The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club, LLC

    The Golden Valley ~~~~ Warwick,NY

             The FLYING CIRCUS pipeline of athletes are…”Keeping  the  Drive  Alive’  …with  a  sustained spirit of dedication to individualized  workout routines  everyday at their homes.  This is a prime example of people setting higher standards for themselves.  They  come out on their own early  and they  stay late. They always  find  the  time   and the  space to do things  right. BIG DREAMS  will overtake BIG ROAD BLOCKS . This  was one of the  foundations that our   pole vault  club was built on.   Put in that extra effort….. work hard…..set solid  goals…  stick together…..be positive….. improve  just a little bit  each day…. encourage  a team mate…… believe in yourself……  push your limits beyond… never..never…..  ever give up.   Your ~~~~ “FLYING CIRCUS SPIRIT’  is INSPIRING !!!  Keep  your  Flame Burning!
         ” MOTIVATION  for  LIFE” 

    * Hitch you wagon to a  star.  Set your goals high.          * There will be challenges……. Answer the call.           * Promise   and Deliver.           * Make progress….. Not mark time.           * Leave it better…than… when you found it.           * Treat people  with Dignity.           * EXPECT MORE OF  YOURSELF.                 FLYING CIRCUS……. YOU WILL BE READY WHEN WE  GET BACK TOGETHER.


    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus, LLC  Warwick Valley, NY

      Monday— March 16, 2020
     Dear Flying Circus Staff…Athletes   and Parent ….      It is  sad  to report that  we are officially CLOSED till further notice…in order to proper  you  from  and virus  harm. All our Open Wednesday  and Open Sunday classes…as well as all private  and semi-private sessions are now on hold. We will keep   everyone up as  to our  re-opening of  full activities   and  meets.  All athletes  are encouraged  to stay  strong  and  fit….both physically    and mentally …as   we will be  back better-than-ever as soon as it’s  safe.    Many thanks  for all your  support  and understanding…Coach St.