LIAM LANDAU (15′ 0″)… KAELI THOMPSON (12′ 6″) Lead “CIRCUS VAULT-MANIA” Meet …36 Athletes…”OUT-of-the-GATE” TOGETHER !!!

The Hudson valley FLYING CIRCUS Pole Vault Academy, LLC
Warwick,New York USATF # 06-1129

The Flyin’Circus Pole Vault athletes are off to a FAST START!!!!! The 8 week Fall Prep cycle at Flying Circus was a huge success…. and in tonights Fun Meet….the 36 athletes treated parents…coaches and volunteers to a pre Halloween Party at the Vault Barn….. with 15 vaulters setting All-Time Personal Best performances and all others enjoying the fun of our first club gathering before the formal Winter Club starts up next week. We would like to THANK all meet volunteers for making the meet run smooth and fast on the two pits…. Hats off to Stephanie Duffy…Bob Sorensen,Beth Becher, Jim Henderson,Brett Carey,Nick Mirecki, Mike Carey,Will Nesbitt,Rob Pasek and all the parents and grandparents supporting their kids and dreams…… It takes the entire village to run our large club and we APPRECIATE EVERYONE HELPING….. BRING ON THE WINTER TRAINING CYCLE!!!!!

GIRLS/WOMEN SOAR in all divisions….. Taking top honors was two-time All American Pole Vaulter..Kaeli “Sparkie” Thompson of Warwick Valley,NY. This senior honor student flipped over 12′ 6″ by a foot on her 8 Step approach and close at 13′ 0″… Taking Open Women Honors was former Manhattan University Record Holder ..Marisa Robbins(Goshen) at 12′ 0″ without any warm up!!! Two new Middle School stars emerged on the scene…with 6th grader Rachel Venter(Warwick,NY) taking the Joe Tea Gold at 7′ 6″ and 6th grader ..Saga Giaacalone-Depicro(Monroe) also flying 7′ 0″ for silver honors.

Girls HS Division
Kaeli Thompson(Warwick)..12′ 6″ Mue Carroll(Matawan).. 11′ 6″ Sydney Tomaine(Hyde Park).. 10′ 6′ Genevieve Reilly(Warwick) .. 10′ 0″ Caroline Fatta(Warwick) 9′ 6″ Daniela Raymond(Wash’ville).. 9′ 6″ Julia Tucci(NV-D) 8′ 6″ Chloe Pasek(West Milford) 8′ 6″ Grace Kellogg(Midland Park) 8′ 0″ Violet Bacharik(Goshen) 8′ 0″ Sophie Mirecki(Wash’ville) 7′ 0″ Shea Ross(Wallkill) 7′ 0″ Jules Gravier(Bronxville) 7′ 0″ Angelisse Diaz(NFA) 6′ 6″

Middle School Division
Rachel Venter(Warwick) 7′ 6″( 6th Grade) Sage Giaacalone-Depicro(Monroe( 7′ 0″ (6th Grade)

Open Womens Division
Marisa Robbins(Goshen,NY) 12′ 0″

BOYS/MEN LIFT OFF…… Watch out for LIam Landau of Pascack Hills,NJ this indoor season !!! This speedy senior..Coached by Ross Kohler soared 15′ 0″ easily to take home the Rasberry Joe Team award. He was close at 15′ 6″ and has accepted his 112th NYRR MILLROSE GAMES invite on February 9 for the BOYS ELITE Jr.POLE VAULT EVENT!!! Taking the Open Mens title was Isaac Heatley of Warwick,NY at 14′ 0″ as Spiderman!! Isaac will be helping coach the Winter club Boys groups this winter. !!! The BEAT-GOES-ON……. JUMP ONTO THE CIRCUS TRAIN WITH US THIS WINTER!!!!!

Boys HS Division
Liam Landau(Pascack Hills,NJ) 15′ 0″ Adam Stavash(Hasbrouck Heights) 14′ 0″ Tom Qualter(Clarkstown South) 13′ 6″ Chris Filatov(Nanuet) 13′ 6′ Nick Villanueva(Monroe) 13′ 6″ Ronald O)Nanuet) 13′ 0″ Jacob Becher(Warwick) 11′ 6″ Louis Martinez(Wallkill) 11′ 6″ Mack Hallett(Warwick) 11′ 6″ Mike Moore(Warwick) 11′ 6″ Mike Blumenstock(Weston) 11′ 6′ Shaun Herlihy(Old Tappan) 11′ 6″ Steve Nastro(Clarkstown South) 10′ 6″ Liam Conroy(Northern Highlands) 10′ 0″ Mike Carey(Wash’ville) 7′ 6″

Open Men Division
Isaac Heatley(Warwick) 14′ 0 Dylan Scribani(New Paltz) 13′ 6″