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 Here at Flying Circus.. we. emphasize the value of being a great supportive teammate.  It has never been about the gold medal or the big trophy… but… rather about the power of encouraging each other all day long.  Athletic participation is a gift we all are privileged to be a part of. I would like to take a moment to reflect on our pole vaulters this past winter season in our club.

  We were a collection of 97 young and aspiring athletes and  8  inspiring volunteer coaches, who jumped on the “Pole Vault Rollercoaster ”  for some unbelievable moments together……   and some lifetime memories that will not fade.   The “Cheering~for~Each~Other”  was the highlight of the season for me. To watch young athletes strive. is a great thing… but .. to watch athletes cheer for one another is the “glory of sport”.

   As we approach our next season together …….  we will rebuild your technique and strength.  and confidence and continue to grow solid positive character traits that will be so desperately needed in the years to come.   Your Circus  Coaches would like to thank every family… every athlete and every support team member for representing us this season.                ………… On to the Spring Season !!!!

10 Ways to be Mentally Tough                 
*. Do hard things.               
* Let go of your ego.               
* Try your hardest.               
* Leave your. Comfort Zone.               
* Learn. from.  every moment.               
* Be consistent and coachable.               
* Stay poised. and persistent.               
* Find solutions…..Not excuses.               
* Fight through adversity.               
* Finish what you started.

” Start each day with a positive thought                           …..   and a grateful heart.”                                  ~~ the coaches journal.com