“Home of Fiberglass Flyers”

The CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON is here and it brings out the best in all of us……

…the “Olympic Spirit” has touched the Athletes on Fiberglass at the FLYING CIRCUS…with many wonderful stories this weekend filling the cold days of winter. Congratulations to all athletes on spirit… sportsmanship… and performance.

February 9 Report
Senior Vault Star…LUKE ANNICHIARICO(NV-Old Tappan,NJ) takes over the #1 NJ Vault Rankings…with his 15′ 2″ Group 3 Sectional win today at Toms River Air Dome. The fast and gracious Annichiarico has waited his turn to shine..as he set a NEW MEET ALL TIME RECORD!!! Following closely was Sam Siegel(NV-Demarest) at 13′ 0″…Brett Croen(NV-Demarest) 12′ 6″ and Marc O’Campo (NV-OT) at 11′ 0″ … In Group 4 Sectionals.. it was Spencer Llerandi(Ridgewood,NJ) hitting 13′ 6″ for the silver medal and advancement to State!! Niki Cleary(Hunterdon Central) hit 9′ 6″ ..then raced 61.03 on 4×4 Relay !!!

Four Flying Circus Vaulters took STATE GROUP TITLES this weekend in Connecticut… with Maddie Schneider(Darien) winning her L Meet at 11′ 0″ followed by Jessica Thornberry(Darien) at 10′ 6″ in the winning the State Team title for the Blue Wave. Jenna Calandro(Newtown) won her State LL Meet at 11′ 7″ and Rachel Moroknek(Ridgefield) placed 2nd at 10′ 6″. Chris Rough won his LL State Meet at 14′ 0″ for Coach Neil Perry…Tom Chessman(Greenwich) placed 4th at 11′ 6″. In Class M State Finals.. It was senior Jane Wall(Weston) winning the gold medal for Coach Medve..Hannah Campos(W) 9’0″ Emily Iatesta(W) 8′ 6″ Emily Castro(W) 8′ 0″.. Nick DiBarthalomeo(Weston) placed 4th at 12′ 0″ Will Crum(W) hit 11′ 6″ for 6th.

CHSAA City Championships @ Armory…. Big Vaulting in the City today…James Deutemeyer(Fordham Prep) won the Vault Dual with his 15′ 6″ for Coach Brian Carney. Deutemeyer heads to Villanova next fall to join Coach Talen Singer’s Vault Squad. Coach Jerry Cahill’s junior star Ryan Herrera-Murphy(Iona Prep).. blasted over 15′ 6″PR for silver..Joe Crispi(Farrell) hit 15′ 0″ easily and Jahkeem Wheatly(Iona Prep) joined the 14 Foot Club in 4th place at 14′ 0″..Matt Fay(Iona Prep) also came thru at 14′ 0″!!!

Section 2 @ Albany Air Bubble…. Kara Snyder(Colonie)… won her vault title at 11′ 0″ and then placed 3rd in Hurdles for big Colonie team points. She heads to Millrose next week… Kalli Manley(Burnt Hills) also took home gold in her division. The Soph star hit 10′ 6″ for Coach Chip Button. Ian Allen(Chathum.NY) is coming on strong..with his win at 12′ 6″PR!!!

OCL Champs at West Point….Todd Uckermark(Warwick Valley) hit 16′ 6″ for gold in training flats..then took another 3 shots at the 17 foot Goal. Team Mate Derek DiBona made 15′ 3″..Travis Fountain(MW) 15′ 0″ Brandon Nebiker(MW) 13′ 6″PR…Aiden Woolsey(TV) 12′ 0″ Matt DeLorenzo(Wallkill) 12′ 0″ Brendan Bogart(Kingston) 11′ 6″ MacKenzie LeRoy(Port) 11′ 6″ Ivan Mieses(Middletown) 11′ 6″ Matt Karl(Kingston) 10′ 0″
OCL (Girls… Junior Samantha Beyar(MW) hit 11′ 0″ for the win..Erin Leahey(warwick Valley) 10′ 6″..Katarina VanLedtje(Cornwall) 10′ 0″PR Lexi Finn(MW) 9’0″ Colleen Leahey(JSB) 9′ 0″PR Kristen Lebeski(MW) 7′ 6″ PR-8th Grade… Crystal nelson)O’Neill) 7′ 0″

VT Elite Meet…Blacksburg,VA… Megan Clark zooms 14′ 3.5″ for new Duke University Record and 2nd in NCAA this winter….. Red Shirt freshman James Steck made 15′ 3″ for Coach Bob Phillips… Emily Savage(Oklahoma) was sensational at NB Colligate at Armory with a near miss at opening height of 13′ 1.5″ …….

Millrose Games…Update… Congratulations to Texas Pole Vault Club vaulters this weekend…as Desiree Freier(Justin Northwest,TX) hit 13′ 6″ and near missed at 14′ 0″ for Coaches Devin and George Rodriquez!!! Junior Zoe McKinley(Grapevine,TX)..also competing at Millrose this Saturday..hit 13′ 0″ for 2nd place!!!!

“If you are made of the right stuff…….a hard fall… results in a HIGH BOUNCE.”