The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club   
    Warwick Valley, NY

     It’s time  to RE-FUEL your  Spirit and  Physical  Pole Vault Engine. 

    CONGRATULATIONS  on your successful opening this week  at  Flying Circus  Fall  Pole Vault.  Your  spirit is leading   your work  and  we believe in the  “NO LIMITS”  theory.  Our  job here  at Circus  is  to develop  CONFIDENT ATHLETES.  This is the  way  to your  success this  season.   Consistant Training routines……Dedicated attitudes    and   the  pledging  to  reach  for the  Joy-of-Self-Movement.  

    It’s  YOUR TIME NOW…  DON’T  BLINK !!!!

      This Fall Prep  work is the KEY  for  your successful  INDOOR  SEASON ahead.  Only the  dedicated  athletes will prepare themselves….. only  1  athlete out of  10 …. will really  dig  down  deep  this fall  with intelligent and daily  training for  the “BIG DANCE of COMPETITION”.  ARE YOU THAT ONE-in-TEN ???????????     The body can never go…. where the mind  has never been.   Let’s  get  BIG in our  focus   and training routines. Your   athletic  careers  last  a very  short  time…. many athletes   can TRAIN HARDER…. TRAIN SMARTER….   and  TRAIN-with-MORE PASSION.   NOW is YOUR TIME in the  Athletic Spot Light.   GO FOR IT…. NOW.Write  your  GOALS   and DREAMS in your  small Training Journal…..  Double  your  EFFORTS in TRAINING….. SEEK MASTERY…Not just  put in time.  MAKE TRAINING A PRIORTY.

    TRAINING MICRO-CYCLES  are  21 days each.Each NEW CYCLE is built  on the previous  work cycle.  This is how  your  build  your ATHLETIC FOUNDATION.A missed  training   CAN NOT be  made up…. It is a lost opportunity in your development.You must  move the weights  3  Days  per  week  for real strength to be acheived.You must  commit  to Run Fitness  and Run Mechanics  2 Days  per  week.You must   schedule yourself  to 2-3  Pole Vault Technical Days per week.You must  buy into  the DRILLS PROGRAM…the WARM UP PROGRAM   and the SMALL JUMP DAYS PROGRAM .You  must   concentrate  on eating right…  eating healthy…    and  sleep recovery increases each day.You must  support   your team mates at  every opportunity……   ‘as  you give…so shall you receive.’You  must start to  DREAM BIGGER  ……  WHAT DO YOU DREAM TONIGHT ???????


     * Mark  your  Calender…. We will be hosting  an IN-HOUSE  Only…(Flying Circus Athletes Only )  MINI-MEET.S  Small Groups.  See below  for  first Meet.           Friday Night  October 16        5 :01pm GIRLS  MEET Beginner/Intermediate Meet  ( Girls PR of 9′ 0″   and Under)  Bar opens  at 6′ 0″ ….Cost $40/athlete.                                                  7:31pm  GIRLS MEET Intermediate/Elite  (Girls PR of  9’6″ and Up)   Bar opens at 8′ 6″ …..Cost $40/athlete   Saturday  October  17            10:01am  BOYS MEET Beginner/Intermediate Meet (Boys PR of 10′ 6″  and Under)   Bar opens  at 7′ 0″  … Cost $40/athlete                                                   1:01pm  BOYS MEET  Intermediate/Elite Meet  (Boys PR of 11′ 0″  and Up)    Bar Opens  at 10′ 0″  … Cost $40/athlete

    OPEN FALL SCHEDULE  ($30/athlete Walk-In)  Wednesday Evenings… Boys  at 5-6:30pm    Girls  at 7-8:30pm
     Sundays …Beginners- 10:31am-12:01pm        Girls Int/Elite  12:31-2:01pm           Boys Int/Elite   2:31-4:01pm
      FLYING CIRCUS ….” I will getready…and then perhaps…my chance will come.”


    YOU ARE INVITED to the PARTY!!!!!!   The Pole Vault Adventure  continues   @  your Flying Circus  next week  and we can’t  wait to  begin training  with you this fall.  We will be   having Open Instructional Sessions  Every Wednesday Evening   and Every Sunday to get us ready to fly the Armory rafters  this  winter.   We will be   requiring Covif Wavier Forms   signed before  entry  along with  temperature checks  at the   entry door.  We will beging  small    …    and  finish BIG !!!!  We will be spaced out on  our  outdoor pits  and Indoor pits. Social distancing at outdoor pits… Mask mandatory on indoor pits.   In  bad  Weather/Rain days.. we  will take  the  first 15 athletes who register at the  door only  for indoor pits. Cost is  still only $30 per athlete  for the 90 minute instruction in Open Sessions.  Bring  your  spikes, masks, water bottle  labled  with name.    No parents,spectators,sibling allowed   inside  during Indoor  Activities.   No private  sessions  on OPEN WEDNESDAYS  and OPEN SUNDAYS .. Here is   exact  schedule.

    EVERY WEDNESDAY in September  and October. (Beginning Sept. 9) 
    BOYS OPEN SESSION …. 5:6:30pm…..     
    GIRLS OPEN SESSION…..7-8:30pm..

    EVERY SUNDAY in September…  October…November beginning Sept. 13
    BOYS & GIRLS BEGINNER SESSION (Personal Best Vault of 9’0″  and Under) …… 10:31am-12:01pm   
    GIRLS INTERMEDIATE / ELITE (Personal best Vault of 9’6″ and Above)…….  12:31pm-2:01pm   
    BOYS INTERMEDIATE / ELITE (Personal best Vault of  10′ 0″  and Above)….  2:31pm-4:01pm

    CIRCUS MEETS  COMING  Mid-October  !!!!!!!!!!    SEE YOU SOON—–