The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
    USATF Club # 06-1129

    It’s hard to explain the impact of attending the UCS SPIRIT NATIONAL POLE VAULT SUMMIT every year . This year’s version was perhaps the ..BEST EVER and the focus was Education…Inspiration and New Friendships. The Flying Circus,traveled with 12 athletes…5 coaches and 5 parents, and enjoyed every minute of the 3 day gathering of “pole vault nuts”…Thank you all for another wonderful trip ….. on to the next challenges!!!!!


  January 19
    Reno,NV …. Steve Chappell did it again… bringing us all together under the large roof of the Reno Livestock Center to learn new techniques of pole vault…and to learn about who we are and what we can achieve together in athletics. The summit was about “human spirit” and belonging to something just a little bigger than ourselves. The pole vault community is a close knit group of unbelievable friendly people who share the same dreams for each other…Long Live the Spirit.

           Coach Ben “Sailboat” Simonet led the charge with his 14’9″(4.50m) sail over and close at 15’1″ in the Masters Pit 4 before his Bermuda Sailing Race on Monday….Coach Will Nesbitt was super in his return to the fiberglass battleground on Pit 4 and Coach Stephanie Duffy and Megan Jamersen were ready to perform for old friends in there Open Women’s Comp both days… Coach Cauthers and Coach St. had hamstring injuries preventing there Summit debut!!! North Reading,Mass senior Julia Valenti blasted over 11′ 10 on Pit 2 Elite Girls comp and was solid at 12′ 4″…Kalli Manly, Burnt Hills,NY was spectacular in winning her pit with a 11’8″ sail and close at 12’0″ for Coach Duffy… Michelle “Rube” Rubinetti(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) also won her Pit 7 with a Big 11’2″ and close at 11′ 9″…… Caitlin “Rev” Reverand(Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) also cranked up 10′ 6″ on Pit 5…Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz,NY) 10′ 6″…Maxine Earl(Ridgewood,NJ) 10′ 6″ and Jessica Ippolito(FairLawn,NJ) 10′ 6″ were all super on the elevated runways and fast music. Dylan Scribani(New Paltz,NY) had a great meet at 13′ 2″…Brian Ribenstein(Gov.Livingston,NJ) sailed 13′ 0″…Matt deLorenzo(Wallkill,NY) hit 12′ 10″ and Liam Ackerman(St.Anthony,NY) had huge jumps all day for Coach Jim Henderson !!!! Todd Uckermark(High Point University,NC) was spectacular sailing 15′ 7″ for Coach Scott Houston and close at 16′ 5″ on Pit 1 !!!
   West Point,NY … Warwick Valley,NY junior Brendan McShane won the vault again at West Point on Friday night at 11′ 0″ for Purple Wave…Kiernan McCarthy(VC) 10′ 6″ Kesigh DeLoatch(Warwick( 9’6″) and Isaac Heatley(Warwick) stretched out to 17’9 Long Jump duties …Sophia Alter(Rondount,NY) flew 10′ 6″ Colleen Leahey(Burke) 9’0″ Kayla Maas(Eld) 8′ 0″ Genevieve Reilly(Warwick) 7′ 0″ .!!!
   Armory,NY… The Molloy Stanner Games at the Armory on Saturday was electric..as Old Tappan,NJ Sophomore Seth Kritcheff sailed 13′ 1.5″ for the gold medal and is New Jersey’s TOP SOPH this Indoor. ..Vinnie DePaolo(Monroe,NY) hit 12′ 1″ for Coach Hemmer’s Crusaders…Josh Jeong(MW) made 11′ 4″… In the Girls .. Commack,NY junior Amanda McNelis won at 10′ 10″ for the Warehouse…Soph Kristen Lubeskie(MW) made 10′ 4″ Gabby Nebiker(MW) 8′ 8″ Seraya Freidman(MW) 8′ 0″..
   Toms River,NJ….. The NJ State Relay Championships at Toms River was great..as the Governor Livingston Saifi sisters won the State Vault Relay Championships in Group II with Leah Saifi sailing a school record 11′ 6″ and Lauren Saifi hitting 9′ 6″ for the Indiago Gymnastic stars!!! Bridget Muller(Mahwah,NJ) 10′ 6″ and Marisa Entrup(Mahwah) 9′ 0″ combined for silver for Coach Rib Pasek!! Nicole Lester(Ridgewood,NJ) hit 10′ 6″ and team mate Kerry Callaghan his 8′ 0″ for the Maroons… and Dave Bausmith(HC) 11′ 6″ and Ryan Vimba(Ridgewood,NJ) sailed 11′ 0″. Caroline McGann(Holy Angles) made 9’0′ and team mate Darcy Ottomaelli hit 8′ 0″ in Non Public B. Jason Mezhibovsky(NV-Demarest,NJ) won the FDU Field Meet at 12′ 0″ and is improving fast… Dante D’Agostaro)Mahwah,NY) 12′ 0″ and Counting and Mark Lynch(Cranford,NJ) hit 9′ 0″ at State relays!!! 
  Glenn Mills,PA…. Nick Marino just keeps jumping higher each week… sailing 14′ 9″ at winning the Glenn Mills Invite for Hatsboro,PA Indoor Team… Madesyn Hawkins(Coughlin,PA) set another Indoor School Record by winning the Lebanon Valley Invite at 11′ 0″ in Annsville,PA.   
  Chapel Hill,NC… Watch out this year for Duke University senior Megan “Flips” Clark !!! Using just a 13′ 0″ grip at the NC Challenge… Megan flew 14′ 4″ and close at 14′ 7″ for Coach Wilbourn’s Flyers!!! This former Circus Superstar is tough in the clutch!!!
  Hillhouse,CT…. Congrats to Lauren Russo(Newtown,CT for her 10′ 6″ indoor PR this week…and Danielle Cass(10’0″) and Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) 9′ 6″ at SWC meets this week.
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     The Flying Circus is expanding our Open Instruction Classes on February 16 thru March 22 for all vaulters of all abilities. Every Tuesday and Thursday Nights from Feb 16-March 22 ..there will be a 5:30-7pm and a 7-8:30pm Open Co-Ed Vault Class at Flying Circus. Cost is still just $30 per 90 minute Walk In sessions for all new vaulters and current vaulters … Join the Development Fun with us. Our Winter Training Package Groups end Tuesday Feb. 9.