Hudson Valley Flying Circus
Beach Fun Day..Seaside Heights,NJ

< It is never about punching out a big height...but..rather about spending a great day together at the beach. CONGRATULATIONS to all 36 HV CIRCUS athletes...coaches...and families at this past weekends Seaside Heights Vertical Pole Vault Adventure. This togetherness is what the intent of athletic participation was designed for.... everyone striving for they own best performance...and cheering everyone along the path. Our club was built on this premise and our mission of supporting each other is a powerful and holistic dream come true. Thank you for passing on the TRADITION !!!!! Coach Cauthers and Coach Duffy made all the right adjustments on this 25 MPH wind-blown day on the hot sand at the Steel Pier at Seaside. 36 Vaulters closed out a fantastic season at HVFC... with great promise ahead for next indoor at all levels. Rest and recovery now till Sept. Fall Technique Season starts up..... Circus Full Results ..... Mixed Girls Novice.. Juliana Schraer(PV) 9' 0" Kerry Qualter(CS) 8' 0" Katherine Sandt(PV) 8' 0" Daphane Kalkanis(BT) NH Kai Becker(NH) NH Mixed Boys Novice....Tommy Qualter(CS) 12' 6" Anthony Ferrara(M) 11' 6" Chris Filatov(Nan) 11' 0" Chad Regan(WB) 10' 0" Mike Parisi(PV) 9' 6" Lucas Daugis(GL) 7' 6" Womens Elite..... 1st- Coach Stephanie Taylor Duffy(HVFC) 11' 6"!!!! College/Open Women... 3-Marissa Robbins(HVFC-Goshen) 11' 6" Girls HS Championship.... 1-Abby Norwillo(Pittston,PA) 11' 6" Madisyn Hawkins(Wilkes Barre,PA) 11' 6" Alana Carroll(Averill Park,NY) 11' 6" Leah Saifi(Gov.Livingston,NJ) 11' 6" 6-Caroline Mcgann(Holy Angles,NJ) 11' 0" Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) 11' 0" Nicole Lester(Ridgewood,NJ) 10' 6" Lauren Saifi(Gov,Livingston,NJ) 10' 0" Grace Gardella(Ramsey,NJ) 10' 0" Boys HS Championships...1-Nick Marino(Philly Jumps) 16' 0" 2-Milan Spisek(Barlow,CT) 14' 6" Seth Kricheff(Old Tappan,NJ) 14' 0" Dane Sorensen(Warwick,NY) 13'6" Tyler Hrbek(Old Tappan,NJ) 13' 6" Conor reilly(Union Catholic,NJ) 13' 0" Trevor Hazell(Vernon,NJ) 13' 0" Brian Rubenstein(Gov.Livingston,NJ) 13' 0" Callum Howard(Union Cathloic,NJ) 12' 6" Cam Horn(Montville,NJ) 12' 0" Jona Kim(Old Tappan,NJ) 11' 6" **** SPECIAL THANKS SHOUT OUT to Notre Dame University Pole Vault standout...Kara Snyder... as she donates her championship vault poles to the FLYING CIRCUS FAMILY of FUTURE VAULTERS!!!! It's called ..."GIVING BACK" !!!!! Thank you Kara for donating to all out vaulters!!!!! FALL SCHEDULE COMING on August 25 at Web site.... WINTER TRAINING PACKAGE COMING.... October 1...E-Mail/Web FLYING CIRCUS..... just slightly more than Pole Vaulting.