The mission this winter at FLYING CIRCUS, Inc. is improve the THRUST thru the Take-off…. with a very active PUSHING THE POLE UP TO THE VERTICAL…. this pushing of the fiberglass helps increase POLE SPEED and gain positions for a vertical safe vault to the TOP!!! Join us this HOLIDAY SEASON for some good ..ole… POLE PUSHING !!!!!


* Congratulations to Flying Circus South Coach Ben Simonet at the Armory Pole Vault Program. Ben…along with Will Nesbitt have created an unbelievable pole vault educational atmosphere this early season at the New Balance Center at the Armory. Pole Vaulting has taken wings at the armory…. and it’s here for all to take part in… Many Thanks !!!!

* Special Thanks to Craig and Bobbi-Jo Di Bona of Warwick, New York for the wonderful gift of the new Pole Vault Safety Collar for our indoor facility in Warwick. This new equipment will make our event and vaulters safer on every jump up… Many Thanks !!!

* COLLEGE/OPEN POLE VAULT SESSIONS are here.. We want to re-connect with our Alumni Vaulters.. Practice Dec. 18, 20,28,29(Meet), Jan 2 Check web site for times on those days. Welcome home!!

* FLYING CIRCUS WILL BE CLOSED on Dec.ember 24,25,31 and January 1.

* OCL West Point Meet… UCKERMARK..DiBONA…LEAHEY led the “Flyers” at Friday Nights meet at Gillis. Todd Uckermark and Derek Dibona flew 15’ 0” with no spikes and both near missed at school record 15’ 6 bar…. Warwick Valley junior…Erin Leahey had BIG AIR-JUMPS at 10’ 6” for the win.

* Kara Lynn Snyder(Colonie) won tonights Jim Mitchell Vault Title with her 10’ 6” clear..followed by Samantha Beyar(MW) at 10’ 6” and Matea Friedel(Rye) at 9’ 6”. Brandon Nebiker(Monroe,NY) sailed over 12’ 6” for the GOLD for Coach Jim Glovers Crusaders!!!

* Former Circus Act„,Freshman Justin Farrenkopf(Manhattan College) won his second college meet at 15’ 3” this weekend… and Marisa Robbins placed 3rd at 10’ 10”..Breanna Brucher (10’ 4”) Sarah Moore(10’ 4”) for Coach Dan Mecca’s Jasper Vault team.

* Our SPRING PV CAMPS and our Summer PV Camps are a hit!!! They are filling up fast now… register ASAP…Applications at web site… !!! Join the VAULT ARMY here in Warwick, NY !!!!

* COMING in 14 DAYS…. “The FLYING CIRCUS GREATEST POLE VAULT MEET of the YEAR”…. Join us here in Warwick,NY on Sunday December 28th ALL DAY… as we .. “ROUND-UP the BEST FIBERGLASS VAULTERS east of the Mississippi River” for a SPIRIT DAY of VAULTING… Check Web site blog for your level of competition for that day….