Time to …… “JOIN-the-CIRCUS” !!!!

The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
USATF Club # 06-1129
Warwick Valley, New York

SEE IT… FEEL IT… TRUST IT… It’s time to set your goals in motion…

WELCOME to The FLYING CIRCUS FALL PREP POLE VAULTING SEASON. Our Barn Doors are about to fly open again and our Pole Vault Staff has been energized from the late summer rest and recuperation phase. Please join us as often as you can this fall beginning Thursday… September 10 at The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development …3 Warwick Center Road…Warwick, NY. The FALL VAULT season will focus on the Technical Model…with Drills and Short Run Vaulting…on our 3 Outdoor Pits and our 2 Indoor Pits….along with all gymnastic connection apparatus for Beginner…Intermediate and Elite Pole Vaulters who are serious about reaching their potential.

Our staff has expanded…and a Positive Coaching Style continues to “SET RECORDS” and “SET POSITIVE EXAMPLES” in our pole vault community. We also will be opening a FLYING CIRCUS Club at The New Balance Armory again…as we reach out to New York City and beyond with our …. “DISCOVER POLE VAULT PROJECT”. The Armory Foundation Pole Vault partnership has been a huge success under the direction of Dr.Norbert Sander …. Pole Vault Director…Ben Simonet… and Coaches Will Nesbitt and Michelle Kercado, The Armory Flying Circus will open in mid-November again this year.

Our staff at the Warwick Flying Circus of Coach Hugh Cauthers and Coach St. is proud to announce the addition of All-American Pole Vaulter and Super Teacher…Stephanie Duffy to Pole Vault Instruction Crew!!!!! The Warwick Flying Circus opens Thursday September 10 – November 8…every Tuesday and Thursday evenings and every Sunday afternoons. See times and prices below… and JOIN-the-MOVEMENT when you can.


September 10 – November 8
Beginning September 10, 2015
Every Tuesday and Thursday Evenings…. Class # 1 5:30-7PM and Class # 2 7-8:30PM COST: Still only $30 per athlete per 90 minute class Boys and Girls Combined Classes
Every Sunday Afternoon ….. Class #1…Girls only 12:30-2PM Class # 2… Boys only 2-3:30PM COST: Still only $30 per athlete per 90 minute class
Athletes should be dressed for activity…including small spikes and drinks. Instruction will be Inside and outside.
All athletes must have a current USATF Membership Number… Apply at usatf/membership.com .

We will be hosting our annual progressive 5 Step Pole Vault Meet and 6 Step Pole Vault Meet at the Vault Barn to prepare you for your Indoor Season meets. Everyone is invited to join these “FUN DAY on FIBERGLASS”.

FLYING CIRCUS 5 STEP MEET… Saturday October 17 Girls @ 10 AM Boys @ 2PM Entry Fee- $30/Athlete
FLYING CIRCUS 6 STEP MEET… Saturday October 31 Girls @ 10 AM Boys @ 2PM Entry Fee – $30/Athlete

We are excited to help you improve this year….. Join us ASAP !!!!