The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault , LLC  Warwick Valley,NY

    The FYLING CIRCUS  vaulters are putting on  a  …” BIG FINISH”  to  an unbeleavible  season. ” KIDS DON”T GIVE UP.”….. thats  the message here at FLYING CIRCUS as  we  salute  all 90+ Vaulters  this year at our little pole vault paradise.  It’s  on to  a super camp next week   and  to our  “Greatest Meet of the Year”  @ CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Here is the Fiberglass Recoil Scoop……

  * The   action started up on Wednesday  with   Temps  soaring  100+ degree heat in the Barn Yard   at Circus Girls Elite Meet… with  6   outstanding girls having  fun together.  Warwick Valley,NY  Freshman..Lily-Ann Beattie roard  down the   Mondo runway like never before   an fly 11′ 8′   for the Joe Tea on her  14′ 1 x 165 Recoil….. She then  moved  her grip up  and was big  over 12′ 2″ on all three and is ready  for  Camp and Festival.  Lady Wizard..Sophie Mirecki  took home the  silver with her powerful sail over 11′ 2″  and Rachel Mason(High Point,NJ)  nailed  the plant with 11′ 2″ for bronze. Taking honor  in Soph Class..was Ellison Weiner of Weston,CT  with her 11′ 2″. Junior Madison Chalfin(New City,NY) moved up to her  12′ 7″ Poles  for  her  first time this year and  sailed 10′ 8″..Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern,NY) made 9′ 8″  as  each girl  was finishing at a PR attemps!!!!!  Peaking together!!!!

  *  The Circus Rising Stars Meet  was full of Personal Bests on Wednesday ….. with  9  Total PR’s from the 12 girls as the meet was moved Indoor due  to the  approaching rain.   Fairfield,CT..Junior star..Steve Ditelberg… was on his game  with  a 13′ 9.5″ Indoor PR’ for this  speedy approach run athlete.. He   sailed big at 14′ 1″ on all three jumps.  Alexander Pedersen(Somers,NY) took silver at 10′ 2″ in HS division. Brady Bonser(Wallkill Valley,NJ) placed   third  at 8′ 8″PR. The HS girls were  sailing…with Elizabeth Apostolico(Monroe,NY)  taking gold  at 9′ 2″PR..followed  byFreshman,,Maia Perillo(East FishkillNY)  at 9′ 2″PR …Olivia Sciaino(Mahwah) 7′ 2″  and Jessica Orsino(West Milford,NJ)  6′ 2″PR.   

Our Middle School Youth Movement Project were sensational all meet… with Luke Beattie(warwick,NY)  breaking his own 7th Grade Indoor NYS Record  with  his  10′ 8″ PR.   Max Wickrath(Minisink,NY), also just a 7th grader….placed   silver at 8′ 8″PR   and Anthony Roe(Warwick,NY)  made 8′ 8″  for this  8th grader!!!   It was  Pine Bush Middle School 8th Grader..Averie Klein that stole   the show  with her 10′ 2″ make  and  so close at 10′ 8″ PR bar.   Special thanks  to Pit crew..Dane Sorensen,Katie Klein,Jeremy Ditelberg,and Bob Sorensen  and all parents surviving the heat in that second  floor Hay Loft!!!!

  *  Today  was  a  special day  for Louis Martinez @  the legendary Hayward Field NIKE NATIONALS in Oregon. Starting as a freshman four years ago  and barely bending   the poles.. he  jumped 11′ 0″ for the Panthers of Wallkill High School.NY.  He then …”hitched  his wagon” to -the-stars ….and began  a  dedicated   and focused journey to become a special elite  athlete. There are  so many stories  behind  each athlete here at Flying Circus Pole Vault.  Each story is deiiferent  and  carries   beautiful magic and  wonder… of what can be  acheived with a Hard Work Ethic and  a Gracious Spirit. Yes.. Louis became  an ALL-AMERICAN  today in Oregon..with his  5th place  sail over  at16′ 0″ on jump #1 on his BIGGEST  180Essx   for this  136 lb. athlete.  Weight Training  with Focus… Sprinting for  his HS team and  doing  4 events  in  almost  every  dual meet produced  one   tough athlete.   DEDICATION  TRUMPS TALENT  ..every time in sport.     Team Mate  Max Zuckerman of Pascach Hills,NJ  gained   valuable  experience for his up-coming senior  year  with   a 14′ 8.5″ finish for 19th in USA today.

*  Our CAMPS are full of  exciting athletes… Beginners… Inteermediate   and  Elite….. Ready to Soar this week in prep of SUMMER CIRCUS FESTIVAL!!!!
   CIRCUS.        ..Hitch-You-Wagon-To-The Stars….   and DREAM BIG.