The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Blast 
 Warwick Valley, NY

    IT’S TIME FOR SOME   ‘NEW CIRCUS  GEAR”……    This year’s New Fund Raiser is happening  now   and  we invite  all out Circus  Family to join in the  fun of  “New  Circus Gear”  !!!!       Thanks  to Circus Coach Rob Pasek for taking on this  exciting project  to increase our  brand and reach .  This  fun raiser is  designed   to purchase  more  vaulting poles   for  our  125 club members  this   coming year.   This project  ends  in just  three weeks(November 6, 2020)….. so…  don’t  delay… order  direct any and all gear listed  on the link  below   and all payment  and orders go direct  to  your house….    DIRECT PURCHASE  ON LINE   and DIRECT DELIVERY  TO YOU HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!      LET”S GEAR- UP TOGETHER !!!!!!!!  Many Thanks !!!
 New Gear Apparel Store Link ….


Our first POP-UP FUN MEETS  start up next week  for  all Intermediate  and Advanced  Circus Vault   Training Groups. These   are Level 2 Vault  Groups (Boys PR  10′ “0”   and Up //  Girls PR  9′ 6″  and Up)   Beginner  Groups(Level 1) will be  coming  in December.  Meets will be on 2 Runways    and hopefully all outdoors if  weather permits. Cost is $40 per athlete…Checks perferred payable  to  HV Flying Circus,LLC .   Spectators,Parents cane  view  meets if outdoors… If  meets  move  to Indoor facility… No Spectators/Parents allowed   into facility  for Covid Safety protocols. Temperatures checks  at  check in  and  social distancing outdoors   and Face Coverings   by all staff  and athletes indoors.  Join us next week for  some pre-season FUN.  Circus Club members ONLY in MS  and HS levels.
     Girls Level 2  and Level 3 Fun Meet… Friday  October 16, 2020..Registration/Warm Up  at 4:45pm    2 Runways…. Bar goes up at 5:31pm   at  9′ 1″ !!!! Cost $40/athlete
    Boys Level 2   and Level 3  Fun Meet… Sunday  October  18, 2020..Registration/Warm Up  at 2:10pm   2 Runways…Bar goes up  ay 2:45pm  at  9′ 1″ (Runway A)  and   12′ 1″ (Runway B)  Cost $40/athlete
     Indoor    Staff Helping  with Meet Scoring,Bar  standards,Bar placement… …  Bob Mason,Brian Smith,Bob Sorensen,Rob Pasek,Julie Christian 
        FLY-the-CIRCUS  ………