New Balance  NATIONALS…….   ” A  Field~of~ Dreams “

  The FLYING CIRCUS     A Private Pole Vault Group

It’s hard to explain the inner drive of humans… but at the  four day extravaganza called the New Balance Nationals…. at Historic Franklin Field at UPENN…. it was  a joy to be a part of..  The.  show. was.  all about the ‘ Magic of  the human spirit “….as. 4, 000+ athletes. from all over the.  USA … gathered together for friendship…spirit… and fun. It’s. hard. to explain. the. energy supplied by athletes.. meet producers,,Tim Fulton,Rita Finkel..Jonathan Schindel,Lex Mercado,Aaron Robinson and parents supporting their kids.   YES ~~~. it was. a. “Field~of~Dreams” at. NEW BALANCE NATIONALS…..  THANK YOU ALL !!!!! 

FLYING CIRCUS FIREWORKS ~. 11 ALL-AMERICANS !!!!!!            The Flying Circus competed. 16  strong and. determined. athletes….. are came away. with 11 ALL-AMERICANS.  It was. exciting to just be in the meet with the nations Best of the Best……. measuring up to the best within us was. the only goal of the meet. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  LILY BEATTIE (Warwick Valley,NY)  Placed 3rd in Girls Championship Pole Vault started the team energy  with unbelievable will to get to her biggest pole. ever.  Using her. 14′ 1″ x. 175 ESSX RECOIL. from her 8 step.. this. powerful. Sophomore out of Coach Mike Potter’s. Purple Wave T.C. flew to  a  15′ 5.5″ PR with first jump dedication  all day long. She. was. very close. at 12′ 8′ bar in very tough conditions.  She later.  ripped.  a. sizzling. 200 meter leg of her SMR!!!

TATUM NORRIS (Susquehanna,PA) Won her  first NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in her Rising Stars  Pole Vault event… with her big air  at 12′ 1.5″ for the gold. and close at 12′ 5″ bar for the. speedy junior sprinter. Tatum used. her biggest pole. (13′ 1 x 165) and. 12′ 11’grip!!!  Tatum placed. 6th in 100m(12:06). and 9th in 200m (25.25)  This PA State Champion at 100m and 200m. this year will fly at Circus Summer Festival on July 9 in Warwick. Also soaring in Rising Stars. was Pompton Lakes,NJ. senior Gymnastic. star..Emma Keating…as. she flew. 11′ 11’75 ” for the. silver medal All-American , coached by dad and former PV  legend,,Steve Keating!!! She also had strong jumps. at  her PR 12′ 1.5″ !!! Emma won the NJ State title. the next day ..just 90 miles away. at 12′ 0″!!!!  High Point,NJ. senior self-made champion…Rachel Mason placed  4th. at 11′ 7.75″ and poole took of. her 11′ 11.75 bar. Also Ready-t0-jump was Pine Bush,NY Sophomore jump start..Ella Galloway..with her. 11′ 3.75 clear for 10th.  and Ellison Weiner(Weston ,CT State Champion). at 11′ 3.75″ for 11th.  Bronx Science,NY. powerful junior..Grace  Zagoria is perhaps our most improved. vaulter this year among the 87  Vault Crew training in the Hay-Loft… soared. on her new Big Poles (13′ 1 x 160) to 11’0″ for 13 th  followed. by Julia Lazo(Crestwood,PA) 10′ 6″.  Maia Perillo)John Jay,NY) 10′ 0″. and Madison Chalfin(West Nyack,NY). at 10′ 0″. 
 RACHEL VENTER (Warwick Valley,NY) won her first NATIONAL  POLE VAULT CHAMPIONSHIP in the Girls Freshman Meet with her fast  and consistent approach run. and Super Plant mechanics with a flyover at 11′ 6.5″ and close jumps at 12′ 1.5″ on her biggest poles of the year!! Rachel will be at Circus Camp and Circus Festival the next 3 weeks!!!  Also producing. was. Madeline Magliaro(Trinity School.NYC)..the Ivy League Champion this year , coached by Bob Sorensen, with her 10′ 0″ clear and backed up with her 11′ 0″PR this season.

FRESHMAN BOYS CHAMPIONSHIPS…. MATT HERBERT  & OWEN KEATING —ALL-AMERICANS !!!!!!  Our Freshman Boys refused. to let windy conditions. alter the mind set… Short Hills ,NJ Freshman star..MattHerbert flew. to a 2nd place finish.  with his 11′ 7.75″ Sail Over, coached. by Will Nesbitt.former. Short Hills,NJ State Champion!!!  Placing 3rd. was first year vaulter…Freshman Owen Keating of Pompton Lakes,NJ. with his. solid. 11′ 7.75 bar as both near missed. at 12′ 1/5″!! Bot  boys are  entered in  Circus Summer camp and Festival Meet!!!

STEVE DITELBERG(Fairfield Ludlow,CT)…. This. senior Connecticut Indoor and Outdoor Champion from Fairfield Ludlow flew. to his All-American 6th place finish with  his 14′ 5,25″ Fly for the Emory University signee  and finally on his bigger poles.  Sawyer Garret(Mass-Patriot PV). flew. big over 14′ 9″ PR and  is heading to Barn Festival. andplaced. 3rd in Rising Stars.

BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP~~~. It was Justin Rogers(Hersey,PA) taking the gold. at 16′ 8.75 ”  for  VaultWork PV  club coached. by Matt Concannon….Placing 3rd. was.  Jack Vecellio, the MASS State  Champion and All Time. #1 PV King. at 16′ .75 ” and Max Zuckerman(Pascack Hills,NJ) 14′ 3″…following. his sensational. 16′ 0″   NJ State Win just 24 hours before. Coached up . by  Ross Kohler. and heading to Northeastern University next fall.

 NEW JERSEY STATE MEET. (Saturday June 18).  Franklin,NJ

EMMA KEATING & MAX ZUCKERMAN. …… Take~the~GOLD!!!!    Great Performances were all over the NJ State Meet  on Saturday in Franklin,NJ.. with  11 Flying Circus Vaulters  having fun.  Taking the Girls Gold Medal. was Emma Keating(Pompton Lakes,NJ). Just a junior…doubling back from her all american  vault. ay Nationals.. Emma. took the title. with first jump clear at 12′ 0″  for the gymnastic. star with great speed… Placing 3rd. was. super star..Michelle Lee(NV-Demarest) at 11′ 6″, as she heads. to Columbia University next fall.  Talia Hutchinson(Ridgewood) flew 11; 6″ for  4th place coached by tTm Wilson … Rachel Mason(High Point) placed  5th at 11′ 6″ for the UCONN Bound. star…. Chloe Pasek(West Milford) placed 11th in state. at 10′ 0″ and Katie Klein(Old Tappan)  finished at 9′ 0″ in head wind conditions.   Max Zuckerman(Pascack Hills,NJ) was the shining star of the Boys meet into heavy wind. as her won the. meet at 16′ 0″ and close bar at 16′ 5″. It markes. his consistent journey this year. with his. 22nd. meet over 15 barrier., coached. by Ross Kohler. Luke Gnospelius(Ridgewood).  place 5th at  14′ 0″.  Ian Kearney Placed 10th at 12′ 6″. Caleb Park(Old Tappan). 12′ 0″… Nate Park)Old Tappan). 12′ 0″ rounded our. the Circus Crew.

SUMMER MEETS… JOIN the PARTY….. Only 3 Meets left!!!!!  Wednesday. June 22…Summer Circus #2. 4:30pm at the Barn.. $40 entry at Site only.  Wednesday. June 29…Summer Circus #3. 4:30pm at the Barn.. $40 entry at Site Only.  Friday & Saturday….CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL. at the Barn…  $85 Pre-Entry. at Entry closes July 6 at Midnight