The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
    The Warwick Center Fiberglass Barn
    Warwick,New York
    USATF Club # 06-1129

    The Pre-Season on Fiberglass is now in the books….. It’s time to line it up at the meets!!!

    The 106 Flying Circus vaulters..2016 Edition …. are ready..willing…. and able to move into the Indoor Track & Field Competitive season this week. Let the Games Begin !!!!!

    The Circus Tour will be on display in many different venues this coming weekend…starting with Friday Night (Dec. 18) at the OCL Meets at West Point at 6PM…Then on to Ocean Breeze,Staten Island on Saturday for the Bishop Loughlin Games and The New Balance Armory Hall of Fame meet on Saturday afternoon for some more Fiber-Fireworks. Some vaulters will be heading to Drew University and others to RCC,NY. We want to report any and all results every Sunday evening in this weekly VAULT NEWSLETTER.. You must e-mail your results by 6pm every Sunday to get you name UP-IN-LIGHTS to all 880 e-mail pole vault enthusiasts and college coaches. Let’s get your performances world-wide recognition. We are proud of you and your commitment to our sport. E-MAIL Results to coachst@gmail.com !!!!!!

    Congrats to Kalli Manly of Burnt Hills,NY for flying to gold on Saturday at Union Section 2 meet with her 11′ 4″ clear in the No Spike meet. The Citadel bound Manly was close at National Standard of 11′ 6″ on all three jumps for Coach Duffy’s speedster…. Up at West Point..it was John S.Burke ‘s Junior Colleen Leahey winning gold for the Eagles…. and Saturday Sophia Alter(Rondout Valley) set an official School Record of 10′ 7″ in flats also..followed by Soph Kristin Lubeski(monroe) 10′ 0″ and Warwick Valley’s 8th grader Genevieve Reilly placing third in her first real HS meet. The Boys also enjoyed the new West Point Vaulting pit..with Isaac Heatly(Warwick) winning at 12′ 7″ … Soph Dane Sorenson(Warwick) silver 11′ 7″ and Brendan McShane(Warwick) bronze at 10′ 1″. Left off our December 5th Andy Wasnik Meet results was..Jordan Schwartz’s 11′ 7″ sail for Hackley,NY !!!

    GREAT NEWS from Rochester Institute of Technology…with the acceptance of New York State Division II(Small School) State Pole Vault Champ..Samantha Kaplan of New Paltz High School. Samantha will be coached by 4-Time All-American and RIT School Record-holder…Mike Dempsey(16′ 8.75″PR) next fall !!!!!

    College Vaulters @ Brerak… Here are the days and times all College Vaulters can come to Vault Practice and get back together to catch up…

    Monday December 28 at 3:30-5:30pm
    Wednesday December 30 at 3:30-5:30pm
    Wednesday January 6 at 3:30-5:30pm
    Cost…Still just $30 per athlete.

    Congratulations to New York State Outdoor Pole Vault Champion…Tedi DeMari of Bethlehem Central,NY for accepting her invitation to compete in the 109th NYRR MILLROSE GAMES Jr.Womens Pole Vault Event on Saturday February 20 at 2PM. The 10 Girl Field is almost full in this…the “Greatest Indoor Track and Field Meet in the World” !!!!! Also accepting an invitation is Amanda McNelis of Commack,NY…. Coached by Jim Hendersen at The WAREHOUSE POLE VAULT. All girls will be representing their Clubs or unattached in this a Junior USATF Event!!!! TOP SEEDS are the sensational Margaret Ollinger of Mobile , Alabama at 13′ 6.5″ and Becky Arbiv of Atlanta,Georgia at 13’ 3.5″ !!! Get your tickets ASAP to watch this and the PROFESSIONAL WOMEN”S POLE VAULT @ The ARMORY !!!!!!

    Positive Attitude
    Agility – Balance



     The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Project
      The Warwick Center

      December 5 ….. ANDY WASNIK POLE VAULT MEET

       EVERY VAULTER COUNTS !!!!! Congratulations to all 52 Pole Vaulters participating in our 4th ANDY WASNIK POLE VAULT MEET at the Flying Circus on Saturday. Pole Vault Coach Andy Wasnik of Park Ridge,New Jersey was a special educator…special coach and special human spirit. Coach Wasnik always found the time for every vaulter and every athlete on his and his wife Connie ‘s Park Ridge team. His patience and his encouraging positive words were his trade mark that he passes on to all of us. Thank you all for competing in his name this weekend. 
      There was plenty of that old fashion “Wasnik Spirit” swirling around that second floor hay loft at Flying Circus …as 52 talented and determined young athletes hit their strides on the fast blue Mondo runway and keeping up with the beat and spectators clapping. The atmosphere produced ‘flo-state’…as school records..personal bests and new confidence for the up coming season. Elementary student..Chloe Pasek of Mahwah.nj got the crowd going in the morning session with an 8′ 1″ personal best and then 74 year old Age Group Master World Record Holder..John “Doc” Andresen cleared 10′ 1″ by a wide margin to prove again that “SPIRIT … NEVER GRADUATES “. A shout out of THANKS to all our Vault Volunteers for helping the meet run smooth and fast… Coach Duffy..Coach Nesbitt…Soren Sorensen… Bob Sorensen…Dante..Dylan….Brian …Samantha and all other Standard and Bar Placers all day.!!!!
       Girls Recap and Results……..The Girls HS Division was loaded…as 7 Girls flew 11′ 1″+… with Northern Valley,NJ Junior speedster Michelle Rubinetti clearing 11′ 7″ personal and school all time best for Coach Mike Ives. Using an early season low grip of 11′ 8″ and near misses at 12′ 1”. Team mates Caitlin “Rev” Reverand flew 11′ 1 and Erin Yuder hit 10′ 1″ PR for a fantastic 32′ 9″ Girls Circus Indoor Relay Record !!!! Warwick Valley,NY Middle School 8th grader..Genevieve Reilly flew 9′ 1″ to finish her unbeaten Fall Circus series…Chloe Pasek(Mahwak,NJ) wins the 6th grade honors at 8’1″…Flying Circus Coach Stephanie Duffy went BIG over 12′ 7″ and close at13′ 1″ bars .
       Girls HS Results:

       11′ 7″ Michelle Rubinetti(Demarest,NJ) School Record

       11′ 1″ Alana Carroll (Albany NY)

       11′ 1″ Sophia Alter(Rondount Valley,NY) School Record

       11′ 1″ Caitlin Reverand (Demarest,NJ)

       11′ 1″ Kalli Manly (Albany , NY)

       11′ 1″ Samantha Kaplan (New Paltz,NY)

       11′ 1″ Bridget Muller (Mahwah,NJ)

       10′ 7″ Nicole Lester (Ridgewood,NJ)

       10′ 7″ Danileel Cass (Weston,CT)

       10′ 1″ Jessica Ippolito (Fair Lawn,NJ)

       10′ 1″ Erin Yuder (Demarest,NJ)

       10′ 1″ Maxine Earl (Ridgewood,NJ)

        9′ 7″ Lia Zavattaro(Greenwich,CT) School Record

        9′ 1″ Sydney Woods (Demarest,NJ)

        8′ 1″ Ali Fiore (Old Tappan,NJ)

        7′ 7′ Kaia Becker (Northern Highlands,NJ)

        7′ 1″ Kendra Ackerman (Warwick,NY)
        Elementary School

         8′ 1″ Chloe Pasek (Mahwah,NJ) School Record
        Middle School

         9′ 1″ Genevieve reilly (Warwick,NY) School Record

         8′ 1″ Nicole Ruggiero(Greenwood Lake,NY) School Record

         7′ 1″ Hannah Soloman-Holland(Suffern,NY) School Record
       Open Women

       12′ 7′ Coach Stephanie Duffy (Washingtonville,NY)

      Boys Recap and Resuls…….The afternoon session featured the strong Boys and Men dueling on fiberglass…with 10 HS Boys flying 13′ 1″+…and the winner is…Horseham.PA junior…Nick Marino with a super-fly over 14′ 1″ and a bid to Boys Jr.Millrose Pole Vault Feb. 18 at the Armory!!! Mark DeLuca(Westhill) won Connecticut honors at 13′ 9″PR and Peter Chan (Delbarton) won New Jersey honors at 13′ 7″ and Liam Ackerman(Plainsview) took the New York crown at 13′ 7″ … A super performance came from 8th grader Conor Reilly(Scotch Plains,NJ) with his school record 11′ 7″ win… Flying Circus Coach Ben Simonet won the Open Division at 14′ 7″ and John “Doc” Andresen(LI.NY) again was great taking over 10′ 1″ to win the Masters 74 Year Division !!!! You can’t make this stuff up !!!!!
        Boys HS Results:

        14′ 1″ Nick Marino (Horseham,PA)

        13′ 9″ Mark DeLuca(Westhill,CT)

        13′ 7″ Peter Chan(Delbarton,NJ)

        13′ 7″ Liam Ackerman(Plainview,NY)

        13′ 7″ Dylan Scribani(New Paltz,NY)

        13′ 7″ PVP Taylor (Rochester,NY)

        13′ 1″ Matt Marsh (Dunmore,PA)

        13′ 1″ Steve Philpotts (Saugoit Valley,NY)

        13′ 1″ Matt delorenzo(Wallkill,NY)

        13′ 1″ Desano Lin (Orangeburgh,NY)

        12′ 7″ Dante D’Agostaro(Mahwah,NJ)

        12′ 7″ Isaac Heatley(Warwick,NY)

        12′ 1″ Dane Sorensen (Warwick.NY)

        12′ 1″ Trevor Hazell (Vernon,NJ)

        11′ 7″ Alex vasquez(Connetqout,NY)

        11′ 7″ Kyle Gentgelli(LI)

        11′ 7″ Brian Rubenstein(Berkley Heights,NJ)

        11′ 7″ Avery Freedman(Mahwah,NJ)

        11′ 1″ Brian Nagotko(Mahwah,NJ)

        11′ 1″ Mike Delcher(Mahwah,NJ)

        10′ 7″ Brendan McShane(warwick,NY)

        10’1″ Kisth DeLoatch(warwick,NY)

         8′ 7″ Jacob Becher(Warwick,NY)
       Middle School

        11′ 7″ Conor Reilly(Scotch Plains,NJ) 8th Grader!!

        14′ 7″ Ben Simonet(NYC.NY)

        13′ 1″ Chris Cozzens(Albany,NY)

        13’ 1″ J.Hoshyla(Hampton Bays,NY) 

        10’1″ John “Doc” Andresen (74 Age) (LI,NY)
        FLYING CIRCUS….. “Heart-of-the-Matter”.