Feb. 4 @ Armory

The “Circus Acts” were all warmed up and ready for the show tonight at “THE HALL of FAME” Armory…as TODD UCKERMARK(Warwick Valley,NY) brushed off 17′ 0″ again this week for the Purple Wave Vault Crew of Coach Mike Potter and Coach Curtis Akacki . Uckermark has now been over 16 Foot Bar in 7 different meets and ready for the 17 Foot Barrier!! Team Mate ..Junior Derek DiBona also looked fast and sharp over 15′ 6″ for the silver medal and great jumps at 16′ 0″!! Monroe-Woodbury,NY senior TRAVIS FOUNTAIN joined the 15 Foot Club for Coach Jim Glover and Coach Matt Hemmer.. and near missed at 15′ 6′ school record held by Mike Uhelsky from 1999!!! Luke Annichiabrico(Old Tappan,NJ) flew big over 14′ 6″ Trevor Knowles(North Huterdon,NJ) lifted 14 6″ and Sammy Siegel(NV-Demarest,NJ) flew 13′ 6″ for the Nordsman!!!

Katlyn Rymarzow(Pope John,NJ) was sensational at 12′ 0″ for Coach Brian Corcoran… Katlyn ..used her gymnastic poise..as she stepped up to her BIGGEST POLE EVER…the 13′ 7″ UCS x 140 lbs!!! Hitting step at mid perfectly and accelerating all the way in the “Hot-Zone” ..she was ready to fly. Monroe-Woodbury,NY junioe Samantha Beyar..enjoyed close jumps at 11′ 6′ for Coach Chris Goodwin…..

Special Thanks to Coach Michelle Kercado for helping coach-the-circus all night !!!