FLYIN’ CIRCUS … “LEARN-TO-POLE VAULT-DAY” …Join the Flying Circus Class with us !!!!

  The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project

  Scenic Warwick Valley, New York

   Every now and then …..

    …somewhere…. somehow …someplace…. you are going to have to learn to fly. 
      You are invited to JOIN our FLYING CLASS…. on Saturday March 19, 2016 and take flight !!! The pole vault staff at Hudson Valley Flying Circus invites all 6th–7th–8th–9th–and 10th grade students…Boys & Girls to “LEARN-TO-POLE VAULT DAY” activities here at The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development, Warwick, New York. This three hour program introduces the new and beginner level athletes to the wonderful jumping event..aka – Pole Vault. The positive proactive progressions of pole vaulting will be taught… including the posture.pole carry..plant..takeoff .. drive and swing stages of the pole vault. Everyone is invited to join the fun and friendship of the tight pole vault community. The cost is $50 per athlete and it’s a WALK-IN REGISTRATION only. Bring your friends and Join – the- Movement with us.


   Saturday March 19, 2016

   Hudson Valley Flying Circus

   3 Warwick Center Road…Warwick, New York 10990
   Boys Class Only… 10AM-1PM Dressed for activity.

   Girls Class Only …. 2PM-5PM Dressed for activity.
   Cost… $50 per athlete.
   Registration… AT THE DOOR ONLY.
    Circus Thoughts for the Day

        * If you can dream it …. you can do it.

        * Dedication + Hard-Work = SUCCESS

        * CHAMPIONS are made…when no one is looking.

        * Take a measure of yourself.

        * Beware of the ‘comfort zone’.

        * Champions take risks.

        * BIG THINGS happen…when you REACH HIGH.
        Flying Circus…. WHAT DO YOU DREAM TONIGHT.