“ALL ABOARD”…….. The FLYING CIRCUS REGISTRATION for our Winter Pole Vault Training sessions are about ready to LAUNCH!!!!

    We want you flying in our pole vault club this. winter .  Our LIMITED  Enrollment of just 64  vaulters for our indoor winter training will take place this year IN PERSON ONLY at our club VAULT BARN in Warwick, NY on Sunday. October 8.2023. from 10 am-2 pm.  The club will sell out in these four hours and a waiting list will start with the #65 Registered. Athlete.   Don’t be left out in the cold. this. winter.. .  Join our. warm and positive training environment at FLYING CIRCUS.. on REGISTRATION DAY~~~October 8.

    As we start up our 40th YEAR @ FLYING CIRCUS…….. we are honored.  and thankful to you all for putting us on the National Pole Vault Map. with your total efforts. and continuous commitment.   “TRADITION RUNS DEEP”. … 155 State Champs…. 5 National Champs…  82 All-Americans…..  and over 3,550 MOTIVATED  ” VAULT~ KIDS”  FLYING TOGETHER !!!!!    

       We INVITE YOU to join us. this. winter.   

    FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT WINTER CLUB REGISTRATION.   Date:…. Sunday. October 8, 2023   Time….. 10 am- 2 pm   IN PERSON REGISTRATION. with Forms, Parent Waiver Forms, Full Payment (Payable to: HV Flying Circus, LLC)   Registration Forms…Sent October 5 to all EMAIL Athletes from Last Year, Summer FestivalPrivate session athletes. BRING FORMS with you to Registration Day.   Place:..  The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development                  HV Flying Circus, LLC                 3 Warwick Center Road & Hoyt Road                 Warwick, New York. 10990       It’s. going to be. a GREAT YEAR @ CIRCUS. 

           Many Thanks ~~. Coach St. and Staff


    Welcome  Back to Flying Circus  Fall  Pole Vault Prep   

     “Championship athletes don’t give up…….. they work harder and dig deeper.”  Now is your time to prepare for. your successful Indoor Pole Vault. season.  Flying Circus Pole Vault will be opening sessions. on Sundays.  and Wednesdays this fall beginning Sunday.  September 10 with Coach Stephanie Duffy..Bob Sorensen. and Dane Sorensen will be instructing small ability groups on separate. runways . The sign-up link is weekly at our website (www.hvflyingcircus.com) at the Bulletins section. Check for availability each week to get signed up for the Pole Vault  Fall Foundations program.   Excellent progressive instruction including warm-up dynamics.. run mechanics/posture…apparatus drills. and short run vaulting in the 90-minute instruction class.(Cost $40/athlete.). Bring spikes and Water.  and Join~the~Flying Fun.
       *. New Elevated Indoor  Runway….  Get ready for some Speed Pole Vaulting.   Our new rubber runway is lighting fast and ready for your new personal best.  Spikes 1/4″ Only……… Vault  Pits and Standards have also been upgraded, along with fresh paint, and the  “Positive Vibe” will again be the goal of every session.    *  Coach Bob Sorensen will have his new ESSX POLE VAULTING POLES RENTAL  system for all our athletes. Check all the details on our website at the Bulletins Section. ORDER EARLY to be ready with your proper  ESSX Vaulting poles.
       *  Fall Pre~Season Vault Meets are scheduled. for October. 25(Boys only).  and October 26(Girls only) to break the Ice before HS Indoor seasons begin. Meets are. 4:30 pm-8:30 pm on the indoor runways at The Barn,   Cost will still be. just $40/athlete.
       *  Registration for our very limited Winter Club Training Packages will be in person this year at the Barn on Sunday…October  8, 2023. from 10 AM-2 PM. ONLY.  Make plans. to register that day, as we have sold out the 64 spots for Winter Training in 24-36 hours for the past 10 years.  There is no mail-in registration this year. Registration  Forms will be sent to all athletes from last year. indoor club and Summer Festival vaulters first on October 6.   It’s going to be a BANNER YEAR @ FLYING CIRCUS !!!! Don’t miss this one-day Registration.
        “Nature can not be hurried….. years of training is necessary for athletic success to emerge.”