FRIDAY NIGHT CIRCUS MEET ~~~ PAIGE MARTIN (CT Sky Jumpers) 11′ 7″…JAMES ZEOLLA (NJ Vault Factory) 14′ 10″ ~~~ 31 VAULTERS!!!

The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault
Warwick, NY “AIR-RUSH” Pole Vault Meet

The dust has been knocked-off!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all 31 Boys and Girls who laced up their spikes for our first Circus Pre-Season Fun Meet on Friday night . It was a revealing and rewarding gathering…with new friendships shared and BIG PERFORMANCES for early October. The summer work came out in all the vaulters results …with 12 Personal Bests and you can’t make this energy up !!!! Keep Training STRONG!!!!

October 11, 2019

Recap—– The Girls lead-off at 5:07pm with three Middle School athletes and 9 High School Flyers… supporting each other every jump… Norwick ,CT State Champion, Paige Martin sailed 11′ 7″ to edge up-and-coming Ct.State Runner up Elise Russell of Weston High School. Both girls were outstanding from short run approach. Top New York vaulter was junior Elli Lemler of O’Neill High School with a PR at 10′ 7″ and close bars at 11’1″ for the powerful athlete coached by Stephanie Duffy. Taking home the prize … JOE TEAM drink for Middle School vaulters was eight grader .. Warwick Valley’s Lily Beattie at 9′ 2″ and seventh grader Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley) soard 8′ 7″ on her new Essx Stick.
The Boys group was’ loaded with fireworks’ again in the 8:01pm Vault Factory,NJ ..James Zeolla, Coached by Carl Palumbo.. took home the JOE TEA drink prize at 14′ 10″ clear in a jump off with Circus Flyer .Louis Martinez(Wallkill,NY-Junior) at 14′ 7″. Top CT Vaulter was Aidan O’Connor of Lewis-Mills HS at 14′ 7″ new school record!!! The Boys flew 4 guys over 14′ 7″ and produced 8 Personal Bests on the night. Top Freshman was Andy Cimino(Warwik,NY) at 10′ 1″ for the Purple Fiber-Benders!!!!! FullResults Below.

Girls Meet……. 1-Paige Martin(Norwich,CT) 11′ 1″ 2-Elise Russell(Weston,CT) 11′ 1″ 3- Ellie Lemler(West Point,NY) 10′ 7″PR 4-Clarissa Cuomo(Brewester,NY) 10′ 1″ 5-Sophie Mirecki(Washingtonville,NY) 9′ 7″ 6-Madison Martin(Norwich,CT) 9′ 7″ 7-Jordan Hecker(Demarest,NJ) 9′ 2″ 8-Chloe Pasek(West Milford,NJ) 9′ 2″ 9-Samantha Smith(Syosett,NY) 8′ 7″PR
Girls Middle School …. 1 Lily Beattie)Warwick Valley MS,NY) 9′ 2″ 2-Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley MS,NY) 8′ 7″ 3- Jayden Beck(Minisink Valley MS,NY) 7′ 1″

Boys Meet ….1-James Zeolla(West Morris,NJ-Vault factory) 14′ 10″ 2-Louis Martinez(Wallkill,NJ) 14′ 7″ 3-Nick Mirecki (Washingtonville,NY) 14′ 7″ 4-Aidan O’Connor(Lewis-Mills,CT) 14′ 7″ School Record 5-Charles Hatzmann(Wappingers,NY) 14′ 1″PR 6-Jason McDonough(Poughkeepsie,NY) 14′ 1″PR 7-Jason Tamano(Randolph,NJ) 13′ 7″ 8-Andrew Charkales(New Canaan,CT) 12′ 7″PR 9-Max Zuckerman(Woodcliff Lake,NJ) 12′ 7″PR 10-Norbert Malik(Vault Factory,NJ) 12’1″PR 11- Mateo Zemser(West Milford,NJ) 12′ 1″ 12-Sam Wolf(Oxford,CT) 11′ 7″PR 13-Max Bothwell(West Hartford,CT) 11’7″ 14-Mike Carey(Wash’ville,NY) 11′ 1″ 15- Andy Cimino(Warwick,NY) 10′ 1″ 16-Joe Finnerty(High Point,NJ) 10′ 1″ 11′ 7″) 17-Alex Jones(Darien,CT) 10′ 1″PR 18- Devon Liebl(High Point,NJ) NH
Girls Round #2—Paige Martin(Norwich,CT) 11′ 7″ Madison Martin(Norwich,CT) 9′ 1″

SPECIAL to all Volunteers,,Coaches and Parents for making the meet ~~~~ FUN !!!!

Next Pre-Season Meet….
“VAULT-MANIA” @ CIRCUS–Wednesday October 30
Girls 4:30pm Boys 7:00pm Cost $30/athlete

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FLYING CIRCUS CLOSED Friday and Saturday October 1-19 for new lights install!!!!

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