Newsletter #7

Here at FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT….. our mission goes far beyond coaching pole vault…. better stated….. we enjoy “Coaching People” …… and this will be the main focus in our Club practices… meets and clinics. As we open tomorrow for our 52 Winter Club student/athletes for group instruction for the next 3 months…. we are grateful to be a part of what we call .. ..”YOUTH OLYMPIC-ISM”. This being the full fledged spirit of full time dedication….full time spirit…. and full time olympic sportsmanship.

Our focus is about belonging…….belonging to something bigger than self. Many times in sport …this concept gets lost in the translation. This is the place where…”EVERYONE COUNTS.” We so look forward to helping you achieve….. LET’S BE GREAT TOGETHER !!!!!!

NEW NFHS Pole Vault Rule Changes for this Indoor season:
* The use of video tapping during a competition is now legal. That’s right..the athlete can now view his/her jumps during the competition. This adds to the safety of our most complex event…pole vault!!!
* The time limit has been reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds for a vaulter to start his jump in the pole vault. Competitions will run FASTER NOW… Be ready to jump when your standards are set!!!!!
* Our 7 Step Challenge Meet is this weekend at FLYING CIRCUS!!! Girls Friday Nov. 15…Warm Up at 5PM Meet starts 6:00PM Boys Meet Saturday Morning Warm Up at 11AM Meet starts at 12 noon!!! Join us and team mates for the pleasure of competition . Entry $20/vaulter at the door!!!!
* Make Training a PRIORITY !!!! A lost day can NEVER BE MADE UP !!! The competition in our area has moved up many levels… let’s meet the challenge. Bishop Loughlin Indoor Games just 40 DAYS AWAY!!!!! ARE YOU READY ???????
* Remember…that your ATTITUDE is far more IMPORTANT than your talent. POSITIVITY OPENS THE DOORS for SUCCESS….. STAY POSITIVE !!!!
* Keep a sharp eye on armory for the sale of 2014 MILLROSE GAMES tickets… They sell out quickly !!!!!
* Flying Circus-Armory Pole Vault Clinic coming fast now… November 22…..See you and your team mates there!!!!

“We make a living by what we get….but we make a life by what we give.”
-Winston Churchill