1. “CIRCUS FLYERS” @ NJ STATE … “VAULT STATE CHAMPIONS” …Randi Conroy(Northern Highlands)…Alexa Cawood(Holy Angels)…Shaun Herlihy(Old Tappan)…Max Zuckerman(Pscack Hills) !!! Sophie Mirecki(Wsh’ville,NY) ~~~ 3 Gold @ Section 9 !!!!

      The Hudson Valley Flying Circus  “YOU GOTTA’ BELIEVE” 

    The  “Air ~Flying ”  continues   at Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy… as   four  NEW NJ STATE CHAMPIONS  were crowned this weekend  and  New York  State Poe Vault heats up…in prep  for   The  BIG VAULT FESTIVAL on July 9-10  in Warwick Valley ,NY… CIRCUS BARNYARD!!!!!!    Athletes  are gearing  up  and  starting  their  ..”Peaking Phase” !!!!!  Join the  Fly~ Movement  with us at our  final  four meets of the year. (Schedule Below).

     New Jerset Stae Meet(Groups) …..   What a difference   a year makes….. Randi Conroy of Northern Highlands never gave  up. After no heighting   a year ago in her Group 3 State Meet…she  dedicated herself this season like no other…  and  now… just 365 days later.. She  is “State Vault CHAMPION”….   It’s great how a  setback  can be a GREAT MOTIVATOR in athletes….  Rani used    a borrowed pole  from Coach Ken Cevoli  to  sail  11′ 6″ for  the  gold medal.  Over in the Private A group//it was  Holy Angel Academy..junior gymnast Alexa Cawood   taking home  the gold  with her  10′ 6″  clear   and team mates Mary Flahive placing third  at 8′ 6″  and Kendall Williams(HA)  8′ 0″ 7th   and 9th was Brooke Schmidt(PJ)  at 8′ 0”.  The Boys    Group 2 Champion was  Max Zuckerman of Pascack Hills  with  15′ 0″ coming back  from injury   and  Group 3 Champion  was  senior  ..Shaun herlihy of Old Tappan  at  13′ 6″ .  CONGRATULATIONS STATE CHAMPIONS !!!!!

    Rachel Mason of High Point,NJ was   soarin also in Group 2 Championships… sailing 10′ 6″  on first jump to   take  home  he  silver medal…Michelle Lee (NV-Denarest) placed  3rd  at 10′ 6″   for Coach Ives….Chloe Pasek of West Milford placed    4th  at 9′ 6″ for the Lady Highlanders.  Hanna Lee(Tenafly) placed 5th in  group 3 at 10′ 6″  and Rebecca Gross(old Tappan)  flew  9′ 6″ for Coach Clark.In Boys.. It was Ridgewood’s  junior  Luke Gnospelius  placing 5th   for Coach Tim Wilson  at 13′ 6″PR  and moves  to MOC meet next week.  Reece Muller(Mahwah)  12′ 6″  Ben Mander(PH)  11′ 6″

     Section 9  in New York Sites……    Hats ~0ff to Washingtonville Wizard…Sophie Mirecki  for  her sensational triple   gold  medal day in Class A  at Warwick… This  dedicated   junior  flew  11′ 6″  PV…15′ 6 Long Jump  and  16.65  100m Hurdle  wins for Coach Duffy.. She heads  to NY Showcase meet on Friday.  Having a  3 Silver Medal Day was Warwick Valley Freshman… Lily Beattie… with  11′ 0″ PV/  12. 9/100m/  and  26.3  at 200m  for the  Lady Wildcats.  Monroe senior… Alicia Johnson  went  big  at 10′ 6″ for  3rd   and   Middle Schooler Rachel Venter produced  big team points for the Purple Wave   at 10′ 6″ PV/400 Hurdles in 73.6(7 second PR)   and  super  anchor leg  on 4 x 400 Relay!!!..  Elizabeth Apostolico(MW) place 5th at 8′ 6″  Angelisse Diaz(NFA)   took gold  at  8′ 0″  in Kingston Group…  Miranda Frisbee(Wizards)   hit 6′ 0″  Andy Cimino(Warwick-Soph)  flew 11′ 6″ PV  . Griffin Voneben of Pine Bush took home the Gold  at 12′ 0″.

    USATF New York Youth Meet  @ Icahn Stadium on Saturday… Luke Beattie  won his  Age Group  with 10′ 0″ leap  for the 7th grader  and close at 10′ 6’PR… Averie Klein was solid   at 8′ 6″  win   and Anthony Roe  was  solid all day  for Coaches  Bob and dane Sorensen. Fred Monesmith won his  73 Year Age Group  for Circus at 7′ 6″PR!!!!!

    In Section 1  Pole Vault Action….  Madison Chalfin(Clarkstown South)  won gold  at 10′ 0″ in Suffern…Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern) placed  silver at 9′ 6″  Ciara Murphy(Somers)  8′ 9’PR.  Jeremy Frank  took his Championship in Arlington  at 12′ 8″  Charlie Hatzman(RCK)  12′ 2… Alexander Simon(Scarsdale_  1st in 8′ 9′  PR  and Maia Perillo(JJEF)   hir 8′ 9″ pr  for silver.



    Tuesday  June  15… Boys & Girls Rising Stars Meet  4:45pm  Bar  starts  6′ 7″  Entry $40 at the door
    Tuesday  June  22… Boys Elite Meet   4:45pm  Bar starts  at 11′ 0″  Entry $40 at the door…   17 Foot Challenge.
    Wednesday June 30..Girls Elite Meet  4:45pm  Bar starts  at 9′ 7′   Entry $40 at the door…
    Thursday  July 1…… Boys & Girls Rising Stars meet  Bar starts  at 6′ 7′   Entry  $40 at the door Friday….July 9…. CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL… Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls…. 10am  ..Masters  at1pm… Middle School  at 4pm … ON LINE ENTRY ONLY at www.hvflyingcircus.com Saturday..July  10..CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL.. Junior/Senior Boys and Girls .. 10am….  Open Men/Women..1pm   Elite Women.. 4pm ON LINE ENTRY ONLY at www.hvflyingcircus.com
    Friday….July 9…. CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL… Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls…. 10am  ..Masters  at1pm… Middle School  at 4pm … ON LINE ENTRY ONLY at www.hvflyingcircus.com 
    Saturday..July  10..CIRCUS SUMMER FESTIVAL.. Junior/Senior Boys and Girls .. 10am….  Open Men/Women..1pm   Elite Women.. 4pm ON LINE ENTRY ONLY at www.hvflyingcircus.com

    RENTED VAULTING POLES DUE BACK at BARN by June 22   for CAMP USE@@@@@@@@  Avoid Late Rental Fees… Pole Due  back June 22     Ashley Brule… 5 UCS poles    Eesha….   1 Pacer Pole   Alexandra Simon…. 2 UCS poles   Jeremy Frank…. 2 UCS Poles   Maria….   1 UCS  and 1 Altis Pole   Sonya….. 5 UCS poles   Quinn…. 1 UCS Pole



    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault  Experiment, LLC  The  Golden Valley in Warwick, NY

      CONGRATULATIONS !!!  The Flyin’ Circus  acrobats  are in full recoil.   The  weekend was full of  exciting   performances  on the  track  and  in the   pole vault  field, with many new  personal bests  and  school records  highliting the results.   The CHAMPIONSHIP  SEASON is in the  air…. as   athletes  push to the  new  grips   and poles  in  an all out assult for  … The NEXT BAR !!!!!!!!!   The pole vault competitions  are  still all about Friendships on Fiberglass    as the most  exciting  images  are of  athletes   supporting  each other …… This is PURE SPORT  at it’s  finest!      CONGRATULATIONS ALL !!!!!

      ***  SIGN UP ALERT ****……     Don’t delay… Sign up now for  our  Final  Meets  ….  and  SAVE on ENTRY FEES with EARLY REGISTRATION.      June 17-19… The New York Showcase @ Rondout Valley HS, Accord,NY.. Open to all Northeast Vaulters…  @ MIlesplitNY  website      July 9-10…The  Flying Circus  Summer Fiber-Blast Festival…… Open to all Groups  …. @   www.hvflyingcircus.com

    Circus Flyers  Weekend Recap
    * New Britian,CT…. Ellison Weiner(Weston,CT) is  just  a Rising Soph  for Coach Matt Medve….soared  to 11′ 6″ PR  and  win in the CT  Class M  Championships , under the direction of Coach Stephanie Duffy.  She now  heads  to State Open this week.* Section 8  Division Championships.. It was Samantha Smith(Syosset,NY) adding   big points  to her TEAM  Title  for the Braves… with  11′ 6″ PV Gold   and  16.88 Hurdle  win to secure  the first ever team crown.* New Jersey North Sectionals….. The NV-Demarest pole vault enclave came thru for Coach Mike Ives..  with Michelle Lee  setting PR  at 11′ 6″  for gold.. Jordan Hecker(NVD) 11’0″PR   for silver  and Rachel Mason (High Point,NJ)  sailing 11′ 0″ for Bronze…. Abby Fowler(NVD) 10′ 6″ Chloe Pasek(West Milford) 9′ 6″  and danielle Bruce(Vernon)  8′ 6″ for the Vikings.* NJ Group 3 Championships…  Senior Randi Conroy rolled  to first place  at  11′ 6″ for Northern Highlands   and  so close  bar at 12’0″. Hanna Lee(tenafly)  10′ 0″  Rebecca Gross(old Tappan)  9′ 6′  Katie Klein(OT)  9′ 6″ for Coach Clark.  Shaun Herlihy(Old Tappan)  flew  to another  win  at 14′ 0″!!!!!  *Section 1  2-B League…Junior Alexander Pedersen(Somers)  took home  the  gold   at 9′ 6″. Jeremy Frank  cranked over  13’0″  for Arlington,NY.*Rockland County Championships @ Tappan Zee,NY.. Clarkstown South’s  Madison Chalfin  soared 11′ 1″    for her gold medal  and  Maeve Loughran(Pearl River)  silver at 9’3″…Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern)  9′ 0″.. Ashley Harrington(PR)  8′ 3″..Erin Dowling(PR)  8′ 0″  Kate Dowling(PR)  8′ 0″.  Eoin O’Gara(PearlRiver) sailed  to his  championship at 13′ 0″  for the Pirates in Blue.* Fast Times  @ Warwick Valley…..Under  the Lights at the Fifty Yard Line.. Louis Martinez  flew  to gold    with 16′ 1″ vault  and took  3 great attempts  at  17′ 1.25 ” on his  15′ 7 Essx  Sticks… Matti Levasalmi(Bethlehem.NY)  PR’ed  at  15′ 4″  for  a new family record… Freshman Neil Howard(Taconic Hills) blew out  all his poles  at  14′ 1″…Alex McKenney(Horace Greeley) set school record  12′ 7″  Andy Cimino(Warwick Valley Soph)  12’7″  Kyle Miller(PJ) 11′ 1″PR   Alexander Pedersen(Somers)  9′ 7′.In the Girls Fast Times.Big Jumps  meet.. Warwick Valley,NY Freshman sprinter/vaulter…Lily Beattie  had  a  3 gold medal day… with 11′ 6″ pole vault  win.. 4 x 100 Relay Gold   and 4 x 400 relay gold  3:55.0 final and 59′ 3  split!!!!!  Sophie Mirecki(Wash’ville) almost stole the bacon on her  final jump at 12′ 0″ to place  silver at 11′ 6″.. Ellie Lemler(O’Neill)   11′ 0″   Rachel Venter(Warwick) 10′ 6′  Jules Gravier(Bronxville)  10′ 6″   Alicia Johnson(MW)  10′ 6″  Madison Chalfin (CS) 10′ 6″  Hannah Solomon-Hollander(Suffern)  9’6″  Reilly St;Lawrence(Goshen) 8′ 6′  Angele=isse Diaz(NFA)  8′ 6″  Elizabeth Apostolico(MW)  8′ 6″Brooke Schmidt(PJ)  8′ 0″.* NJ Group 4 Champs…. Ridgewood,NJ  Junior…Luke Gnospelius..sailed  13′ 0″  for  thewin..coached  by Tim Wilson. Reece Muller(Mahwah)  12′ 6″   Max Zuckerman(Pascack Hills)  12′ 0″ on  1 ankle…
          Back-to-Work……. Flying Circus