CIRCUS FLYS @ DISTRICT 2~~~TATUM NORRIS 11’6″(PV)-12.18(100m)-25.35(200m ~~JULIA LAZO 11′ 6″ POLEVAULT GOLD!!!

TATUM NORRIS (Susquehanna Community,PA) 

District 2 Class AA Championships  today at Valor Veterans Stadium  was. “The Tatum Norris Show” for the gracious. and humble junior..Tatum Norris.  Opening the. day coming out of the blocks. strong and explosive..she advanced. to PA States with gold medal  12:18 for 100 meters, breaking the All-Time District 2. old record of 12.22 by Lauren Ellsworth(Montrose-2011).   Next up was her best pole vaulting of the outdoor season..with her 11′ 6″ fly. for the silver medal and. very close bars. at 12 foot club.  Three hours later..she raced the 200 meter curve like it was  a 100m dash!!!  Winning in 25.35 to set another All-Time record.(Old record  25.69 by Amiah Lukowski( 2016)..    The Norris  Team fan club was deep into the cheer support!!!  Tatum advances. to PA  State Championships. in all three. events at Shippensburg University May 27-28!!!!!  
  JULIA LAZO (Crestwood,PA)

District 2 Class AAA Championships yesterday was filled. with many inspirational. stories of “NEVER GIVE UP on YOURSELF”.   Senior Crestwood,PA  Captain…..JULIA LAZO is  this year’s  Flying Circus ‘Never Give Up Award’ winner.  Coached. by  Bob Sorensen. the past 6 months have produced a confident pole vaulter with spirited and tough competitive edge.  Winning the. AAA Pole Vault. at 11′ 6″ in tricky winds all day. was thrilling to watch.  She also advances. to PA State Meet in Shippensburg!!! 
  RICHIE REED(Western Wayne,PA) 

In today’s  AA Boys Championship…..Senior–RICHIE REED(Western Wayne) came out of his pole vault cage for Coach Bob Amos of Western Wayne. Perhaps. the. most humble pole vaulter to train with us on a limited basis… Richie Reed is  SPECIAL.  Richie. advances  to PA STATE MEET. with.  his 14′ 6″ PR win. and. a. 1 foot  PR in this meet.  You can’t make this.  great stuff up!!!!
  CONGRATULATIONS to all Vaulters. and Families. and BEST @ STATE!!!!!!