The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault, LLC

  “The Journey Begins”…

     The Circus 12-week  pole vault training phase has. started on a very HIGH NOTE…. our 80+  dedicated.  and. committed athletes producing  ‘super spirit’ and team encouragement. at every session.   You can feel the  TRADITION  and the  HISTORY of POLE VAULT  SUCCESS …. as you walk up to that. the second floor of that 100-year-old dairy barn @ The Warwick Center for Pole Vault Development. It’s. full of talented beginners… seasoned Intermediate and strong returning veteran pole vaulters of all sizes… all abilities.   and all DREAMING BIG DREAMS of FLYING. Perhaps…this is the strongest and deepest club team in our  40-year history.!!!!! It’s going to be a fun year @ Circus. !!!!

    * There are NO FAVORITES……. EVERYONE COUNTS and EVERYONE gets treated. the. same. That’s the beauty of learning pole vault here.

    *  As we approach colder winter weather…… our old Barn Heaters will keep us warm…and each athlete should bring sweatshirts. and sweatpants for. warm-up activities. and vaulting.  Leg tights.  and Compression socks are also recommended to keep athletes super warm and injury-free.  Compression socks. are therapeutic prevent shin splints… and drastically improve run stability and balance. Invest in this proper.  safety equipment.

    *. We teach discipline and safety in every pole vault drill…activity and class. 

    *  We also teach CONFIDENCE.  Human nature can not be rushed.   Our teaching progressions are small drills. and small vaults building into longer runs. and pole grips.

    *. We are CLOSED  for THANKSGIVING this coming Thursday(November  23) and. this class will be made up at the.  end of the Gold Package. It’s family time this Thursday!!!

    *. We will not be. bringing 80+ poles. to meets this year for club athletes. to borrow….. but we are opening our ESSX  Rental Poles business for your needs.  Contact ESSX  dealer and Circus Coach Bob Sorensen. to get you on the. correct poles. for your meets. Coach Sorensen’s Contact information at our website ~~~ ~~~~

    * Our Flying Circus Apparel/Gear FundRaiser has  JUST 5~DAYS TO GO!!! 45 Items/Gear……… Wear our Brand whenever you can !! Ordering ends   November 22.

    *. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.”  ~~~ Phil Collins

     HAPPY THANKSGIVING………….. from Your Pole Vault Staff