NEIL HOWARD III Sets NY STATE FROSH RECORD 14′ 8″ … ALICIA JOHNSON Sails 11′ 8″ … NJ STATE MEET~~~RANDI CONROY flies Again 12′ 0″ School Record !!!

The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole  Vault, LLC 
Warwick Valley , New York

  THE NEW YORK SHOWCASE MEET…. It  started out with  a   dream and vision from  Tim Fulton. The former Somers High School elite  coach  and now  the  New Balance  Armory Track and Field coordinator produced   a  wonderful meet  for  over  1200 athletes  and parents the past  three days.  CONGRATULATIONS  and THANK YOU  Coach  Tim Fulton and Staff.   The   brand new  state-of-the-art  Track & Field   site  at Rondout Valley High School  was outstanding and produced  new National Records.. State  and School records   and  so many personal bests  it’s  hard  to explain.  The Circus  sent 20 athletes in the   8 separate  divisions  and  Coach Bob Sorensen brought all the  equipment   and  6 bags  of poles  and cross bars for the event. Coach Duffy..Coach McIntee, Dane  Sorensen   and Bob  Sorensen handled  the  coaching duties  and  a GREAT TIME  was had by all. We now move  to limited practice sessions  and  3 Great Circus Meets  before  we open our 20th SUMMER CIRCUS CAMPS  for  64 aspiring  athletes  from  6 states.   IT’S NOT OVER YET.. in fact.. welcome  to SUMMER POLE VAULT DEVELOPMENT !!!!!  Our  final  Summer Festival  meet will  be  July 9-10   and   we want   every  Flying Circus  pole vaulter  we have  to join the celebration of   a  super  season together.  We have  77 vaulters  signed  up for the fun… JOIN us.. Registration  is on our  web site only and there is NO DAY of MEET REGISTRATION.   Any parent who wants  to  help with this project…. just let us know   which day  you can volunteer!!!!! Many thanks….!!!!

  The  GIRLS CHAMPIONSHIP section   on Friday was  exciting to watch.. with Monroe,NY  senior..Alicia Jihnson taking the  gold and new meet record  of 11′ 8″ on her ESSX series and  close bars  at 12′ 2.5″. Sophie Mirecki(Wash’ville,NY) went big over 11′ 4″  for  silver… Madison Chalfin(New City,NY) made 11′ 0″… Lily Beattie(Warwick,NY)  vaulted  11′ 0″  on bigger poles  Ellie Lemler(West Point,NY) made 11′ 0″  for her 6th place medal. Rachel venter(Warwick,NY) doubled back from her Thursday meet  win…  with 10′ 6″ and Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern,NY)  fly  9′ 0″.   Taking home  the Gold medal in the Open Division was  Angelisse Diaz(Newburgh,NY)  at  8′ 6″.  In the  Middle School Divisions…  Boys  winner  was Luke Beattie(Warwick,NY)  at 10′ 6″PR  and Anthony Roe(Warwick,NY)  was  silver medal  at 8′ 0″.  The Girls  were also soaring  with Rachel venter(Warwick,NY) taking Gold  at 9′ 10″  and  Acerie Klein(Pine Bush.NY)  silver at 9′ 0″.  The Frosh/Soph Divisions ..Reilly StLawrence(Goshen,NY) placed  3rd  at 9′ 6′  for Coach McIntee..Maia Perillo(East Fishkill,NY)  9′ 0″ PR..Elizabeth Apostoilco(Monroe,NY)  9′ 0″ for   the   Circus Girls..  In the Boys Fr/Soph division… Scott Anderson(Flemington.NJ)  took the  silver  at 11′ 10…Colin Robertson(Marlboro,NY) placed  3rd  at 10′ 6″.  All these  athletes  will be   attending Summer  Circus Camps.  The BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP section  was loaded  with the best… as Nick Lourenco …just a junior our of Jim Hendersons Warehouse Pole Vault club in Long Island   entered the 16 Foot Club  with his  gold medal soaring 16′ 0″  win.  Placing second  was Louis Martinez(Wallkill,NY) at 15′ 0″. Pole Vault history was made  with Neil Howard of Taconic Hills,NY…. breaking the NY State Freshman Pole Vault record  with his 14′ 8″  clear on his  15’1″ x  175 pole. He also won the 400m Hurdles Championship in  56.18 !!!!!!   Noah Brown(New Paltz,NY)flew  a PR   at 14′ 4″… Steve Ditelberg(Fairfield Ludlow,CT) placed   at 13′ 0″   Eoin O’Gara(Pearl River,NY)  13′ 0″  and Kevin La-Chua(NYC) made 11′ 0″. 
NEW JERSEY….. “MEET of CHAMPIONS”….    RANDI CONROY(No.Highlands) FLYS  12′ 0”!!!!!

South Plainfield,NJ~ Super vaulting  and records  tumble  at the  New jersey mOC meet… as  senior Brian McSweeney of East Brunswick,NJ flew to the gold  at 16′ 4.75″.!!!! This  mark   broke Flying Circus Coach..Will Nesbitt’s  16′ 4″ mark  from 1980.  Brian  is  heading  to West Point Military Academy in 2 weeks. He is coached  by Carl Palumbo  at VAULT FACTORY,NJ!!!!!  TMaking  and unbelievable comeback  from ankle  injury  2 weeks  ago.. was junior  Max   Zuckerman of Pascack Hills, NJ  with his  15′ 0″  silver medal.. Shaun Herlihy of Old Tappan  fle  13′ 6  for  5th”Luke Gnospelius(Ridgewood,NJ)  13′ ).. Reece Muller(Mahwah,NJ)  12′ 6″  for the ThunderBirds!!!  Randi Conroy.. the talented   and dedicated  senior  from Northern Highlands,NJ…finished  off her  storybook  season with her first  12′ 0″ pole Vault….  a New  School Record  for the  silver medal. She  heads  to Lehigh University next fall for academics  and athletics.  Michelle Lee(NV-Demarest,NJ) was  sensational at state  .. with her 11′ 6″=PR  for  7th place..  Rachel Mason (High Point,NJ) flew 11′ 0″ for 10th place in state and returns next year for her  senior fling on fiberglass.  Hanna Lee(Tenafly) 10′ 6″  Alexa cawood(Ho;y Angels)  10′ 6″  Chloe Pasek(West Milford)  9′ 6″     CONGRATULATIONS  to all athltes  for pushing thru Covid!!!!!!! 

CIRCUS MEETS COMING NOW …….   Tuesday  June 22… BOYS ELITE MEET  4:45pm at Barn… Entry $40…… Warm Up at 5pm.. Bar up  5:45pm   Wednesday  June 30…GIRLS ELITE MEET  4:45pm at Barn… Entry  $40..Warm Up 4:45pm… Bar up  5:45pm   Thursday  July 1… BOYS & GIRLS RISING STARS MEET  4:45pm at Barn..Entry $40  .. Warm Up at 4:45pm…Bar up 5:45pm   Friday…July 9..SUMMER FESTIVAL… MS….   Frosh/Soph  …. Masters  ON LINE SIGN UP ONLY   Saturday…July 10..SUMMER FESTIVAL//Junior/Senior … College/Open……. Elite Women     ON LINE SIGN UP ONLY  at     Flying Circus…  Summer Time Pole Vault  now till July 11.