Circus Last Chance.. Ian Kearney 14′ 4″ ….Maura Michalczyk 11′ 8″ !!!

The Hudson Valley Last Chance Meet
The Warwick Center Vault Barn
Warwick, NY

  Pole Vaulting still happening ……..            ……..  School  Records. and Personal Bests. were on display tonight, as. 9 Flying Circus athletes continue. to improve on the. second-floor pole vault area at Flying Circus.

  IAN KEARNEY of Northern Highlands,NJ found his rhythm and posture. with. a school and personal record of 14′ 4″ for the. win in the  Circus Boys Last Chance Meet.  Ian qualified. for NB Nationals.  Rising Stars Division.  Ian is coached. by Dane Sorensen. Adding to the   NB Nationals. was. super Warwick Valley,NY  freshman star.. Klaus Lindenau….. who has been vaulting less than.  a year for the Purple Wave hometeam…flew. 12′ 3″ for PR. and NB Freshman Nationals Division!!!!

 MAURA MICHALCZYK of Dunmore PA has been  one of. the many improved. girls this year at Flying Circus. This.  strong and humble junior vaulter/hurdler, who placed. 8th. at PA State meet this spring.. upper her school and personal best to 11′ 8″.  and 2 close bars. at 12′ 2″. and is on the. waitlist. for Rising Stars NB Nationals next week.  Also soaring to school and personal best was Olivia DeBellis of the Suffern,NY Mounties, coached. by Elizabeth Borczyk. Olivia made 11′ 8″. and had. a close bar at 12′ 2″ for the Quininnepac University signee. Third place. was the. sensational sophomore Ady Laurie of New Paltz,NY with 11′ 8″ and heads. to NY State Meet  Division II this Friday.  Madeline Magliaro of Trinity School,NYC had big air over 11′ 2″ for Coach Bob Sorensen.  Hannah Cann of Warwick Valley,NY..coming off her. splendid 400-meter dash on Friday.. made 10′ 8″… Middle School sensation..Stella Scherbak(M-W_. made 10′ 2″. and Averie Klein of Pine Bush opened big. over 9′ 8″. and close at 10′ 2 bar
  All in all…. this group demonstrated the pure beauty of sport………   It’s in the effort… that we find ourselves.

 Special thanks to “”.. Bob Sorensen, Stephie, Rudy Tomaselli, Ryan Morales, and Rachel Venter.
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