1. RACHEL VENTER AGAIN !!!! 10′ 4″ Today @ Vault Factory Meet!!!! New State Class Record !!!!

    The FLYING CIRCUS ADVENTURE ….    Warwick Valley,NY

        FLYING CIRCUS  Head Coach…..Stephanie Duffy…..  rounded  up the  ‘Summer Fiber-Kids’ and  headed  to Basking Ridge,NJ  for Carl Palumbo’s  VAULT FACTORY Meet today under  hot  and humid conditions….and produced   SUPER RESULTS  from all five athletes…including   3  New All-Time  Personal Bests in the packed  and loaded   fields.  Two  runways  blasting   the music and   super  sportsmanship carried  the  day….. as 7th Grader..Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley,NY)  raised  her  State Class Record  to 10′ 4″ and  close bars  at 10’10” on her  bigger poles.  Syosset,NY Sophomore  Smantha Smith  leaped  big with her  10′ 4″PR for  the Circus   and  up-and-coming Michelle Lee(NV-Demarest,NJ)   flew  9’10” PR  for  the Nordsman of Coach Mike Ives. Aileen Hogan  (Long Island Express)  flew  8’10”   and Sandra Capani(Long Island) 7’9″ !!!!!

      The  final  summer meet will be  next weekend(Aug.8-9)  at Atlantic City Beach Vault…with  18 Circus Athletes  taking  to the runways  on the beach. Coach Duffy   and Coach Sorensens
    will be on hand  to do all the  coaching  and  story telling. Pole Rentals  at the meet is  just $25 per athlete. Be  sure to connect  with them to have  your  rental pole there at the meet.
     **   Mrs. Meyer…. always  told us …….. ” Be Kind  to Each Other “.       

  2. RACHEL VENTER (Warwick Valley,NY)…… NEW 7th Grade NEW YORK STATE OUTDOOR RECORD 10′ 3″ !!!!

    The FLYING CIRCUS Pole Vault Adventure, LLC  Warwick’s  ‘Golden Valley’ , New York

      July 29, 2020 FLYING CIRCUS SUMMER  TWILIGHT POLE VAULT  Series  Meet #5

     “Let~~the~~Good~~Times~~Roll” …….  Pole Vault fun and friendship was the theme @ Circus Meet #5 on Wednesday night on the outdoor runways for  the 12 athletes still seeking the   elusive bar. The conditions  were perfect and  the sunset framed  the motivated young athletes on fiberglass.  Using her  12′ x 110-115 ESSX  series to the max  was   Rachel Venter of Warwick Valley Middle School. Coming off two sensational  summer camps  at Flying Circus  and Coach Pat Manson’s Colorado camp… she added  a NEW 7th GRADE NY STATE CLASS RECORD  of 10′ 3″ to the  All-Time books. Using her 8 step approach and  coached by Stephanie Duffy  and Dane Sorensenall the way to history. She had  one close bar at 10′ 9″ and  will finish her season with club mates  at Vault Factory meet(Aug.1)   and the Vertical Adventures Atlantic City Beach Vault(Aug. 8).  The old 7th Grade record  was held by super-star..Karmen Auble of Warsaw Central,NY  from  2009.She will again be on Coach Mike Potters Purple Wave of Champions team this  winter.

      Taking gold was Rising Senior  ..Randi Conroy of Highlands,NJ…coached  by Bob Sorensen….with her big air sail over 10′ 9″ from short run   and top New York girl  was Jules Gravier(Bronxville,NY)  at 10′ 9″  Top  Open Women  was   Camp staffer… Jessica Ipolito of Fair Lawn,NJ  at 11′ 3″   and Top HS Boy was  mike Carey (Washingtonville,NY)   at 11′ 3″. CONGRATULATIONS  to all Flyers    and  Meet Volunteers…JulieKay Christian,Stephanie Duffy,Dane Sorensen,Brian Smith   and Bob Sorensen.  Complete Results below.

    Girls Division:   1-Randi Conroy(Highland,NJ)  10′ 9″   2-Jules Gravier(Bronxville,NY) 10′ 9″   3T-Rachel Venter(Warwick Valley.NY)  10′ 3″   3T-Samantha Smith(Syosset,NY)  10′ 3″   5-Isabella Gray(Union,NJ)  9′ 9″  6-Sophia Mirecki(Washingtonville,NY)  9′ 9″  7-Michelle Lee(Demarest,NJ)  9′ 9″   8- Sandra Capani(Island Express,NY)  7′ 9″  Sisi Diaz-NH  Ella Galloway-DNSWomens Open Division:   1-Jessica Ippolito(Fair Lawn,NJ)   11′ 3″Boys Division:    1-Mike Carey(Washingtonville,NY)  11′ 3″