The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project, LLC
  The Warwick Valley, NY

   There is something special about Middle School Athletics. Watching young kids stand up… compete and show class in the heat of competition is a genuine treat for everyone involved in sport. Such was the case this morning at FLYING CIRCUS OUTDOOR PITS in the scenic Valley of Warwick, New York.
  Our first edition of MIDDLE SCHOOL VAULT CHAMPIONSHIPS was a huge success and it’s just the start of our” SPOTLIGHT on MIDDLE SCHOOL POLE VAULTING”. Our event will grow…as many more young athletes find the joy of pole vaulting . Many thanks to Coaches,Parents, Family and Athletes for a super-day in the meadow!

   May 28, 2016


    Warwick Valley Middle School,NY eight grade running and vault star..Genevieve”Sunshine” Reilly vaulter to a New Middle School Record of 9′ 1″..and a personal best. The old record was held by Lillian Greibesland in 2006. “Sunshine” Reilly…coming off a sensation meet on Monday with her 61.5/ 400m and 8′ 6″ vault ..had 2 great attempts at 9’4″ on her longer stick. She now moves to US #15 in the vault for Middle Schoolers!!! Also setting a New Greenwood Lake Middle School record was 8th grader Madeline Sorensen at 6′ 7″ for Coach Chris Radon. Seventh grader Ana Pallis of Glen Meadow Middle School,Vernon,NJ set her school record at 6′ 1″ and Warwick Valley’s Julia Mosier hit 6′ 1″ for the 7th grader Purple Wave.
  The BOYS MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS was exciting to watch…as Conor Reilly of Terrill Middle School, Scotch Plains,NJ flew to the gold medal with a meet record 11′ 6″ sail. This Union Catholic Prep bound athlete used his Level 10 Gymnastic tools to near miss at 12′ 1″ and moves up to US# 18 in Pole Vault. Traveling from Utica,NY was Sauquoit Middle School 8th grader Slater Costantine sailed over 10′ 6″ with room to spare. Kevin Chait of Washingtonville Middle School,NY made 7′ 6″ for the bronze medal… Nick Mirecki(Washingtonville,NY) made 7’0″ and Alex Philpots(Sauquoit,NY) made 6′ 0″ for friend of the vault crowd!!!
   FLYING CIRCUS is OPEN SUNDAY May 29 at Regular Times for some final vault tune-ups before Groups,Quals,States and Nationals. JOIN US !!!


      Flying Circus…. “Reach-for-the-Sky” – Woody