The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club
Warwick Valley,NY USATF Club # 06-1129

Welcome to the “House of Fiberglass” @ FLYING CIRCUS CENTRAL, Warwick, New York. Our Fall Vaulting ‘Macro Cycle’ is in full swing now with our Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday Sessions filled with motivated and serious athletes learning the basic pole vault techniques from drills…apparatus and short run vaulting. Our Base Foundation is being built for the up-coming Indoor Track & Field season and already the results and improvements are …” Off-the-Charts”…with unbelievable success stories awaiting our Fall Vaulters. Emphasis has shifted to posture….run dynamics and pole drop plant areas for this fall. Our Fall season has just 5 more weeks…so grab your spikes and join the chase with us every Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday’s at The Flying Circus Vault Barn at The Warwick Center.


Our most sought after Pole Vault Instruction Package …. CIRCUS WINTER CLUB (November 6- February 6) Registration Forms will be on line at our web-site… www.hvflyingcircus.com and e-mailed to all members on Saturday October 1, 2018. This is a limited 3 month training package that is only open to the first 24 Boys and first 24 Girls to register with full payment. Last year we sold out in the first 2 days…so if you are serious about being with us this Winter..you must register ASAP.. The waiting list last year was 42 vaulters deep. The sessions are gender based, with Boys Classes Monday and Wednesday nights and Girls Classes at Tuesday and Thursday nights November 6-Febuary 6… Session #1 will be 5:30-7pm and Session #2 will be 7-8:30pm. There will be ability grouping instruction on all pits. The cost of this package is $475 per vaulter for the 3 month season…our most economical package we offer here at Flying Circus. Each athlete must be a current member of USATF for all activities. All accepted athletes will be posted at our web site when our classes are full.


Many things have changed the past 25 years here @ Flying Circus. Pole Vaulting at most high schools and clubs in this country is a loner’s sport…with only a few daring boys and girls participating in pole vault on every team. But, then you pole vault here and everything is different.

At Flying Circus…our concept is about TEAM POLE VAULTING. Helping each other becomes the beauty of our participation. Each vaulter pushes in the team direction…. assisting…motivating…. encouraging and caring for each other all the way. Practice sessions are filled with positivity and spirited leadership . Our motto is “Dedication trumps Talent” and the journey of pole vault development is shared.

Winning is fun. Sure. But winning is not entirely the point.
Preparing yourself to excel is the point of sport. Never giving up is the point. Never letting each other down is the point. Competing with Spirit…Class … and Dignity is the point of athletic participation here at Flying Circus. You develop a real sense of responsibility to each other and to your school. You begin to measure up to the very best that is in you…your focus and goals take on a special meaning.

Things have changed at Flying Circus since that first November evening in 1992 at the Warwick Valley Middle School Pole Vault Gym session….when Coach Cauthers and Coach St. combined efforts to begin a true pole vault club for all athletes…..all ages…all schools…… The Flying Circus has launched based on the spirit and attitudes of many focused dedicated and tough kids committed to supporting each other at very turn….. Thank You for making FLYING CIRCUS a positive happening!!!!


Come Join-the-Mix…. and have some great fun together….Flying Circus Home barn Meets just 4 weeks away !!!!!

CIRCUS #1 ..Saturday October 28, 2017 Girls Meet at 10:01AM Boys Meet at 2:01PM… Cost ..Still Just $30/Athlete

CIRCUS #2 ..Saturday November 4, 2017 Girls Meet at 10:01AM Boys Meet at 2:01PM . Cost..Still Just $30/Athlete
Doors Open 1 hour before meets…Low starting heights….”Fastest Runways on Planet”..Great Music.. Joe Tea

Flying Circus… ” I will get ready…and then …..perhaps my chance will come.”