1. READY-to-FLY @ “CIRCUS VAULT~MANIA” Meet …. JOIN the LAUNCH —- Oct. 30!!!!

    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
    The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development
    “VAULT~MANIA “MEET ~~~~~ Oct. 30

    The FLYING CIRCUS Vault Crew is …. READY-to-FLY the Rafters this coming Wednesday and we want you to be a part of our #2 Pre-Season Meet Fun-Meet. Our newly lighted hay loft and our FAST RUNWAY will provide the perfect setting for another PR opportunity before our Winter Indoor Training Club begins November 4. Again…the cherished prize …a delicious … 20 oz. bottle of Flyin’ Circus Magic … RASPBERRY JOE TEA to MS and HS Boys and Girls WINNERS!!!!! JOIN the FUN and FLY WITH US !!!!
    ” Girls Vault Mania”Meet…Registration & Warm Up at 4:30pm… Bar goes up 5:15pm (5 Feet 6 inches)… Cost $30 per athlete.
    “Boys Vault Mania”Meet…Registration & Warm Up at 6:30pm… Bar goes up 7:15pm (8 Feet 6 inches)…Cost $30 per athlete.

    FLYING CIRCUS TRADITION… Things to remember….

    GREAT TRAINING HURTS ……. for no matter how TOUGH the athlete may seem outwardly….. every new level of development or INTENSITY of EFFORT , brings it’s own quality of PAIN and new levels of HUMAN PERFORMANCE. MAKE TRAINING A PRIORITY this winter.
    * TAKE ACTION NOW. Be a product of the ‘MIRACLES of MOTIVATION.
    * BE LOYAL to your TEAM MATES and to YOURSELF.
    * FOCUS ..on what we COULD BE…. NOT…what we are!
    * The body can never go….. where the mind has never been ~~~ THINK BIG !
    * Be true to your sport …..Leave “BIG FOOTPRINTS’ !
    * LIGHT-YOUR-OWN-FIRE ….It’s PASSION that counts-most-in-life.
    * Rise above PEER PRESSURE…. Become your own HERO !
    * BE HUMBLE with your SUCCESS. Help another TEAM MATE EVERYDAY.
    * …. our GOAL is NOT TO SET RECORDS…but… to SET EXAMPLES.
    FLY-the-CIRCUS this Wednesday….@….. VAULT-MANIA MEET

  2. CIRCUS MEET…. “VAULT~MANIA”… coming Wednesday October 30….JOIN-the-FUN !!!!

    The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
    Warwick, NY “VAULT-MANIA” Pole Vault Meet

    JOIN our “POLE VAULT MANIA” @ FLY-the-CIRCUS …..YOU and your pole vault buddies are invited to our ” CIRCUS POLE VAULT MANIA MEET” on Wednesday..October 30 !!!! This is our #2 Pre-Season meet and it promises to be another thriller…just before the Halloween energy rush. Our girls will kick the afternoon off..with Registration at 4:30pm and meet begins at 5:15pm at low heights for all levels. Bring your sharpened spikes, as we compete in a friendly atmosphere ..under “the NEW JOE SAVARESE LIGHTS” at the Indoor Circus Barn. Cost still just $30 per athlete…. 12 PR’s last meet and more to come!!! The Boys will register at 6:30pm and Bar goes up at 7:30pm….. on the World’s FASTEST RUNWAY!!!!
    PRIZES…… A 20 ounce Bottle of JOE TEA MAGIC for all Middle School and High School EVENT WINNERS!!!!!
    World Famous…JOE TEAM BUTTONS to all Personal Best Performances !!!!!!!
    JOIN –the–MANIA ….. EMBRACE the CONFUSION and JUMP at PR with us !!!!!!!


    * The Pre-Season new pole orders are moving fast. Order you new sticks ASAP and BE READY for ALL-COMERS!!!!
    * The Pole Rental Season orders begin Monday..November 4 with our ESSX…UCS SPIRIT and ALTIUS VAULTING POLES…. See Bob Sorensen for all details…. NOVEMBER 4 is the start day for renting poles at Circus.
    * Our Winter Club Package is SOLD OUT and we thank you for supporting our club this winter. Boys begin November 4…Girls begin November 5. Athletes arrive 10 minutes before their schedules session… No switching assigned class sessions… The sessions are balance and packed to prevent over crowding the runways. Athletes should bring spikes,water and a positive coachable attitude to each session. There are NO MAKE UP CLASSES.. A missed class is NOT MADE UP.
    * Special thanks go out to Joe Savarese (Warwick,NY) for installing our new ‘SUPER LIGHTS” @ Barn this weekend. (See photo)
    * You can still register for our Armory Indoor Track Camp..to be held Saturday November 16 at the New Ba;ance Armory in NY City.. Flying Circus Pole Vault staff on site for the pole vault instruction..along with Olympic Silver Medalist ..Lojo Johnson!!!! Register at armorycamp.org today!!!!
    * The indoor season is almost here… LET’S GET OURSELVES READY to DEFEND!!!
    * Our Last Wednesday Night Open Session for the Fall is this Wednesday October 23rd…. 5-6:30pm class and 6:30-8pm class. Join the short run technique sessions.

    “I will get ready… and…… perhaps my chance will come.” Flying Circus.