Fall Newsletter #2

Welcome to The Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy… Our Boys and Girls High School vaulters are now entering their forth week of HIGH PERFORMANCE FALL POLE VAULT TRAINING and the spirit and results are inspiring. The everyday gains in technique…speed and strength will be showing up early this winter season on the runways in the Tri-State area….. Let’s GO HIGHER TOGETHER !!!!

* Thank you all for the quick Registration for our WINTER POLE VAULT CLUB. The Boys and Girls sessions are almost SOLD OUT AGAIN for the November 11-February 9 Program. Only 3 spots left in both….. FLYING CIRCUS is FLYING!!!!!

* Our Fall UCS Spirit New Pole order is going out on October 1…Contact Coach St. to place your order before Oct. 1 at coachst@gmail.com. We are out of the pole vault rental and pole vaulting pole lending program for this year.

* FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT CLINIC @ ARMORY !!!! Mark your calendars… Friday November 22, 2013… The Armory Foundation and The Flying Circus “Team-Up Again” for Pole Vault Development …with their 2nd ”EVERYTHING POLE VAULT” High School Clinic for athletes in NY-NJ-CT-PA-MA … Girls Clinic 4-5:30pm Boys Clinic 5:30-7pm @ NEW BALANCE NATIONAL HALL of FAME ARMORY CENTER…. more details coming for all Circus members to sign up!!!! Limit 5 Boys & 5 Girls per HS Team !!!

* GOALS of the COACH *

… to instill as much confidence in your athlete the is humanly possible….

…..to use an encouraging style of teaching….

…. to harp on small positive gains in technique…

….. to highlite correctiveness in every athlete…

…. to make training a FUN EXPERIENCE…

…. to train…MIND – BODY – SPIRIT …

…… to handle people with care.

The MILLROSE GAMES …..will be celebrating…” 50 Years of Fiberglass Pole Vaulting” at this years meet on February 15, 2013 at The Armory Center…. after all… it was at the 1962 MILLROSE GAMES that John Uelses(Quanico Marines) set the first World Record and First 16’ Pole Vault on a Fiberglass Pole and made this new style a standard. The High School Girls Invitation in the afternoon… and the loaded Men’s Professional evening Pole Vault will take on SPECIAL MAGIC…. Don’t miss this day of historic Track and Field… Tickets available at armory track next month!!! BUY EARLY for choice Pole Vault seats near the pit!!!!!

JOIN THE CIRCUS….. and see the world !!!!!