The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy                                 Warwick Valley,  New York

              “PASSION  CREATES  ENERGY”……….  WELCOME TO FLYING CIRCUS POLE VAULT.   Thanks. to your  great support…..our. Winter Training Packages  are. filled up with motivated.  and highly          dedicated  young. athletes ready for the challenges. of modern day fiberglass pole vaulting.   We are NOW SOLD OUT. for this Winter and READY to FLY with our flight crew.  Your class placement. and          and your runway placement will be. e-mailed. to you by Oct. 20…… as we. evenly  get ability grouping on both our RISING STARS 6-Step Runway. and our EMERGING ELITE VAULTERS on our 8 Step          Runway.   This ability grouping instruction will speed up the learning curve for both groups.     Masks. will be required  for all athletes  and staff for indoor activities( OurPractice and our meets). and all athletes         must renew their. current USATF memberships on line. by December 31, as they turn over each  new year with re-registration. There  will be no spectators or family members  inside again this year for our         practices. and meets.     We have  a strong group of new vaulters.  and the seasoned  vaulters will model the leadership necessary. for success in  our sport.

             Things to Remember…….           
    *. Be 10 Minutes. EARLY. for your training session.            
    *  Encourage your team mates. every chance. you get.  It goes. full circle.      
    *. Make  serious training. a priority…… not just going-thru-the-motions.            *. You must be. COACHABLE.  and. be ready. for. new levels of challenges.         *  Stay POSITIVE……   Bring a small notebook to each training session for. grips,run approach starts ,pole changes,drills, etc.           
    *. Dress for practice. like. you are a world class elite athlete.  Present. yourself…. Bring. small spikes/masks,waterbottle.           
    *  Start up your. run and. strength lifting NOW… Just  5 weeks. till Nov. start up.           
    *. Give more than you take in life……. GO HARD in our club.           
    *  Bring…a. “SPIRIT” driven  training. attitude with. you each day….  There are NO LIMITS to your. ACHEIVEMENTS.

          OUR FIRST MEETS are only. 4 weeks. away…  It’s  our. season opening ICE-BREAKER FALL CLASSIC….. BE READY for FUN.       Thursday. October 28, 2021… GIRLS ICE BREAKER FALLL CLASSIC…4:30pm…. Fee-$40/athlete       Friday.      October. 29, 2021..BOYS ICE BREAKER FALL CLASSIC… 4:30pm……Fee-$40/athlete
                                                           FLY-the-CIRCUS…… PUSH TO THE TOP of the MOUNTAIN.


    Join us for some Pole Vault Recoil Meets this Fall…Winter.  and Spring   
    Cost….still just $40. At-the-Door / Athlete

    Fall Meet
    Girls Fall Indoor Classic… Thursday. October 28, 2021   4:45pm @ Circus Barn  Boys Fall Indoor Classic..  Friday  October 29, 2021       4:45pm @ Circus Barn

    Winter Meets
    Boys & Girls Coach St.Invite….Friday  December 17, 2021 4:pm @ Armory,NYC
    Circus Holiday Meet Week
    Boys & Girls Frosh/Soph Holiday Classic..Monday December 27, 2021 4:45pm @ Circus Barn 
    Girls Junior/Senior Holiday Classic….Tuesday  December 28, 2021.  4:45pm @ Circus Barn  Boys Junior/Senior Holiday Classic…Wednesday December 29,2021  4:45pm @ Circus Barn

      Circus  Pole Vault Gala Meet Week 
    Boys & Girls Frosh/Soph Gala…. Monday  January 24 2022.  4:45pm @ Circus Barn 
    Girls Junior/Senior Gala…… Tuesday. January 25,2022.      4:45pm @ Circus Barn 
    Boys Junior/Senior Gala…..  Wednesday January 26,2022.  4:45pm @ Circus Barn

      Circus Indoor  Pole Vault Championships Meet Week
    Boys & Girls Frosh/Soph Championships. Monday March 15. 4:45pm @ Circus Barn 
    Girls Junior/Senior Championships.     Tuesday. March 16.      4:45pm @ Circus Barn 
    Boys Junior/Senior Championships     Wednesday. March 17. 4:45pm @ Circus Barn