THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all our FALL POLE VAULTING TEAM @ FLYING CIRCUS. You have started the engine and you will be ready for a SUPER INDOOR SEASON. Our Tuesday and Thursday evening classes are in full swing and our Sunday Open sessions are packed with the “RISING FIBERGLASS STARS” of the future. Good things are happening @ Flying Circus. Let’s keep rolling up to the top !!!!!

Sept. 20…

“MOTIVATING TALENT”….Kids today want disciplined direction. Set your “GOALS” and CHASE your DREAMS. We train hard and we see your spirited efforts. CHAMPIONS are made…when NOBODY is watching. Keep to your regular routines on the days when you are not vaulting. Do not let a day get by you in training… Missed Training days can not be made up later. When practicing…try to practice the little things to perfection. Remember..it’s the little things that separate the Average vs Elite. Do you have the Elite Mentality to Perform BIG!!!! Keep training !!!!

“GIRLS WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE” is now SOLD OUT!!!! Many thanks to the first 20 Girls who have registered and paid for our November 9-Febuary 9 WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE on Tuesday and Thursday nights this Winter. The Boys WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE has only 8 spots remaining for the Monday and Wednesday training this Winter 2 Circus.. Enter ASAP to Vault with us this Winter!!!! AVOID the WAITING LIST!!!! Registration forms at www.hvflyingcircus.com. Many thanks to all.

Special thanks to two great Vault Coaches for Donations to our club athletes and facility today. Coach Neal Perry(WestHill,CT) has donated a new Steel Vault Box for Pit #6…. and Coach Rob Pasek(Mahwah,NJ) has donated a super set of steel Pole Vault Standards for Pit #3 Up-Grades !!!! Thank you both from Flying Circus athletes and staff !!!!

MARK-YOUR-CALENDAR” ….. Just 26 more days till our CIRCUS 5 STEP MEET at the Barn…on Saturday October 17… Girls Meet at 10AM Boys Meet at 2PM…Entry $20 per athlete at the door!!! JOIN THE FUN in this technique meet…. from just 5 Lefts!!! Who has the best technique ????????

* Speed is a skill…it can be taught.
* Great athletes are not born… they are developed.
* Kinetic Learners are wired for Bio-Mechnics Feel … Bio-Motor.
* Extra-Ordinary Results = Extra-Ordinary Efforts.
* Go beyond your boundaries.
* We train animals…. but… we EDUCATE PEOPLE.

FLYING CIRCUS…. Good Vibrations.