The Hudson Valley Flying Circus “Rides Again”
Warwick Valley,New York

……..Another strong and focused group of pole vaulters …. saddles-up and are ready -to-ride their ‘Fiberglass Rockets’ @ our Winter Training Classes beginning November 6!!! This deep mix of ‘Elite Veterans’ and ‘Rising Stars’ seek to carry on the rich traditions of Championship Pole Vaulting. Our Elite Vets will be practicing on our main runway and our Rising Stars will be on our shorter runway after our 30 minute warm up activities and Apparatus drills. There is no class switching or make up days in the package. Any weather related cancellations will be e-mailed to all athletes and coaches by 3pm. Athletes should be dressed with warm tights for some of the cool winter temps and arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time…. bring spikes and training flats/water. Thanks to your spirit… It’s going to be a “BANNER YEAR @ CIRCUS” !!!


November 6 – February 6

BOYS GROUPS …. Monday and Wednesday Nights

Boys Session #1… 5:30-7pm Elite Vets Group…Main Runway with Coach Cauthers/Coach Duffy/Coach Nesbitt
Nick Villanueva(MW), Josh Jeong(MW), Chris Filatov(Nanuet), Mark Lynch(Cranford), Connor Burke(Pearl River), Zack Matson(New Milford), Liam Landau(Pascack Hills), Cameron Horn(Montville), Austin O’Malley(Goshen,NY)

Rising Stars Group…Small Runway with Coach St/Coach Cevoli/
Michael Blumenstock(Weston), Ronald O(Nanuet), Chris Horsa(Mahwah), Michael Moore(Warwick,NY), Justin Manne(Mahwah) , Vincent Warwick(Warwick)

Boys Session #2 … 7-8:30pm Elite Vets Group …Main Runway with Coach St /Coach Nesbitt
Dane Sorensen(Warwick) , Jacob Becher(Warwick), Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan), Sam Pitkowsky(Pascack Valley) Adam Stavash(Hasbrook Heights) , Jared Forer(Glen Rock),Seth Kricheff(Old Tappan) Jona Kim(Old Tappan), Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich)

Rising Stars Group…Small Runway with Coach Cauthers/Coach Duffy
Mateo Zemser( Ct), Jess Benke(Bergen Tech)

GIRLS GROUPS …. Tuesday and Thursday Nights

Girls Session #1 5:30-7pm…Elite Vets Group… Main Runway….. Coach St/Coach Nesbitt/Coach Cevoli
Kaeli Thompson(Warwick), Genevieve Reilly(Warwick), Sydney Woods(Demerast), Katie Ryan(Newtown), Dani Hein(Abington Heights),Abby Norwillo(Pittston Area),Juliana Schraer(Pascack Valley),Melissa Purcell(Pascack Valley)

Rising Stars Group….Small Runway with Coach Cauthers/Coach Duffy/Coach Pasek
Kyra Muller(Mahwah),Reece Muller(Mahwah),Chloe Pasek(West Milford),Rachael Klein(Abington Heights),Allison Sumereau(Pascack Valley),Keira Couland-Smith(New Paltz),Julia Tucci(Demerast) Jamie Rossig(Pascack Hills)

Girls Session #2 7-8:30pm….Elite Vets Group…. Coach Cauthers/Coach Duffy
Kristin Lubeski(MW), Gabby Nebiker(M-W), Nicole Lester(Ridgewood), Kaia Becker(Northern Highlands),Marisa Digia(Old Tappan), Sydney Tomaine(FD Roosevelt),Irene Park(Pwquanock), Hannah Soloman-Hollander(Suffern),Arianna Cavelli(Old Tappan)

Rising Stars Group….Small Runway with Coach St./Coach Cevoli/Coach Nesbitt
Ava DeFelice(Cornwall),Violet Bachnck(Goshen),Caroline Fatta(Warwick),Cassie Wishner(Nyack),Jules Gravier(Bronxville),Lilly Beattie(Warwick),Kristin Kolarik(Arlington),Annabelle Springer(Mahwah)

Flying Circus ….. LET’S STAND TOGETHER.