instruction is our drills program. We use 365 + pole vault drills at various cycles during our 10 month pole vault development program here at Flying Circus. Each athlete is training for drill mastery in each 21 day macro cycle and then moves up our progressive drills… These drills are the backbone of our pole vault development and have proven the ‘European Style” still prevails in the pole vault training method. Drills on Run Posture/Stride Length,Stride Balance…Gymnastic Drills on High Bar,Rings,Trapeze,Ropes are a must for each pole vaulter to “feel-the-positions” that will transfer to the in flight mechanics on the fiberglass pole. PRACTICE SMALL = VAULT BIG !!!!!

* Special thanks to Jon Russell of Weston, CT. for up-grading our BARM MUSIC SOUND SYSTEMS to the professional level. We will now enjoy the lively beat and atmosphere of spirit at every practice.
* Our Apparel Fund-Raiser has taken flight..as family orders are rolling in. Hats off to Apparel Chairwomen..Beth Becher for all her organizing of this Fund Raiser again this year. Deadline for all orders is just 7 days away–November 21. Order forms at hvflyingcircus.com .
* NEED -A-POLE PROGRAM….. Thanks to Coach Bob Sorensen.. We now have a Rental Pole Program and New Sales Program… ESSX…UCS SPIRIT… and ALTIUS VAULTING POLES…. Get your orders in as soon as possible for this indoor season.. BEST Prices and FASTEST delivery in USA!!! Contact Bob Sorensen at SORENSEN CONSULTING .. b.sorensen@optonline.net or 914-557-1458 .
* College Thanksgiving Break Training Together Again…. Join the Alumni Practice… Saturday November 24 AT-THE-BARN from 12 Noon-2PM… 2 Hours of FUN!!!!!
* We welcome this indoor season.. Two great new Assistant coaches… Isaac Heatley(Warwick,NY) and Bob Sorensen(Warwick,NY) … New Ideas…New Spirit…New Drills!!!!!
* INDOOR SEASON IS ALMOST HERE… Our first meet is Saturday December 8th at West Point…….. YOU ARE READY !!!!!