CIRCUS TWILIGHT #2—-RACHEL VENTER 12′ 6.5″ ~~~ LUKE BEATTIE. 14′ 6.” !!!!5″!!!

  The  HV FLYING CIRCUS ~~~~~~    ……. Searching for the best in me.

 BIG JUMPS.  and HIGH SPIRITS. was the theme for the 18-motivated summer. Circus-Vulters in The CIRCUS TWILIGHT MEET #2 at the  Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development.

   CONGRATULATIONS to ALL 18 athletes…… who are still taking it up in this. summer development phase.  four personal bests gongs tonight !!!   NEXT UP—” CIRCUS VAULT WEEK”…. packed. with. 2 Camps.  and our very own.  FLYING CIRCUS SUMMER POLE VAULT FESTIVAL (July 7-8).  Come. join the  Flyin’ Celebration with us.

  Girls Meet….. Hats. off to  Warwick Valley,NY …Sophomore RACHEL VENTER…. who sailed. 12′ 6.5″ PR  and USA #8 Soph mark. and.  1 close bar at 13′ .5″ on her.  13;’1 Essx sticks.  Venter heads. to camp this week as an assistant. coach and athlete.  and will jump- at the Festival on Friday, July 7.   Best friend. Rachel Mason (High Point/UCONN)    flew. 12′  .5″. to win the Women’s Open Division and will help teach at both camps this summer.  Placing second. was Dunmore,PA sensation…Maura Michalczyk. at 10′ 6.5″. and TOP Middle Schooler. was. Stella Scherbak(Monroe,NY). at 10′ 6.5″ !!  (  Full results. below)

  Boys Meet…  Hometown Hero…Luke Beattie.(Warwick Valley,NY) had another. super meet for the talented.  and dedicated. freshman captain… soaring huge over. 14′ 6.5″. for the gold o 15’1 ESSX poles and a medium grip. He was.  ever so close. at 15′ 4″ FRESHMAN STATE CLASS RECORD!!!. Luke.  heads to Camp and Festival this Vault Week. John Roberson(Morris  Knolls,NJ). sailed to PR  with 14′ .5″ for the Rowan University bound. athlete. Ben Mandler(Pascack Hills,NJ). placed bronze. at 13′ 6.5′. Ian Kearney(North Highlands,NJ). flew. 12′ 6.5 ” in the 8~man field.  Special thanks. to Dane Sorensen,Bob Sorensen, Julie Christian.,  Rich Managono and Rudy Tomaselli. for making. the meet run smooth and fast. on a hot and heavy summer night. ( Full results below)

  CIRCUS TWILIGHT MEET #2  The Warwick Center,NY  June 30, 2023

 Girls Results …. 1-Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley,NY). 12′ 6’5″ PR. 2-Maura Michalczyk(Dunmore,PA) 10′ 6’5′.  3-Stella Scherback(monroe,NY). 10′ 6.5″    4-Liliana Coe(Delaware Valley,PA)  9′ 6.5″  5-Averie Klein(Pine Bush,NY)  9′ 6.5″   6-Kate Dowling(Pearl River,NY). 8′ 6.5″   7- Jayden Beck(Minisink Valley,NY)  8′ 6.5″.  Chloe Besk(Minisink Valley,NY). 6′ 6.5″. Isabella White(Utica,NY) -NHOpen/College Women … 1- Rachel Mason(High Point/UCONN). 12′ .5″

 Boys  Results…… 1- Luke Beattie(Warwick Valley,NY). 14′ 6.5″.  2- John Roberson(Morris Knolls,NJ). 14′ .5″.    3-Ben Mandler(Pascach Hills,NJ). 13′  .5″.  4- Iam Kearney(No. Highlands,NJ). 12′ 6.5″.  5-Ryan Hoo(Pope John,NJ). 11′ 6.5″PR.  6- Klaus Lindenau(Warwick Valley,NY) 11′ 6.5″   7- Rich Graboski(Utica,NY). -NH.   Ryan Morales(Warwick,NY). NH

   CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL.  JULY 7-8 >>>>>>>> JOI~the~Flying Fun