THANK YOU ALL … from FLYING CIRCUS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU ALL …….. from. FLYING CIRCUS !!!!!!!!!     

The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Festival      Warwick Valley, NY

Dear Athletes…Parents…Coaches  and  Meet Volunteer Workers and Media Specalists ~~~~~~~~

          THE  FLYING CIRCUS  would like. to say THANK YOU…. to each and. everyone of you …..for. making our SUMMER FESTIVAL MEET a wonderful gathering of  FRIENDSHIPS and FUN.  We all enjoyed the many new athletes. and families and our regular veterans  all mixed up together  on a summer day…sharing. stories and JOE TEA!!!!!!!!!!   Full. results will follow to each of. you. and. the. wishes. for. a summer. filled. with joy. We will be back next year and. hope. you all can join us. again.  KEEP  TRAINING…… it’s ONLY. 257 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!

The Recap ~~~~~~~The 10th edition of Circus Summer Pole Vault  Festival. was billed.  as. the . …” Celebration of  the Pole Vault Spirit”….. and  the “spirit” moved the. 110 athletes. from the. nine  states. This. two day fiberglass mingling of pole vault “nuts” can not  be matched…as.  29 Personal Bests ruled. the. day.  Meet. records. were set in  5 of the 8 Divisions…along with New York State Class Records with Louis Martinez(Wallkill,NY) at 17′ 1″ for. seniors. and Nick Lourenco(Bayshore,NY). setting. a new Junior NY State Record. at 16′ 7″ for Coach Jim Henderson.  Co-Meet Directors…Bob Sorensen. and Stephanie Duffy produced another wonder0-meet of Fun…..  6 Photo Journalists promoted  attended.  and made it all  thrilling. with. interviews,video.  and photos of. the. action.  Our. 22 CIRCUS VOLUNTEER ARMY kept.   everything. going strong following our. Circus Camp Week.    The lively music. set the. stage and rhythumic clapping prevailed. on  every third attempt…. The. ultimate. prize was. awarded. to all athletes… yes–the “Lighting-in-a-Bottle”….. JOE TEA .  DAY 1….  Competitions. were moved. into the Barn Hay Loft second floor…. with Lily Beattie(Warwick Valley,NY) freshman. taking the top mark in Girls Frosh Soph at 11′ 7″(Meet Record) on her. 14’1 x 165 Essx and Ellison Weiner(Weston,CT) setting her PR. at 11′ 7″!!!  The Boys Frosh/Soph  Comp… came down to a jump off between Scott Anderson(Flemington,NJ). and Andy Cimino(Warwick,.NY)…with Cimino prevailing. at 12′ 4″ . The Masters. was sensational and stacked. with legends.  John Marz(NJ)  flew. 12′ 1″ PR to lead. the 6 never give up. athletes. to the fun. Taking the longest trip. to the festival ..was. Appoka,  Florida legend…’Jumpin’ Joe Johnston…The MASTERS. GROUP  won. the. MOST SPIRIT AWARD  @ Festival !!!   The Middle School Division Girls. were sensational…with Rachel Venter(Warwick ,NY) 10′ 1″ sail taking the PEACH.  and Averie Klein(Pine Bush,NY)  9′ 7″ the Silver. Emily Coss(Land-o-Lakes,FL) taking bronze. The Boys. Middle School Division was.  a Warwick Valley Middle School Sweep…with Luke  Beattie at 10′ 1″…Anthony Roe. 9’1”. and Colin Redpath. at 6’1″                 

DAY 2 ……The BIG BOYS. and BIG GIRLS ARRIVE in VAULT-TOWN. for. some MAGIC!!!!  The Boys/Men took. to  the outdoor Mondo Runway. and the. Girls/Women  laced ’em up in the Indoor 107 foot.  Speed Runway.   The. fun began. at. 10:01 am. .. with  the Girls Junior/Senior Division…. Alicia Johnson(Monroe,NY) flying  12′ 1″ under the direction of Coach Stephanie Duffy. This  all-around.  track and field. star will be heading. to UNC-Charlotte. this. fall to join. a.  super. Womens Vault  Squad .  NJ State Meet Runner-Up ..Randi Conroy(Allendale,NJ)   flew 11′ 7″ for. silver. and heads to Lehigh University next fall for Coaches Matt & Debbie Utesch.   The Boys Junior /Senior Division  was Louis Martinez(Wllkill,NY) made  history..with his new  Outdoor NY State Record. of. 17′ 1″ …Using is. 15′ 1. x 180Essx….this. 131. pounder let it. fly.  and. close bar at 17′ 4″ ….. Adding. fuel to that mark. was. Nick  Lourenco of St.Anthony’s,NY  with his all time. New York State Junior Class record. of 16′ 7″PR. for Coach Jim Henderson.  Coming up big  for. third. was MASS State Champion …Jack Vecellio(Gill,MASS)  at 16′ 1″. and. close bar  at Eric Duffy’s. State record. at 16′ 7′.  Both Nick and Jack  have been invited. to NYRR Millrose Games. on  Jan 27th Thursday Night Boys Jr Pole Vault Event!!!!!!!!!      The Womens Open Vault. was loaded up. with former HS Champions… as. Julia. Valenti(North Reading,MASS) took home.  a. close. comp at. 12′ 7″. with Victoria Atkinson(Mountain Top,PA) also. at 12′ 7″ both.  near missed. at 13′ 1″ in the indoor.  comp.  Outside. the Men’s Open. was. taking place…as. former  NY Pole Vault   star. Jordan Yamoth(Houston,TX). rallied over. 16′ 7″. to edge Dan Sorensen(Warwick,NY). 16′ 1″…Conor Reilly(Union,NJ). 16′ 1″.  and Bradley Jelmert(Basking Ridge,NJ). at 16′ 1″ !!!!!    In all… seven. guys over. 16′ 1″ + for the meet.

 Good Friends…. Share Good Times… to promote. GREAT KIDS !!!!!!   

   ……See you next year!!!!!