The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy
The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development
Warwick , New York

The Barn Doors opened at Flying Circus Pole Vault headquarters this past Sunday at The Warwick Center…as 52 young and motivated pole vault athletes began their FALL POLE VAULT PREP SEASON in style. The Four Sessions were filled with the positive spirit needed to take on Track & Fields most exciting and complex event. Our Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening Open Pole Vault instruction takes place on four runways with ability grouping instruction. Our Fall Program returns to the basic fundamentals of safe and progressive pole vaulting techniques. Apparatus drills…posture running dynamics and short approach vaulting will be in place for the months of September and October. Our only Fall Pole Vault Meet will be our “VAULT-MANIA” Fun meet on Tuesday evening…October 30 at 5pm and everyone is invited to celebrate the Pole Vault Spirit with us. YES—- POLE VAULT SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION !!!!!!!


All Flying Circus Pole Vaulters can pick up their 2018 Fall Workout routines at any OPEN SESSION. In this POLE VAULT NEWSLETTER…each athlete can find exactly how to train on days not vaulting. Details on Weight Lifting Progressions …. Macro-Cycles …Micro-Cycles …Running sequences for pole vault development….Stretching…Recovery workouts….Rest Day emphasis…. and the Benefits of Pole Vault Specific Warm Up Drills. Learn the secrets of attaining the next level of pole vault performance. Let’s be organized again this fall and set your plan in motion. MOTIVATION is the NAME of the GAME —— LET’S GET MOTIVATED THIS FALL !!!!!!!!


We will be celebrating our 15th FLYING CIRCUS WINTER POLE VAULT TRAINING CLUB this year. This Training Club Package is unique and VERY LIMITED in SIZE. The Winter Club takes the first 24 Boys and the first 24 Girls who register with full payment. The application forms will be posted up on our web-site( on October 1. The Winter Club package usually sells out the first 24 hours… Our SUNDAY OPEN SESSIONS will still be available to all other pole vaulters in our four state region. The Boys Winter Club will again be every Monday and Wednesday evenings from November 5 thru February 4…This 3 month package is still $450 per athlete. The Girls Winter Club will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings from November 6 thru February 5 at $450 per athlete.These Instructional Training Packages are gender based for specific progressive instruction and 90 minutes in length. There are no make up days in this training package. A missed class …is a missed class . We look forward to teaching you this Fall…Winter and Spring season @ FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT !!!!!


* Participation in athletics is a privilege . Appreciate your gifts of sport.
* Temperament is more important than talent….. You must stay positive.
* Make Training a Priority. Look forward to working HARD at your sport.
* Allow yourself to be coached. Ask questions.
* Model humble behavior. Help others succeed .
* Take care of injuries immediately.
* Get proper sleep each night. Train HARD…Sleep HARD.
* Athletic Nutrition.—- Eat a balanced diet. This is the fuel for championship performance.
* Stay up with your academics… there is life after pole vault.
* Be On Time…. this is learning discipline in life.
* Communicate with your coaches. Build an athletic partnership.
* Make it Fun…with NO REGRETS.

FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT…………………. “I’m Gonna’ Be Somebody.”