The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure., LLC  The Warwick Center, NY

   In our  effort  to keep our  athletes in smaller groups of training  for the next   few  weeks…  we have developed   a new  spring   schedule for all   ability groups on both our outdoor  runways   and our indoor pits.  All athletes  should sanitized    and wash hands  before…during    and   immediately after practices . We have   cleaned our    facility   and disinfected  it  today  and have scheduled  regular  daily cleaning routines.  Athletes who have cold/cough symptoms  should  not  be taking part in  our  practices.  Athletes take  part  in training  at their own risk.  Let’s keep our environment  safe  and our team mates safe during   our practices.  Athletes  should  also dress  for outdoor vaulting…as well as indoor  vaulting.   See  New Limited  Vault  schedule. below.
  Our staff will also  be hosting a variety of small  competitions after  the   schools  are back in session(April 16). These  small competitions  will include  YOUTH AGE GROUP MEETS…. HS ELITE BOYS & GIRLS MEETS….  COLLEGE AGE UNATTACHED ALL-COMERS MEETS   and  INTERMEDIATE HS BOYS & GIRLS MEETS…   Schedule  coming    soon.     Let’s  keep  focused   and  safe  together. 
   New Limited Schedule.       SUNDAY OPEN SESSIONS….. $30 per/Athlete   Every Sunday @ Circus      11am-12:30pm…. Boys  and Girls BEGINNER CLASS      12:30pm-2pm…… Girls Intermediate/Elite Session      2pm-3:30pm…….  Boys Intermediate/Elite Session
      WEDNESDAY OPEN SESSIONS… $30 per /Athlete         (CLOSED  WED. March 25 Only)       12:30-2pm…High School Girls Session         2-3:30pm.. Boys High School Session        3:30-5pm…  Men and Women College Session     PRIVATE Sessions can be  arranged on other dates  at $75  per  single athlete/90 minute  session.  Coach St. is  SOLD OUT at this  time…Coach Duffy   and Coach Sorensen  have  some  availability left. Contact them  thru  e-mail to set up  a session.
      MANY THANKS for all understanding  and support.       Coach St. and Circus Staff
                 12:30-2pm……  Girls  High School Session