The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Summer Camp Adventure Warwick Valley,NY

  “Working~0n~a`Dream” ……………..CONGRATULATORS to all  63 Pole Vault Campers and our 20+ Staff Coaches  for maling our  20th Edition  of Flying Circus Summer Pole Vault a huge success.   The improvements in all three camps was inspiring   and  the positive coaching style  was off the charts.  It’s hard  to believe the rapid  progress and  electric  energy in a small, short  camp.  You had to be there to feel it all.  These smaller camps  will now   be our model  for the future. Special thanks   must go out  to all our parents  …who sent  their  children and paid their way for this FUN  and FRIENDSHIP Camp of Pole Vaulting.  The real results  will bloom this  coming fall  and indoor season for each dedicated  camper.  There is  no better  coaching staff  of  enthuistic counsilors /coaches  than our FLYING CIRCUS SUMMER COACHING  VOLUNTEERS.   Our main goal  was  to teach—CONFIDENCE  thru POLE VAULT.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!     Thank you Athletes…Parents   and  Coaches.  


*  Flying Circus  is now closed  for the next 6 weeks.  This is now  a rest/recovery period from actual vaulting.  The next 6 weeks  are devoted  to INCREASING HORSEPOWER. Lifting,Plyometrics.Flexability,Speed,Swimming  and  Cross Fit  training routines.  Make  Every Day Count in this Foundation  Period.
  *  Flying Circus FALL BASE PERIODATION  begins  September 7 thru Nov. 1…… BE FIT… STRONG   and  FAST.  We open  every Wednesday Evening  and Every Sunday for all Beginners Classes..Intermediate  Classes    and Elite Classes  this Fall.   You will be ready for competition  this Indoor season.   Stay tuned  to our  web site  for all Classes…Fall meets….Activities.  (
  * All  Instructional  Fees  remain  the  same  this  coming year.  HOORAY   !!!!!        OPEN GROUP SESSIONS…. $30 per athlete (90 minutes)  Pay -at-the-Door Only.        PRIVATE SESSIONS………….. $75 per athlete(90 minutes)  Pay -at-the-Door Only.        SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS (2-4 athletes)…$50 per athlete(90 minutes)  Pay-at-the-Door Only.        FALL  SEASON / WINTER  MINI  POLE VAULT MEETS……  $30 per athlete…. Pay-at-the-Door Only.        WINTER POLE VAULT CLUB…3 Months(Nov-Dec-Jan)  2 Days  per week Sessions… $450 per athlete.  Pay in Advance…Limited  to  30 Girls(T-TH)  and  30 Boys(M-Wed).        SUMMER POLE VAULT  CAMPS….   $295 Per athlete (T-Shirt & Booklet)  .. Limit   40 Boys  –  40 Girls.
   *  SORENSEN CONSULTING  POLE RENTAL  CHANGES   for this  coming year.        We will be renting ONLY  UCS Spirit   and ALTIS Vaulting poles  for  this  coming year. We NO LONGER RENT ESSX POLES…as   we now  will be   instructing with them  this  year and  not  renting  them. We will be SELLING ESSX POLE VAULTING POLES AGAIN THIS YEAR to all our  clients/athletes at  the lowest prices   ever!!!! Put  you new pole  order in EARLY  !!!!!     *  NEW THIS YEAR……  We will be carrying ESSX poles   to the meets  we attend ONLY. Any athlete can RENT A POLE AT THAT MEET ONLY  for jusy $25.  Those poles  will return  to our facility after that meet  to help service  our  classes the next day. This is the new  normal  for most Pole Vault Clubs now in USA.   BUY YOUR ESSX POLES EARLY THIS FALL !!!!!
  *   HUGE CAMP RESULTS…… NEW RECORDS…NEW FUN…….   Winner of the Steel Pole Competition  was Nick Villauenueva(Monroe,NY)  with his  13′ 0″  clear for   the  T-Shirt !!!! Best Long Jump   contest  winners  were Michael Croke(Fordham Prep)  19′ 7.5″   and Nick Villauenueva(Monroe)  at 19′ 7.5″ !!!!!   “Highest HS Girl in the Sky”—Paige Martin(Norwich,CT)   13’+ …. “Highest HS Boy in the Clouds”—-Shane Racey(Ravena,NY)  17′ 1″…….  “High-Flyer-College”—- Dane Sorensen( Warwick,NY)  17′ 1″ ….    “Best Socks”—- Andy Cimino(Warwick,NY)   ” Best Cartwheels”—Mallory Malz(Glastonbery,CT)  !!!!!!!!!
   CHECK WEB SITE  for all   Summer and Fall  Up-Dates