“THE BARN” MEET …FULL RUN APPROACH …Saturday…October 29 !!! JOIN-the-SHOW !!!

The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
Warwick Valley,NY


The Flying Circus ‘ Acrobats on Fiberglass’ have enjoyed their finest Pre-Season ever ….. and they are ready to roll out their Long Run Approach on Saturday October 29 at THE VAULT BARN. EVERYONE IS INVITED to join the early season competitive fun and friendship. Wanna Be ready for that first meet at the Armory or West Point…. then join us for the final pre-season meet. The Girls Kick off their Warm up at 10AM followed by san 11AM Meet Start Time… and the Boys Zoom in for their 1PM Warm Up and their 2PM Meet Start Time. Entry Fee is still only $30 per athlete!!!!! Music…Parking… Seating …Bathrooms…Heat .. and Comedy all included in Entry Fee!!!!!!


The FLYING CIRCUS pre season has always been a main part of all our athletes Indoor Success…..it’s the main reason for our DEEP ALL- TIME LISTS of UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCES.
This year’s groups of dedicated young athletes are our most focused ever….they will all be pushing up the ALL-TIME PERFORMANCE BOARD in the coming months…CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all vaulters!!!
We have just two more weeks of Open Tuesday and Open Thursday Classes…and then we will be concentrating on our Winter Club Athletes…all 65 athletes…from 5 different states beginning Monday November 7. All athletes who are not in the Winter Club Package , will be able to get instruction every Sunday here at Flying Circus… Girls Open at 12:30-2PM and Boys Open at 2-3:30PM. IT’s going to be a SUPER WINTER TRACK SEASON this year for all vaulters !!!

Saturday October 29 @ The Barn ..Girls Warm Up 10AM Boys Warm Up 1PM Entry $30/vaulter


Saturday December 3 @ The Barn… Girls Warm Up 10AM….. Boys warm Up 2PM Entry $30/vaulter

Coaching Position

The ARMORY is seeking an experienced Pole Vault Coach for this Winter. Job description is for Every Tuesday and Thursday Training sessions for High School Vaulters whose teams are part of the Team Training Winter Package at the Armory in New York City. Time commitment is 3PM-6:30PM and involves teaching safety in the Pole Vault Area and basic Pole Vault Teaching Progressions for Beginner and Intermediate athletes. Compensation provided. Interested coaches should contact Coach St. ASAP at coachst@gmail.com.


The Flying Circus Staff has enjoyed helping some SENSATIONAL ATHLETES the Past 30+ years…. With 3 Girls over 13’+ and 46 other girls over the magic 12 foot bar … 1 Boy over 17’1″ … 10 other boys over 16 feet and 26 more over the 15 foot barrier !!! The ALL TIME ALUMNI TOP PERFORMERS are Jordan Yamoah at 17′ 8.5″ for the Men and Megan “Flips” Clark at 15′ 2.5″ this year. WHO WILL JOIN THE ALL TIME LIST PERFORMERS THIS YEAR ????? See you all soon….. Flying Circus Staff