The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project Neil Diamond Pole Vault Center

 Warwick, Valley,NY

    “STRONG THRUST” …… The UCS Spirit poles were in full recoil mode this past weekend at all levels…High School…College and Pro. Congrats to everyone carrying the sticks and chasing the dreams of Fiber-Flying! The Drills program at Flying Circus is showing BIG RESULTS in technique and performance. DRILLS….the BACKBONE of POLE VAULT DEVELOPMENT. Let’s continue to master the movements and felling of positions in our drills. Small drills = GIANT VAULTS!!!!!   
   Mid-Season News …. JENN SUHR, USA ….. BREAKS INDOOR WORLD RECORD !!!! Congratulations to Jenn Suhr and Coach Rick Suhr for raising the mental bar in pole vaulting… Jumping in a small Brockport University Open meet on Saturday..Jenn sailed 16′ 6″ on her biggest poles to break her old WORLD RECORD of 16’5.25″. Coming into this season with her best and strongest fall prep season ever… produced some more magic from SUHR SPORTS,INC Rochester,NY. This just proves that we all can produce BIG PERFORMANCES anytime we are in a meet…big or small….the bar is still the same! Jenn and Rick will be joining our club this spring for a question/answer sessions for all our vaulters///autograph session and small 1 hour clinic at the BARN !!! Don’t miss this day… touch the Olympic Spirit !!!!
   College News…. Megan “Flips” Clark… aka..’The Duke Flash’….is up to her old tricks again…with a sensational 14′ 4″ win at JDL Classic on Friday for Coach Wilbourn. Megan had very close bars at 14′ 10 and travels to Armory this saturday for Jack Pfiefer’s Armory Invite at 10:30AM event. She returns for the TV National NYRR MILLROSE GAMES on February 20!!! GO MEGAN!!!!!

    Up at Boston,MA..The Terrier Classic was huge…with Craig Hunter(Unattached/UCONN) sailing strongly over 17′ 4.25″…TJ Murphy(UCONN) 16′ 1″…Derek DiBone(UCONN) 15′ 6″..Erik Adamick(Rider) 15′ 0″ and Billy Thibulti(Rhode Island) 15′ 0″…. At Camel City Invite,VA… Sean “Flying Bulls” Young hit it just right making 17′ 4.25″ easily before he went fishing…..Luke Annichiarico(Wake Forest) is cranking it up at 15′ 5″ for the Decons. The PennState National Open was exciting pole vaulting..with Circus Alumni Peter Fagan(Binghamton University) soars 16′ 10″PR for Coach Thompson…James Steck(Va Teck) made 16′ 2″ with air to spare and Stefan Buechele(Albany University) went 14′ 8″