The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Adventure, LLC
    Warwick Valley, New York

    CONGRATULATIONS to “ALL 48 CIRCUS VAULTERS”… who started up the Indoor season this past weekend in the Tri-State area on a successful note. There were many great stories and improvements from our beginning vaulters to our elite Boys and Girls group. This is just the starting launch to the great season ahead. Keep showing “Competitive Spirit” and “Sportsmanship” in every situation. These are the real traits of a Championship Athlete.

    Leading the way in this week’s GIRLS VAULT.. was Madisyn Hawkins(James Coughlin.PA) a senior sprinter/vaulter heading to Lehigh University next fall..with a new Meet Record & School Record 12′ 0″ on Friday Night at the Armory meet. Joining the spotlight was Michelle Rubinetti(NV-Demarest,NJ) for silver at 11′ 6″ and Melissa Purcell(Pascack Valley,NJ) taking the bronze at 10′ 6″ . Senior Amanda McNelis(Commack,NY) won the Bishop Loughlin Games at Ocean Breeze with her 11′ 6″…Jessica Ippolito(Fair Lawn,NJ) won the gold today at Armory Youth meet at 11′ 6″ and Lia Zavattaro(Greenwick,CT) soared 10′ 6″ in the win at the Large School AT&T Invitational at Armory on Saturday morning..equalling Michelle Rubinetti’s meet record from last year.

    Ih the BOYS VAULT…WestHill,CT senior…Marc DeLuca used his power and speed to win Loughlin Games at 14′ 0″ and close bars at 14′ 6″..Circus Travelmate..Milan Spisek(Joel Barlow,CT) won silver at 13′ 6″…Warwick Valley,NY senior Isaac Heatley won the gold at Friday Night at the Vault meet with a 13′ 6″ Big Sail and Jason Mezhibovsky(NV-Demarest,NY) flew 13′ 6″ for silver… Watch -Out for New Paltz,NY senior Dagi Tadesse this indoor…as he flew the rafters at West Point Field-house on Friday night..with his new Indoor School Record 14′ 0″PR!!!!

    Deeper-Results….. Girls…Friday @ Armory….1-Madisyn Hawkins 12′ 0″ 2-Michelle Rubinetti 11′ 6″ Melissa Purcell 10′ 6″ Kristen Lubeskie 10′ 6″ Gabby Nebiker 9′ 6″ Kaeli Thompson 9′ 6″ Genevieve Reilly 9′ 6″ Erin Yuder 9′ 6″ Sydney Woods 9′ 0″ Julianna Schroer 8′ 6″ Allison Sumereau 8′ 0″ Katherine Sandt 8′ 0″ Asha Grossberndt 7′ 0″
    AT&T Armory Meet…1-Lia Zavattaro 10′ 6″ 3- Kaia Becker 9′ 0″ Small School Division – 1-Haley Merchant 8’3″
    Armory Youth Classic… 1-Jessica Ippolito 11′ 6″ 3-Stephanie tack 9′ 6′
    Loughlin Games@Ocean Breeze.. 1-Amanda McNelis 11′ 6″ Lauren Berry 8′ 6″

    Boys @ Friday Armory… 1-Isaac Heatley 13′ 6″ 2-Jason Mezhibovsky 13′ 6′ 3-Dane Sorensen 12′ 6″ Vinnie Depaolo 12′ 6″ Brendan McShane 12′ 0″ Josh Jeong 11′ 0″ Sam Pitkowsky 11′ 0″ Chris Endrizzi 11′ 0″
    Boys @ West Point… 1-Dagi Tadesse 14′ 0″ more results coming…
    Loughlin Games @ Ocean Breeze…1-Marc DeLuca 14′ 0″ 2- Milan Spisek 13′ 6′
    AT&T Armory Meet… 2-Kevin Nam 12′ 0″ Conor Reilly 10′ 0″

    Most of these results are the direct result of athletes mastering the small drills of pole vault. The mechanics of the pole vault positions must be felt in the small drills program…. then they will show up in your full vaulting with bigger grips!


    The great holiday season is about spending time with your family and friends. We will be closed the next two Sundays(December 25 and January 1) for our Open Vaulters.
    We have scheduled Friday December 30 at 2pm-4pm for our college vaulters to get together for practice..
    We are closed on Monday December 19 and Monday December 26 for Winter Club athletes in order to help almost 40+ Circus vaulters at the Armory meets. Boys Winter Club athletes make up day will be Wednesday February 8th. Regular Class times.


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    * Be alert and ready for you Warm Up activities. This 20 minutes is critical for success.
    * Show kindness and thanks at every meet to your event official after you have finished competing. tall.
    * Respect – your – opponents. Demonstrate radical humility in every situation.
    * Dress Up for every competition. Present yourself…many people are watching you.
    * Bring your ‘competitive toughness’ to the meet. This is not a field trip setting!
    * Don’t fall to pieces after a rough night of vaulting. Stand up tall and stand your ground.
    * Enjoy the privilege of taking part in interscholastic athletics.



    The Hudson Valley Flying circus Pole Vault Academy, LL:C
    The Warwick Center NY

    The magic and wonder of the Indoor Track & Field season for pole vault athletes is now in session! The Flying Circus athletes, coming off their best Fall Prep season ever..flexed their muscles and fiberglass poles to the max on Saturday at the 5th COACH ANDY WASNIK MEET. The meet featured a mix of beginning vaulters and fully experienced high school champions on two separate runways. The results from both pits were sensational in the Girls morning competition and the Boys afternoon meet. It’s time to …’Start-the-Bus” !!!!!

    We would like to thank the many wonderful parents who volunteered to work the meet and all the parents who entered their children in our last winter home meet. Pure athletic experiences do not just happen…they are build on the support of parent’s shoulders….. Thank you all for moving our kids forward in every way. Let-the-Fiber-Games Begin!!!!

    “GIRLS FLY BIG”…… Leading the way in the girls pits were Leah Saifi of Mountainside,NJ with her 12′ 7″ Indoor PR for this Northeastern University recruit next fall. Taking the silver runner-up honors ..was senior Michelle Rubinetti of Demarest,NJ with a 12′ 1″ sail -over for this UPENN bound athlete next fall. Both girls had 1 solid attempt at 13′ 1″!!! The Green Pit competition was full of ‘Rising Stars of the Vault..as Sophomore Irene Parks of Pequannock,NJ hit 9’1″PR ..along with Kaia Becker of Haskell,NJ at 9′ 1”. Freshman honors went to Genevieve Reilly of Warwick,NY at 8′ 7″ and Chloe Pasek of West Milford won the Middle School division at 7′ 7″!!!

    “BOYS BRING -the-HEAT” ….. Leading a three way jump-offf ..was Harsham,PA senior Nick Marino of Philly Jumps…. after breaking his first pole ever..Nick sailed over 15′ 1″ for the gold…edging out another senior vault champion..Marc Deluca of Westhill,CT..also leaping 15′ 1″ PR . Defending Series Champ..Nathan Crane (Pike,NY) was solid again with his 14′ 7″ bar. Warwick Valley,NY sophomore ..Jacob Becher won the Green Pit competition at 10′ 1″ for Coach Duffy. Washington,NY Nick Mirecki won Freshman honors at 7′ 7″. The ” Grand Vault Master”…John Andresen of Aque Bogue.NY won the Masters at 9’ 1″ for the 75 years young champion Coached by Jim Henderson.

    Full Results:

    Girls Results… Red Pit – 1-Leah Saifi,Mountainside,NJ 12′ 7″ 2-Michelle Rubinetti,Demarest,NJ 12′ 1″ 3-Madisyn Hawkins,Wilkes-Barre,PA 11′ 7″ 4-Francesea Porumbo,Basking Ridge,NJ 11′ 7″PR 5-Jessica Ippolito,Fair Lawn,NJ 11′ 7″ 6-Caroline McGann,Old Tappan,NJ 11′ 1″ PR 7-Danielle Cass,Weston,CT 11′ 1″PR 8-Grace Gardello,Ramsey,NJ 10′ 1″ 9-Julia Nomberg,Deer park,NY 10′ 1″ 10-Sydney Woods,Demarest,NJ 9′ 7″ 11- Erin Yuder,Demarest,Nj 9′ 1″ 12-Lauren Saifi,Mountainside,NJ 9′ 1″
    Green Pit – 1-Irene Parks,Pequannock,NJ 9′ 1″PR 2-Kaia beckerHaskell,NJ 9′ 1″ 3-Genevieve Reilly,Warwick,NY 8′ 7″ 4-Annabelle Springer,Mahwah,NJ 8′ 7″ 5-Katherine Sandt,Hillsdale,NJ 8′ 1″ 6-Daniela Raymond,Washingtonville,NY 7′ 7″ 7-Chloe Pasek,West Milford,NJ 7′ 7′ 8-Madeline Sorensen,Warwick,NY 7′ 1″ 9-Sydney Tomaine,Hyde Park,NY 7′ 1″ 10-Shay Ross,Wallkill,NY 5′ 7″

    Boys Results… Red Pit – 1-Nick Marino,Harsham,PA 15′ 1″ 2-Marc Deluca,West Hill,CT 15′ 1″ 3-Nathan Crane,Pike,NY 14′ 7′ 4-Brian Rubenstein,Berkley Heights,NJ 13′ 7″ 5-Jason Mezhibousky,Demarest,NJ 13′ 7″PR 6-Milan Spisek,Easton,CT 13′ 7′ 7- Seth Krischeff,Old Tappan,NJ 13′ 1″ 8-Trevor Hazell,Vernon,NJ 13′ 1″ 9-Dane Sorensen,Warwick,NY 12′ 7″ 10-Brian Nagako,Mahwah,NJ 12′ 1″PR 11-Vinnie Depaolo,Monroe,NY 12′ 1″ 12-Devin Kusmider,East Brunswick,NJ 12′ 1″ 13-Kevin Nam,Sparta,NJ 12’1″PR 14-Dylan Scanbani,New Paltz,NY 12′ 1″ 15-Tyler Hrbek,Old Tappan,NJ 12′ 1″ 16-Ezra Finn,High Falls,NJ 11′ 7″ 17-Brendan McShane,Warwick,NY 11′ 1″ 18-Andrew Freendman,Mahwah,NJ 11′ 1″ 19-Justin Manne,Mahwah,NJ 10′ 7″ 1- Masters Division- John Andresen,Aqua Bogue,NY 9′ 1″ (75 Age Group)
    Green Pit- 1- Jacob Becher,Warwick,NY 10′ 1″ 2-Nick Mirecki,Wash’ville,NY 7’7″ 3- Kevin Chait,Wash’ville,NY 7′ 1″


    * The Indoor HS Meets are now ready to take-off… and Flying Circus will be on the meet tour for the next 3 months and we will be now closed every Friday and Saturday.

    * Our “Super Sunday” Instructional classes are still available for Girls at 12:30-2PM and Boys class at 2-3:30PM . Our 11AM Girls Advanced Class on Sundays is cancelled due to all the Saturday Meet activity.

    * Holiday Schedule….. BARN CLOSED December 24-25-26. Classes resume Tuesday December 27. College Vault Day Practice will be Friday December 30 at 2-4PM. Join us!

    FLYING CIRCUS …..More than Pole Vault.