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  1. SUMMER CIRCUS MEET #3 …Alana Carroll 12′ 7.5″ …. Josh Appel 13′ 7.5″ !!!

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    HV Flyin’ Circus
    Pole Vault Paradise
    Warwick Valley, New York

    The” Fiber-Kids” are still improving!!!!

    The setting was perfect…warm breezes on the official first day of summer… and the 28 young lions are still seeking the ‘Magic Bar”… The vaulting is improving the Summer Season kicks in @ Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy. Personal Bests..School Records… Improved Techniques and FAST ATHLETES are enjoying the fun and relaxed competitive atmosphere in the Barnyard!!! There is still time to join the Vault-Mix…. final 2 Summer Meets are Wednesday June 28 at 4pm and the Grande Finale..BBQ Meet on Saturday July 15 !!! Circus Cuts back activities on July 16-August 26.

    Meet # 3… Wednesday June 21
    Clear Skies/Warm breeze/85′
    29 Athletes

    Girls …Averill park,NY junior..Alana Carroll blasted over 12′ 7.5″ for the gold trinket …. Catherine Walker(Goshen,NY) 12′ 1.5″ and Holy Angels,NJ junior.. Caroline McGann went big over 11′ 7.5″!!! Coach Stephanie Duffy,Chief Offical..Beth Becher,Scorer.
    1-Alana Carroll,Averill park,NY) 12′ 7.5″ 2-Catherine Walker(Goshen,NY) 12′ 1.5″ 3-Caroline McGann(Demerast,NJ) 11′ 7.5″ 4-Kaeli Thompson(Warwick,NY) 11′ 1.5″ 5-Danielle Heine(Abbington Heights,PA) 10′ 7.5″ 6-Erin Yuder(Demerast,NJ) 10′ 1.5″ 7-Samantha Kaplan(New Paltz,NY) 10′ 1.5″ 8-Kaia becker(Haskell,NJ) 8′ 9″ 9- Katerine Schandt(Pascack Valley,NJ) 8′ 9″ 10-Caroline Fatta(Warwick,NY) 8′ 3″ 11-Sydney Tomaine(Hyde Park,NY) 8′ 3″ 12- Madeline Sorensen(warwick,NY) 7′ 9″ 13-Rachael Klein(Abbington Heights,PA) 7’3″ 14-Kaylei Mezzetti(Warwick,NY) 6′ 9′ Chloe Pasek(West Milford,NJ) 6′ 3″ !!!

    Boys … Westhill,CT junior…Josh Appel punched out a double PR day…the ultimate in vaulting..with his 13′ 7.5″ sail for Coach Neal Perry…. Warwick Valley,NY junior Dane Sorensen flew 13′ 1.5″ and Nick Villanueva(Monroe,NY) placed 3rd at 12′ 7.5″!!! Coach Cauthers,Jacob Becher Standards….Bob Sorensen-Scorer.
    1-Josh Appel(Westhill,CT) 13′ 7.5″ 2-Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) 13′ 1.5″ 3-Nick Villanueva(Monroe,NY) 12′ 7.5″ 4-Tyler Hrbek,Old Tappan.NJ 12′ 7.5″(4 Step!!) 5-Adam Stavash(Bergen,NJ) 12′ 1.5″ 6-Oliver Hayes(CT) 11′ 7.5″ 7-Jacob Becher(Warwick,NY) 11′ 1.5″PR 8-Zack Iannucci(Trunball,CT) 10′ 7.5″ 9-Jeff Delgado(Trumbell,CT) 9′ 9″ 10-Mike Moore(warwick,NY) 9′ 3″ 11-Aidan O’Connor(Warwick,NY) 9′ 3″ 12-Lucas Khowgylo(Haskell,NJ) 8′ 9’ !!!

    Special thanks to all volunteers and pit helpers today!!!

    Sunday Open Sessions ..Girls 12:30-2pm Boys 2-3:30pm … June 25, and June 2(Final Sunday Opens)
    Summer Pole Vault Camps..Boys July 10-11 Girls 13-4 3:45-8PM . Still Spots Available!
    Saturday July 15… Rain or Shine… “THE GRAND FINALE…BBQ MEET @ CIRCUS” ..This family event is the final get- together for our club members and all comer vaulters….. A final day together to laugh..cry …. and dance !!!!! Bring your blanket..poles..lawn chairs… and enjoy the pulled pork/hamburgers,JOE-TEA and Watermelon with us.. Bring your very own ‘VAULT STORIES’ to share and let’s hit the beach after this last day!!! Last year we had 95 Vaulters… and that’s the record we are aiming to break!!!
    Meet Entry ..still just $30 per vaulter at the door…Includes BBQ… Additional family can purchase BBQ Package at just $20 per individual!!!! FREE PARKING….FREE MUSIC … FREE BATHROOMS….. FREE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 Pits rolling… If Rain.. We Vault Inside…… IT’S A DAY OF VAULT FUN!!! JOIN US!!!!



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    Warwick Valley,NY

    Greensboro,NC – Flyin’ Circus salutes the …”SWEET SIXTEEN” !!! The 2017 Outdoor Circus Vault Tour .. set another record on the final Fiberglass stop… yes… 16 Fiber-Athletes from little ole Flyin’ Circus represented our club with pride and dignity..and … and special moments. Each athlete produced their own success story this year… with deep performances from all national qualifiers. This record number of 16 vaulters breaks our old record of 10 National Vaulters in this meet . CIRCUS leads the nation this year in depth…and there is strength in numbers…. CONGRATULATIONS to all vaulters and families!!!

    “ELEVATING- our- SPORT” …. There comes a time in every athletes career…to raise up the ” glory of sport”…to measure up with all our mite…to reveal character and…leadership…and a “true spirit” of competitive athletics. This was never more evident than this entire weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina. THANK YOU for KEEPING YOUR PROMISES !!!!!!

    Friday…The Rising Stars Emerging Elite Pole Vault was sensational despite the 95′ temps /humid conditions. Warwick Valley Soph..Kaeli Thompson flew big over her highest starting height and was super close at 11′ 6.5″ for the WAVE. New England Champion..Lia Zavattaro(Old Greenwich,CT) also was solid at 11′ 6.5″ for the Cardinals! Weston,CT senio Danielle Cass , heading to High Point University next fall and Soph Elise Hall(Raleigh,NC) competed tough and look forward to our summer girls camp on July 13-14. Northern Valley-Demarest,NJ) senior Jason MMezhibovsky,this years MOC New Jersey Champion flew 14′ 9.5″PR and place 9th overall in the 42 boy field. Part Time Ryan Lawless(Commack,NY) also flew 14′ 9.5′ for Coach Hendersen. Warwick Valley,NY senior Vault Captain completed a stories career on his biggest pole ever for Coach Potter.

    Saturday … The GIRLS NATIONAL USA POLE VAULT CHAMPIONSHIPS…. Anna Watson,Orange,Ohio senior sets a new Championship Record with her 13′ 9″ sail and ever so close at 14′ 0″!!! The Circus junior..Abby Norwillo(Duyea,PA) continued her solid vaulting..with a 12′ 10″ official school record for 9th place on her biggest pole of the year to win her runway. Bear Creek,PA senior and Penn relays Champion , Madisyn Hawkins flew 12′ 2 and used her biggest stick…Alana Carroll(Averill Park,NY) sailed 12′ 2″ for Coach Cauthers… Melissa Purcell(Pascack Valley,NJ) went big over 11′ 10″ for Coach Tim Wilson..NV-Demarest,NJ senior Michelle Rubinetti capped a brilliant HS career for Coach Mike Ives at 11′ 6.5″..and Amanda McNelis(Commack,NY) looked solid at 11′ 6.5″ for Coach Jim Hendersen. Jess Ippolito(Fair Lawn,NY) heads to University of Rhode Island next fall!!!

    Sunday….The BOYS NATIONAL USA POLE VAULT CHAMPIONSHIPS…. ERICK DUFFY,North Andover,MA) was ready-to-Roll down the runway… This talented and most humble senior completed a senior year in Massachusetts like no other athlete ever. He won both the huddles and pole vault at MA STATE,.. set school record open 110 Hurdles 14’10..then punched out a 13′ 9″ in the 8th place Shuttle Hurdle Relay..before he VAULTER 17′ 1″ for the NATIONAL POLE VAULT TITLE!!!! His run and plant were in line all day for Coach Brenner Abbot and he heads to Harvard next fall to join the Crimson!! Also having a great field day was Ambler,PA senior State Champion..Nick Marino of Philly Jumps. Nick placed 3rd at 16′ 1.25″ with air-to-spare for Coach Brian Monschine and heads to Bucknell next fall. Placing 8th was Johannes Stronhaug of Vestel,NY at 15′ 3.5′ for Coach Jim Cerra. Milan Spisek(Easton,PA)..the CT STATE CHAMP flew 14′ 9.5′ for Coach Jeff Dumas ..Colin Dunigan(BronxvillemNY-Junior) made 14′ 9.5″ for Coach Brian Carney.. Senior strongman..Marc DeLuca of West Hill was big all day for Coach Neal Perry and heads to UCONN next Fall!!!!


    FLYING CIRCUS NEXT MEET..Wed. June 21 4pm Warm Up/5pm Start