You are invited. to our Flying Circus Indoor Tour. of Pole Vault Meets  this Fall and Winter. Feel the. energy. and speed on our new elevated runway, lively music. and the positive camaraderie of friendly vaulters at Flying Circus, Warwick, New York.

  Each meeting is development-oriented… with the bar. starting low. and finishing high.  Warm Up begins 1 hour before listed. times. and Registration is. At~the~Door only.  Cost~~~ $40 per athlete per meet.
  Join us. for a great …….”Day of Flying”.

Boys Fall, Pre-Season Meet..Oct. 25.   Warm Up 4:30pm.   Meet Starts 5:30pm. Register At the Door. $40/AthleteGirls Fall Pre-Season Meet…Oct  26.   Warm Up  4;30pm.  Meet Starts 5:30pm. Register At the Door.  $40/Athlete

Boys Holiday Vault-Gala Meet..Dec. 27.  Warm Up 12 Noon.  Meet Starts  1:00pm. Register At the Door. $40/AthleteGirls Holiday Vault Gala Meet.. Dec 28.   Warm Up. 12 Noon. Meet Starts. 1:00pm. Register At the Door.  $40/Athlete

Boys Circus Club Championship…Feb 27. Warwm Up 4:30pm. Meet Starts 5:30pm. Register At the Door. $40/AthleteGirls Circus Club Championships. Feb 28. Warm Up.  4:30pm.  Meet Starts 5:30pm  Register At the Door  $40/Athlete.